I dare you!!!!


Participants: ------------- Nebby , Jenny Via Blackberry Messenger Messages: --------- Nebby: I just fell :( Jenny: Lmao Jenny: Hahahhaa how?? Jenny: Hahahhaha Jenny: I can picture it Jenny: Lol Nebby: :(. Fuk u Jenny! We were skateboardin at work,Cuz everyone left and I fell bak n landed on my fanny Jenny: Lol Jenny: Hahahha Jenny: Hahahha Nebby: Bitch Jenny: I wish I was there :( Jenny: How's the ass? Still there? Nebby: I hate ur face: Nebby: Its rug burned n red Jenny: Cuz don't bother coming home if u don't have it Nebby: Its fake anyway Nebby: I'll just buy a new one Jenny: Sureeeeee I felt that shit, No fake in that at alllll Nebby: U feel it on a daily basis.....come to think of it i have come with the assumption that you might be bi-sexual Jenny: Noo, I am not! Nebby: Hmm......Okay..... Jenny: I'm not! Nebby: Cuz i have noticed that when u touch it its not a "straight girl "touch where u would look at me to see my reaction...U just slightly press up on it and carry on a conversation, like everything is cool. Jenny: Shut up Nebby: ..I see this is a sensitive topic...I will fall bizzack Jenny: Ur tooo much Nebby: When u ready to come out I'm here for u know that! Jenny: Shut up bye Jenny: Lolol Nebby: I love u no matter what k? I really don't care if u eat the nani Ok bye Jenny: Ur such a bitch!!!Now I can't touch ur asss anymore,Thank u for this!! Asshole! Nebby: :)


what women want? a literary journey duh!

The main Shannae Ingleton has done it one mo again :) I don't even know why people are surprised as to how she does it, how she puts it all together, how it just comes so natural?! but let me tell you something, it's in this girls blood to do this shit, it's a skill in her that i have never seen in anyone else. I have seen people plan parties/events big whoop and I'm not saying this just to say it but she LOVES it and it is who she is. From planning my 22nd and 23rd bday parties to planning something like this just goes to show how off the hook this bitch really is. The event took place on a Sunday afternoon, i of course had to work at 5 but i couldn't miss it even if i was only going to be there for an hr. We were greeted at the door by lady Shay herself along with some sexy guys that were assisting with seating and drinks, we then had our pictures taken with the main herself and taken to our table where we were given a gift bag , talked/listed and served off the heezy food. The shay cried when she was speaking because she was soooooo happy and proud of herself and i secretly wanted to shed a tear too when i saw how much this really meant to her and how passionate she is about her events. I feel like I'm talking too much I'm gonna stop now, i am soooooooooo proud of her!!!! Lissa, Janet, Rachel & Moi


Get your LL game up

>>Knock knock >>Who's there?!? >>Fly shit :) So big homie the mucho talented Legends League Bryan's online sto' is finally open!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I'm excited and you should be too! wanna know why?! well cuz he sells things like this: it was really hard for me to pick my fav. pieces cuz i love and want all of them, LL merchandise generally moves fast as hell, so make sure you don't miss out...you should stop the reading and get to the shopping, click HERE and tell him Nebby sent ya.


Every time im feeling sad i find myself watching the same videos over and over again. this man rasheed thurmond was hilarious, cant believe he died. being that we're all friends now i decided to share em, ENJOY ! LMAO !


Just wanna take the time to wish a happy happy birthday to my dearest accomplice Aubrey/Drake/Drizzy etc.. Truly an inspiring individual I'm glad to have in my life :) I'm très proud of you. eXes & hOes, Neb
there's been a lot of hype lately about whos going to win the presidential election, mccain or obama. now its okay to choose sides but when you start talking absolute non sense about someone thats not true you got a problem. take a look at these idiots LMAO talking about "hes related to a known terrorist for one". sad that the color of skin is being considered when the world is falling apart. you cant find a job unless you are really, really good basketball player. which most of you brothers are not. i know you think you are. but you're not. you are overrated in your own mind. you will not play in the nba. your probably not that good a rapper. maybe your the next lil wayne, but probably not. in which case you need to stay in school. -barack obama I CAN FUCKS WITH HIM


Today is share something with nebby day!!! yaaaaaay!!! ok so i been really selfish with this site...it's pretty simple and you might even have seen it before but i check it EVERYDAY it's basically a look book, ppl post their outfits and if u click on em they tell you where they got it and all that good shit incase you wanna steal the look or whatever. Anywho most of the clothes on there are vintage and in that case you can't really jock which is great, but i love most of the looks and the way certain people put their outfits together. so here it is... LOOKBOOK NOW your turn to share something with me =)



