You are kidding right???

I was on Mars' blog and stumbled upon Complex magazine's top 10 Butter faces LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *i fell off my chair and rolled around next to my desk* LMAO r u kidding?!?!? and the #1 spot goes toOoooOOOOoooOOOOoolooOOO...... lady GAGA :I her booty is soooooo good but that face is a big !OOPS! Click HERE to see the list. "..it must be her ass cuz it aint her face..."-Nelly


new school vending machine

Best Buy just switched it up -- Were all familiar with going to the vending machine to grab a bag of chips.... but going to the vending machine to grab an ipod?.. BestBuy express machines have been popping up at airport terminals across the US (not familiar with BestBuy express i wasn't either - it's basically just a big technology vending machine). It's a great idea (I could see myself using something like this if i forgot my BlackBerry charger or something along those lines) im just not sure consumers are ready to make big purchase decisions at a vending machine.. had a chance to check this out on way home from florida...
(although i didn't see anyone actually buying anything - but everyone stoped to check it out.. )
andy, cashiers will soon go the way of the dinosaur.
hey guys, its about that time for me to read a new book. any suggestions ? thanks in advance, Kenza :)


Someone sent me this.... So HI LAY RI YUS

Let's talk it ova

Remember the Harvard professor that was arrested for breaking and entering into his OWN mansion? Yea.. the black guy that they thought couldn’t possibly own such a home…
Gates was arrested July 16 for disorderly conduct after a 911 call reported two men on Gates front porch and a possible break-in. Gates' arrest in his own home by a white police officer sparked a national debate over racial profiling and police conduct. The controversy intensified when Obama said police "acted stupidly" when they arrested his friend. The charge was later dropped.
Well, President Barack Obama said he chose his words badly when he reacted to his friend's arrest and extended his invitation to Crowley and Gates for a chat at the White House over beers. How cool/odd is that? I don’t really know how to feel about this whole sito, I’m all for mediation but this just seems a bit odd to me. “They'll come over, one beer will lead to two, two will lead to nine, next thing you know everyone will forget that they were ever mad at each other," he said. "They'll start doing Jaeger shots out of Betsy Ross' thimble. They'll make prank phone calls on the Red Phone. Someone will be like, `Let's TP the Capitol building!'"- Fallon That's wassup...but I'm on the fence about this...you?


She's mine

I don't normally put her on blast like this buuuuuuuuuuuut I feel like it :D G (Miss Boss to you) and I have been friends for a lil over 2 yrs now, I met her back when i was a newbie to Toronto when we both used to rock Skinny jeans and Dunks ( we still do sometimes ) I call her my vault (she locks down everything i tell her) my I told you so (shes steady telling me I TOLD YOU!) and my secret friend because not a lot of people know how close we are (until now). Her and I have two different lives, we're not attached by the hip, she has her own friends, I have my own friends, we'll do the same thing once in a while , we can go on for not talking for a month from being so busy and when we sit down to catch up we can talk for 9-12 hrs (no word of a lie) I ♥ her and she ♥ me back . LOVE YOU G!

Fave Reader: Confused

Ok, this is on some I need your advice tip. My mother had a bad marriage with my pops and I was 9 when the divorce went down. Now Im 20 and my sister is going through MAJOR marriage problems... do you think that that is a reason to be turned off marriage or...



I was around a whole lot of divorce/getting back together/divorce/still living together/seperation from when i was 5 until i completely seperated my self from it at age 21. it can be a very unfortunate situation to go through and no one can understand it unless they themselves have gone through something similar. I went through a phase where; because of my father, HATED men and disrespected them and until this day I still have relationship/trust/love issues when it comes to men.
Even though the things that a person experienced show up again in their own life, I have been told to take it as a lesson, to try to do better and even switch up the cycle. it's so much easier said than done of course but it's def. worth a shot.
Your sister's marriage problems could be due to issues SHE hasn't completely dealt with/chapters that have never been closed, orrr.... it could be that it's just what it is...problems but she needs to realize that it is up to her and whether she wants to fix things and move on orr......blame it on the past, pointing fingers is always the easiest way out and to be completely honest this is def. something I, myself continue to work on, it's better to take experiences as lessons and to just keep it moving. Hope all works out.



just wondering ...

Kim K. & Reggie Bush split up ? YA'LL BETTER LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU HEARD ! CAUSE I KNOW NOTHING ... every website is saying something different.

