Anna Wintour

..... does she ever smile?!??! She just creeps me the fuk out! *cringes*

driving in india - if you wait till the end of this video there's a huge crash that makes it all worth watching...

andy, hahahaha


andy, haha i still laugh everytime i see this..

garbage strike (?)

i haven't been paying much attention to the news but from what i gather... something happened (or didnt happen) a group of people caught feelings.. an decided to go on strike and now no ones picking up the garbage...(feel free to school me if you know exactly whats been going on with this) andy, tax payers dollars go towards these services and we don't get a refund or a lower rate when your on strike.. (msg to whoever can fix this but hasn't yet) figure out a solution and stop waisting tax dollars while garbage piles up... -- let's not forget the longer this goes on the more garbage will need to be picked up when the strike's over (classic lose lose situation)

currently addicted 2

..arizona green-tea andy,i can't even explain it... but at the same time it needs no explanation cuz it's liquid cocaine on another note: ima huge fan of this new colour scheme we got going here - well done nebatron


Loss for words

After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth. "Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all of this was my father lies to escape from being poor.”-Evan

What Women Want

Yesterday was WWW,it was a SUCCESS, but then again I'm not surprised, I have said it before and I will say it again, Shannae does NOT PLAY when it comes to putting together an event, she puts her all into it so I def. salute her for that. I showed up a little late...as usual, Kenza and I were running around trying to get our nails done THEN i realized that they forgot to remove the sensor from my dress!! It was raining! I was sans cam so I'm just gonna have to wait for other people to post their pix up :) It was a great vibe, by the time we got there the sun started to shine YAY! I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen in a while. Towards the end we had SO MUCH FUN, everyone started dancing to Soca lol it was hilarious! Janet looked great (of course) and she loved what I was wearing, she said she was going to put me on her "What Are You Wearing" section on her BLOG click there to check it out ;) Will & I (I hate my bald side)

You Know You're Doing Something Right When...

"...I've spent most of my life trying to avoid being hated. And I remember when I first started writing this blog and other columns, someone said it would take awhile for me to find my voice...I've spent a lot of hours lately trying to understand why we do the things we do. And as I've gained confidence in my understanding, I've ventured forth more and more often to provide my view of things. Generally I've had great responses to this writing, but every so often I get negative comment and I've noticed the tone of these has been more and more vitriolic as I've "found my voice". I remember someone saying once you know you're hitting the right cords when you polarize your audience and people either hate you or love you. If you're in the middle, you're just boring...it's a little shocking when someone takes the time to comment that your writing is "tripe", "long and extremely wind baggy" and "self serving". On the other side, numerous people have also commented that they find my writing "thoughtful" and "insightful". As hard as it seems to be for me to accept, this must mean I'm doing something right. At least people are taking the time to comment. I guess I just have to develop a thicker skin."- Gord I came across this piece on Gord's blog, I can def. relate to what he is saying, I have always been surrounded with successful, talented, beautiful inside and out friends/family members/acquaintances/coworkers who work hard and nothing is ever handed to them, I'm sure they can relate to this too. The only problem i have with people "hating" is the fact that they always hide behind an anonymous shield and they are the first ones to smile at you in public, I guess it's all part of growing up and developing thicker/careless skin. PS: internet thugin'is NOT cute xoxo, Neb *Investigating VIA IP address*

Guns Blazin'

Since my mom won't let me get a real gun, i'm gonna buy this one...i'll get her a matching one too :) VIA: MACE


i call next to beat the %$@! out of him

this was posted by Perez Hilton when he heard about MJ's death. R.I.P Michael, you will always be the baddest thats ever done it.


