Damn this has been on repeat at my house for the past 48 hrs, i find myself dancing around the house from room to room, i swear i was a stripper in my past life bahahaha don't look at me like that! I'm a late bloomer...that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.

I'm in love with Alexander Wang...

WHY..... Because of shit like this... AND O M G you can rub it in and get it all on shopbop.com Is it normal to be so turnt on?! My mouth is waterin' O_o

Well you got about 12 seconds...GO!

I just found out about this site VIA my friend Hadi, he posted one of his videos so i decided to go on the site and check it out and i luv the concept!! "What is 12seconds? 12seconds helps you update your friends and family with short video clips that you record with your webcam, mobile phone, or upload. Show people where you are and what’s going on. Send video updates to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, your blog, friendfeed, iTunes, and more!" Example:
By the time... on 12seconds.tv lol this can be fun...

Fave Reader: Shyesha

"Hello ladies and gent my name is SoMaJore and I love your blog... you all are very funny i look at it everyday.....just was wondering if u all wouldn't mind taking a look at my blog www.omajore.blogspot.com... thanks and The Segment is the issshh yall make me wanna move to the T Dot really....."

Dear Shyesha,

Took a look at your blog and I luv it :) keep them posts comin' & thank you for visiting us daily!

PS: I have a big crush on Rick Gonzalez, he's the spanish boyfriend i never had o_O



im sure by now a lot of people have seen the new Nike basketball campaign featuring the two best in the game...check out the latest commercial from the "Most Valuable Puppets" campaign by Nike basketball... huge fan of this one (click here to check out the rest of this campaign) it's not the fist time Nike basketball used puppets in a campaign.. remember this? Or this??? Andy, chris rock is the voice of lil penny... wouldn't it have been dope if the lebrons voice over was done by dave chappelle?



Before: After: That's my close friend/older sister/bff Shannica, she's the flyest hairdresser/stylist in Boston, she used to keep my hair on point!!! If you are from Boston and you ever decide to look like a million bucks you should find her. She makes me home sick :(

chasing that cheese - euro edition

every year a few brave souls sign-up for this event in hopes of earning them selves a lil extra cheese. Event:Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling 2009 Concept: First Rat to the cheese wins.... the cheese Location: Cooper's Hill / London England andy,"Something, Something, Something...Stack that cheese"


going to the theaters for this one... sry Mr.Chang

havent' been to the theaters much this year -- partly cuz' all the movies look corny n' partly because the asian malls got it for cheap and months before it hits theaters... im looking forward to getting out to check this out though... If you havent' seen the trailor yet check it out on youtube. To lazy to post it right now watching the game. andy, i figure denzel's in it so it'll be good.. his agent rejects lame scripts.. (bad for his image.).

30's the new 20! She's so hot still

That's Michele ...her bday is coming up. We are celebrating with her on Friday :D i am soooo excited i already know it's gonna be off the chain gang. It's gonna be at shuffle and let's just say i been to shuffle 3 times and not once was i dissapointed, those DJs are the business!!! anyway just come out and have fun with us i guarantee you wont regret it. Host: kiki, coco & lowe Type: Party - Birthday Party Start Time: Friday, May 29, 2009 at 10:00pm End Time: Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 1:00am Location: Revival Street: 783 College St West If you happen to see that..be a darling and pick it for her

automatic 2 pair

I havent' bough sneakers all year.. but august is " lemme get 2 pairs.." season.. .. just in time for my birthday* andy, two pairs of black two pairs of white... im not racist


All thats missing is a skrippa pole

I don't know about you but the tongue action is my fav. part. WHO WANT IT?!


Let's pray...

Lars von Trier I was so intrigued to learn about this fellow who finds it necessary to portray women in his films as objects. In one of his film called "Breaking the Waves" it is about a woman and her husband who lost his job because he couldn't walk anymore/couldn't have sex with her anymore, the husband forces her to be a hooker because it "turns him on" FAST FORWARD to the part where these two guys beat her and RIP HER INTO PIECES and have sex with her body parts... so you get where I'm going with this right? sick. Like damn, ok ok we get it YOU DON'T LIKE WOMEN, that's not the end of it tho, because he continues to make films, right now he has a movie out called Antichrist which basically means that women are the Antichrist, This tendency reaches its apotheosis in Antichrist when Gainsbourg takes a large pair of scissors to the most intimate and sensitive part of her sexual organs and chops it off...YUP, a pair of scissors. I'm done talking about this creature, I can't believe he exists and continues to make films. BIO: "...His parents considered themselves both communists and committed nudists, His parents did not allow much room in their household for "feelings, religion, or enjoyment," and also refused to make any rules for their children..." That's just a little snippet about him if you want to google him feel free. "The movie is packed with arresting and atmospheric images, some of which you’ll wish you could permanently erase from your memory. " PS: He received the first Anti-award at the Cannes Film festival..what's an anti-award?! I don't know.