I was looking at Mediatakeout.com and i came across this LMAO this reminds me of when i was likkle and my mama did shit to make me look so stupid when i acted up...i still get made fun of from the day she chased me around the block in Morocco, caught me and whooped my ass, MADE me go to school and tell everyone i had fell off my bike (if they asked how i got my bruises) when knowing DAMN well i didn't have a bike =/


*signals for crowd to sit and stop chanting my name*

im here =)
you know, that chick nebby stay talking about.
damn yo she's been on my bawls trying to get me to join this
well here i am hope she's happy
lets get ittttt

Drum rolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

let's put our hands together for my new accomplice/sister by the Name of Kenza. Kenza was born Feb 18, she's an Aquarius, standin' at 5'5 with the sickest body you done ever laid eyes on. We basically look identical but we happen to be 7 yrs apart ;) I asked her to join my blog, cuz well she just started her personal one and i double/triple/vouche/co-sign this bitch all day every day, i would smack/kill/run over/stab/shoot in the knee caps ANYONE for her so yea LET'S GIVE HER A WARM WELCOME!!!! WELCOME TO THE SEGMENT BITCH! I might add more ppl as i go along concidering i don't post as much anymore (don't cry) but the ones i pick would all be just as good as me if not BETTER.


I was told by My friend Brandon about a mami named Briana from Cali who reminds him of me...or i remind him of her...anyway he was basically saying that we are both foul/loud/evil/man hatin' bitches that happen to be so much alike (lol) So Bri and i started talking and it's tru we do resemble each other a good amount. My Big Homie Bri Bri and her partner Desi are on to some SERIOUS shit, they have their line slowly teasin folks but surely keeping ppl wanting more. It's called Weekend Warriors and I can't wait to get my hands on some of their goodies =D !!!! MY FAV. SHIRT!!!! PS: The website will be up soon then you can get to the buying...but keep checking HERE or HERE for updates


Just when i thought the partyin' was done...boy was i wrong! I actually ended up going to October's Own/Lost in the willderness party on Thurs. Everyone was celebrating, it was such an off the hook vibe minus the dude that was trying to fight Will's friend which caused me to jump over the table to tell him to chill out, i forgot i had on heels and a dress and i clearly thought i was still in the projects in Boston =/ lol aw well...turned to be a great night/early AM. SOME FLICKS I COLLECTED FROM PPL This last pic took us about 10 minutes to stage to get it ON POINT hahahah love you ash! Now i will need to get my shit together cuz midterms are around the corner, it's been fun but i got serious things to take care of. xoxo


I know i been hiding out for a lil now... i just noticed i do this a lot sowwy =/ I'm actually thinking about getting up with a couple of ppl who wanna contribute to this blog, we can remix the nebsegment thing so that there's always new stuff posted cuz i do NOT have the time to post like i used to =( INQUIRE WITHIN!!! lol Anyway i been a stressed mess, i could of swore school just started yesterday (not really) and my teachers are talking about midterms next week (kill me) Now for some better news...my birthday! was Thursday....i was working Wed. night until 12. Everyone hit me up to say happy bday/sing happy bday/humm happy bday and all that jazz EXCEPT for my roommates Jenny and Cris, Jason, my sister, Lissa,... sooooo i get home they all come out SURPRIIIIIIIIIIIIISE BITCHHHHH WOOO!!! WWAAA!!! RAAATATAAAAA as lissa is spanish dancin in circles. Mind you i'm looking like doodoo cuz i been working all damn day i was sooo happy to see those fukers so i throw my bags on the floor and go to hug them. Before you know it my roomie Cris starts yells at me about throwing my shit on the floor all the time and how im messy and i dont put shit back in my room...i'm looking at her like "really Cris?! infront of the guests?!" so then i say ok ok i go pick up my stuff take in my room and the best suprise was sitting there on the chair saying happy bday to me...i dropped everything on the floor looked around, a flat screen TV new sheets, new towels and all that good good sheeeet =D thanks again to everyone involved in my special day!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Sunday rolls around and it's the day of mah paaaaaaaaaaartaaaay haaaaaaaaay. So shay dun done it again, she is the best party thrower (yup so what i just made that up AND?!) she got me a cake, cupcakes, balloons and allll that good stuff, shes basically the shit with big ass titties which i love =D LOL (shes gonna kill me) the fam came from Detroit, the toronto fam was there, i got drunkkkkkk tried to start a couple of fights and carried out to Jason's car... what more can i ask for? Here are SOME pix...the rest are on my facebook OR myspace...you gonna have to be my friend to see those Enjoy ;) This is Jenny with our Cabbie driver LMAO JANET