I knew Micheal was a big deal when he had us all in love with his music in Morocco singing along to his songs without even speaking the English language. I loved him so much i took a picture of him to my hairdresser back when I was 11 and asked for the same "you are not alone" haircut, I even ripped my t-shirt into a V neck when I seen that he had that in one of his videos. I'm sure everyone has a memory that has to do with him and he will never be forgotten. R.I.P Our condolences go out to Micheal Jackson's loved ones.

might not be the best time for this but I was just thinking: wouldn't it suck if ...

you had a seizure while krumping.. andy, PSA: if it ever looks like im krumping call 911 cuz im not dancing im having a seizure an i need your help (not your applause)

This makes me so happy

I don't know about you but I LOVE COLD STONE! i was introduced to it VIA an ex when I went to visit him in Denver, we went there i got the chocolatiest thing on there and he got Strawberry Cheesecake, his looked waaaay better than mine so of course i took his and it was HEAVENLY DELICIOUS, at that time i have NEVER had cheesecake in my life simply because the thought of cheese...and cake...didn't sit right with me (i know that's silly but don't judge me) the point of this story here is cold stone and Tim Horton's are getting together to make my dreams come true. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. Locations i heard about: Bay South of Bloor (Across from Manulife) Danforth/Logan


Jessica Szohr, i love you.

happily ever after ?

... it doesn't exist ! people are too into the words "love" and "soul mate" these days. understand that you should never look for love, it will find you. if you keep that in mind then you will probably spend a little less time looking like a fool and a little more time enjoying this wonderful thing called life. word !


my boy Hek turned 29+1 over the weekend check out his dope cake...
andy, im 29+1-8 if your wondering

28MM project

artist: French Street art extraordinaire JR project: 28 MILLIMETER project mission: to portray on a grand scale the unseen and unempowered women of the world results: With the help of enthusiastic residents, JR managed to cover 2,000 square meters of local rooftops with photos of the eyes and faces of the women of Kibera, giving them a monumental voice and presence in a city where their own existence is often marginalized. In order to further spread his message throughout the massive city, JR also encapsulated the local train that runs through the area twice daily with the eyes of local women. The pinnacle of the experience, however, comes when the eyes on the moving train align with the static bottom halves of the subject’s faces posted along the train’s embankment, completing the smiling portraits for a split second in rapid succession before moving on to the next village where the experience is repeated.
andy,unimaginable project - unbelievable results

female asks: what do men want? [Male responds...]

Im no relationship guru nor would I ever want to be (that shit would be mad stressful dealing with everyones relationship BS questions,concerns blah blah blah).. but I heard this quote today from a male co-worker... females ask: what do men want now-a-days ? males responds: "Men want the same thing from their women that they do from their underwear. Little bit of freedom, little bit of support." it's so simple but accurate... I guess the only question left to answer is...WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?? andy, i'm not anticipating a simple response haha


Come and get some LV and Louboutin!!

I always come across those "Designer" shoes/bags websites... My question to you is: Would you cop the knockoff?? If yes: When someone asks where you got it at would you tell the truth? or would you say Holt's lol If No: Why not?? I have never got anything knockoff because I don't really see the point and back in the day i used to always be kinda shook that someone that gets the real thing can tell my shit is fake so i never fuked with it, I believe that if you can't afford it don't even go there.


Dear Morocco,

... I miss you. I know you guys won't understand what the hell he is saying but i'm feeling a lil home sick and this is my fav. moroccan song :)


Her Little Black Book

I didn't know anything about this site, it's one of my oh so talented followers on Twitter, you should follow her too cuz I love her work/website/blog. When i checked it out i had to watch ALL the videos, the concept goes a lil something like this: She goes around Toronto with a cam asking people questions, at the end of the video there is a lil cute conclusion message I truly love it! I wont do too much talking check it out for yourself. Her Twitter My Twitter Her Website Her Blog Enjoy!

Hi Haters

andy,we are all witnesses


Alexander Wang for GAP

This is what i hate about living in Canada sometimes! I just found out that Alexander wang will debut his Gap collection in stores on June 16th! The collection will focus on khaki (I LOVE) all under $100!!! (HOLLAAAAA) I just got off the phone with the Gap store on Queen St. the lady had 0 idea what i was talking about and said "...it might be just in the states) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I usually just walk by it because it looks like such a boring store to me but I'm going to have to actually go into the Gap on the 16th to find out wot di hell agwan. Worse comes to worst i will have one of my boos go into the Gap in Boston and she will mail me the goods to this foreign country where we gotta be a step behind everyone (no offense Canadian but I'm a tad bit heated about this). Ok I'm over it! now go get ur Alexander Wang pieces :( Signin off, Neb UPDATE: @wonTONfm@NebbyNeb RT @geekigirl: Gap CFDA - June 16, the collection will be in Canada in Toronto (Eaton Centre, 60 Bloor St. W. and Yorkdale) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!
if I see her in cornrows one more time i'm gonna scream even iverson took em out therefore NO CIARA !