... are you serious ?

someone please tell me he doesnt play for my celtics no more. smh. i get it, your a sensitive man. but why turn on the web cam ? lmfaaao

My Rules

“ …When you accept the lessons that life brings you, no matter how unpleasant or challenging they may be, you take the crucial first step toward finding your true self and your purpose. You begin to cultivate the essential attitude of openness”- Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. Lately, well once in a while I go through phases where I distance myself from everything/everyone, I step back and look from the outside at everything that is happening around me and try to analyze it the best I can, just to weed out the bad and cherish the good. I started to feel as if I’m off a little bit, being the Libra scale that I am you would think that balance comes natural but it’s actually the biggest thing I lack. I packed a bag and headed to my mom’s house for my days off where I did nothing but talk. I talked to her about EVERYTHING, we cried we laughed and most importantly we came up with a solution on how to balance everything around me. I then went to the book store and picked up a couple of books one of them that caught my attention was titled “IF LIFE is a GAME, THESE are the RULES” By: Cherie Carter-Scott. ($15) I picked up this book on Thursday and so far I’m loving it! There are 10 rules and she breaks them down, my original goal was to read 1 rule/day but I find myself just continuing to read without stopping. I wanted to let you in on it so if you are going through anything or if you just want to take some time to stop everything around you I highly recommend this read. It’s not long it’s a small book and you can read all of it in one day if you want. xoxo Neb

An appetite for destruction but I scrape(d) the plate...

few weeks ago nebby wrote about "Cold Stone Creamery" opening up doors in Canada, over the weekend I had the opportunity to try this out for the first time... (photo's from the BlackBerry)



SOME pix from the trip...better late than never :) Aruba is VERY beautiful, in my opinion one should go either with family OR boo'ed up. I spent the majority of my time there RELAXING/EATIN/SWIMMING. The island was filled with fams and couples it's very dif. from lets say Bahamas or Mexico, especially Mexico lol If you get a chance try to go with the fam or with the boo. xoxo Neb


Pleasure/Pain & Will

Will who happens to be one of my close friends took Kenza & I to get inked yesterday @ Pleasure & Pain. kenza and I both have been talking about getting matching tats for a while so we decided to get our mama's name in our language (Arabic)...Of course I made Kenza go first, it was her FIRST tattoo and I kept asking her "..does it hurt?" "does it hurt?" being the G that she is she was in n out no pain no nada, THEN CAME MY TURN *rolls eyes* at first...it was ooooookay THEN THE PAIN WAS KICKINNNNNN. Sorry will for destroying your arm & I LOVE YOU SOOOoooOOOoOO MUCH!!!!!! (Gun shots inna de ai-yaaaaaah!) *inside joke* Dear Mikey, Thank you for doing such an amazing job on our tats and I'm sorry for continuously calling you Corey, but you just happen to look like my friend Corey from ATL...who also is a tattoo artist :) Sincerely, Neb The brasier got super durtay from the ink so i took it off and hung it around will's neck for a lil before tossin it in the trash :) Shout out to all the guys at Pleasure & Pain Pleasure and Pain Tattoo and Piercing Studio 3058A Hurontario Street Mississauga, On L5B 1N7 289.232.5407

Love is a place and I think i just found it

Bora Bora You+ Bora Bora + Your boo = Heaven Nebby would get married just to go on a honeymoon to Bora Bora :I
damn ma. lmfao


don't knock it till you try it: bud light lime(y)

this recently came out in canada and it's awesome... check out these sections of the american Budlight campaign "It's amazing what a little lime can do" (launched in the US april 08) andy, if that doesn't make you want to try this beer i dont' know what will...

like i was saying... (continued discussion about my Y-3 experience)

in response to the question/comment "whats in the bag?" from an earlier post.. I actually got a chance to check out one of four Y-3 stores in North America (crazy cuz i had no clue it was in Orlando). i'm a huge fan of Y-3 cuz it's all about fusing sport with fashion...so I checked it out. T make a long story short... the customer service was on point, the shop was unique (and extremely clean) not to mention the attention to detail on all the products was outstanding .. Something caught my eye and I bagged it - I got it on the last day of my trip so iv been referring to it as my Orlando souvenir Being from an athletic background this brand really resonates with me. Like everyone I have my own style and what not but fashion is defiantly not something I follow religiously (i do what i can to stay current but i am by no means the most fashionable dude). Now more then ever iv become fairly brand loyal when it comes to fashion; quite opposite from how i was previously. I have a group of 'go to brands' that Im familiar with and they provide me with the variety and quality that keeps me satisfied (and coming back). Although a few of the pieces are a bit much for me for the most part I really like what Y-3 has to offer...i would not be surprised if in a few months Y-3 is the new "Comme des Garçons PLAY collection" and it becomes a lot more mainstream see the Y-3 men and women S/S 09 collection here check out the Y-3 Spring / Summer 09 campaign video - far from your ordinary fashion campaign video.. you will defiantly notice how serious they are about mixing sport with fashion... i dont' know anything about heals but i saw these in the Y-3 store an thought they were real dope... my lady found her size an tried em on... (females where yall at? feeling em? or not really?) I bet if you saw a photo of amber rose rocking em you'd be bloggin it the next day.... (im juss saying) andy, some of you might be looking for photos of what i bought... i'll keep in 100 with you... i bought a pair of shoes from the s/s 2009 collection i contemplated posting a photo'... but that's not really my style -- i don't kiss an tell...(sorry Nat) when i break em out though ill defiantly share it here... you gotta understand the question "whats in the bag?" caught me totally off guard.... i never would have though in a million years anyone would be interested in what was in my bag..



got home a few days ago...check out a few photo's from Orlando
andy, Orlando - if you've never been go...