T-Mobile brings the people together... life is for sharing 2009 campaign

Concept: Life is for sharing brief: Everyone involved arrived thinking they would be dancing - no-one had any idea how the event would unfold. result: check it out..spot any celebrities ? next steps: edit this into smaller commercials, print adds, web campaigns ect. andy's thoughts: Marketing genius let me explain why in 5 quick points: 1. creative - Marketing rule 1: no idea is a bad idea, the more creative the better **hats off to T-mobile for biting on this awesome idea. 2. appeals to everyone - they capture every race, age, religion and demographic.. in one add 3. engaging event/add - you watched the full video didn't you?.. 4. well executed - I don't know if this could have been done any better i watched it over & over looking for flaws - ...can't find/think of any 5. the Word of mouth - This happened a month and a half ago..Im talking about it right now and I live in Toronto,Canada and your reading about it and if you like it enough your gonna tell someone and they'll probably tell 5 more people - power of the internet + word of mouth (imo) it's kinda surreal to see so many people in one place that are all so genuinely happy. I question if an event like this would be as "cheerful" if it went down in North America... andy, adds london to "destinations to visit" the Beatles will live forever

What Women Want - "Wine & Dine in a Dress" Tickets on Sale Now!

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FI NA LLLLYYY!!! I love this event it's by my boo Shannae from WWW everything a girl wants plus more! food, drinks, sexy men givin u gift bags, music and SHOPPING! Ok and let's not forget the fact this is a networking event. For me it's socializing, kickin it w the ladies, taking pix all in a sexy summer dress ahhhh i can't wait :) Tickets are on sale now so make sure you cop ASAP cuz this event sells out EVERY YEAR! click HERE


Three things I will never be able to answer

1. What is your favorite Dream song ? 2. What is your favorite Chris Brown song ? 3. How do you feel about the Lakers and Kobe Bryant ? LOL Those are really hard ! Let me hear some answers :)


Why not?!??

I came across these videos on you tube of inmates, yes inmates, 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention. They are pretty good actually lol they perform once/month! check it out... ...Speechless...


The 'man-girdle' is coming

VIA: The Star "Belt-tightening is about to take on a whole new meaning. An Australian undergarment manufacturer has developed a body-shaping undershirt that promises to do for men what Wonderbra did for women. The so-called Core Precision Undershirt by Equmen, which launched in North America last week, promises to "sculpt, tone and improve body mechanics." "They fit like a second skin, delivering the ultimate fusion of fashion and function," the company's website boasts. Holt Renfrew is the first Canadian retailer to carry the line and expects to have stock available for sale later this month. "It's an opportunity for men to look as good as we do," quipped Holt Renfrew menswear sales associate Jacqueline Mills from the high-fashion retailer's Bloor St. store yesterday. And if the buzz around the new "man-girdle" is any gauge, men are just as anxious to strut their stuff in form-fitting clothing as women. "We've received more than a dozen calls in the last three days from customers asking us when it's going to arrive," said David Labrecque, divisional manager for Holt's menswear department. "It's done very well in Europe and that's why we picked it up," he said. Labrecque, who describes his physique as "average for a 47-year-old," gave the undershirt a test drive earlier this spring and said it improved his posture – and his profile. "People who saw me wearing it definitely said there was a noticeable difference," he said. The design, which uses the criss-cross techniques of physiotherapy taping to lift and separate the shoulders, supports and compresses the torso. "It takes a little bit of getting used to because it is fairly tight-fitting," Labrecque acknowledged. But he said the garment's body-slimming features shaved inches off his 5-foot 9-inch, 180-pound frame. "Combine that with better posture and you definitely look better," he said. The high performance undershirts will sell for between $90 and $98. Body firming briefs by the same manufacturer will sell for between $50 and $65." *SPEECHLESS*