Fave Reader: Anonymiss

Hi Seg-team, Since you guys are always letting people know about free promo's, I thought y'all would like to hear about this... CLICK HERE Basically for Harvey's 50th anniversary, they are giving away free hamburgers between certain hours on May 24th. Enjoy! lol Anonymiss ps, also XM satellite radio is having a 7 day free trial, CLICK HERE I literally just saw that on TV lol also, hope Nebby is feeling better, glad you found my mini-list helpful. Again, Anonymiss MMMM MMMMM THANK YOU ANONYMISS!!!!!!

Fave Reader: Jada

"Hey guys, this is known by many namez. im a frequent reader and i just wanna say i love your blog. i feel like i know you guys. It is to the point where i knew who wrote it before i even get to the end lol.

And I especially wanna say thank you to Nebb for her encouraging words when I sound down in my blog.

thanx guyz and keep 'em coming

Love, me =]

-TORONTO bound"

Thank you miss and you are looking oh so fly in you LL gear ;) Check out Jada's blog HERE


LOL he always made me laugh

free shit May 21: Iced Coffee from Tim Hortons

if you like free shit and like Tim Hortons Iced Coffee.... tomorrow is your lucky day (sorry Canada Only) Click here for details tell em andy sent cha. ...personally i don't even like coffee... let alone "Iced Coffee"... I'll pass...

just a big kid.

killed sometime on my lunch break with a few co-workers at the Mastermind warehouse sale (Mastermind is just a kids Toy store in Canada)- my co-workers all have kids so they took full advantage of the low prices and did all their christmas, birthday, hanukkah and good report card shopping.. i dont' have any kids to shop for so I ended up taking photo's from my phone... ..lately it feels like everywhere I turn everything's on sale.. the truth is no one is spared from the wrath of a poor economy. When the buying slows many retailers become overstocked with product(s), supply then eclipses demand. Naturally prices will drop in attempt to encourage sell through and balance the scales. It's truly a buyers Paradise if you can afford to spend... anyway on to a lighter subject these photo's..
found ernie?
andy, not bad photo quality from a camera phone...


check out this Spike Lee documentary on Kobe Bryant... it's a long documentary but you get to see the game through Kobe's Eyes..

it's called "Kobe Doin' Work..." another well put together project from the SpikeLee camp - andy, such a beautiful game..

Swine whine

I think i have swine flu. No seriously, i have most of the symptoms xpt for vomiting, nausea and diarrhea . i haven't been this sick in a long time. I keep telling everyone that it's my time to go. Ok maybe not swine but it might as well be. I woke up this morning at 7 am after passing out on the couch in my living room mid movie last night. I woke up with the highest fever, like I'm talking i put my hand on my stomach and it was on fire, as i talked to kenza via BBM i passed out mid convo and woke up again drenched in sweat. real sexy right? not so much. I have no voice, my cough is disgusting, i have THE WORST headaches, my body hurts sooo bad. I'm so used to being babied when I'm sick and it's impossible to have that when you live alone :( Kenza said she will come visit me when she gets out of school HURRY UP!! I already called in sick because i plan on staying in bed and sweating it out, i cant believe this just crept out on me out of no where!

Coming To Africa

The girls at King & Knight are putting together an awesome event. "In accordance with our mandate that everything they do must be done for a cause, as founders of King and Knight Productions, we are embarking on our first trip to the African country Tanzania as volunteers with the non-for-profit organization Childreach International. We will partake in the child poverty alleviation project, the FutureBuilding Project, by actively participating in the renovation and revitalization of the Ndesangana Primary School. We will also help to raise funds for the project as well test our endurance by climbing Africa’s highest peak – Mount Kilimanjaro. Thus, all of the proceeds from this event with go towards raising our minimum required contribution to the project of $9000.00. A minimum donation of $20.00 is required by all guests, with the opportunity to donate as much as your generosity permits. " See you there!


" Im a PC "

I know the majority of people love the ongoing "Mac vs PC" campaign by Apple - the whole "im a MAC and he's a PC blah blah blah " Turns out that campaign has had a huge impact on consumers perception of Microsoft PC's, the once "chosen one" Microsoft is slowly loosing it's market share to the competition... which in most cases offers a more expensive product. (who knew marketing and advertising actually work) to make a long story short over the past 8 months Microsoft has been rolling out it's own "Im a PC" campaign to kill the stereotypes. and recoup some of its lost market share...(check it out) andy, i'm going to be posting a bit more marketing & advertising posts... cuz i love marketing. stick around you might learn a few things..


Cover Girl!

Our Reader Jai...who is also my friend on Facebook has THE FUNNIEST VIDEOS! i came across this one today and i was DYIN! i think me kenza and andy should do one to this song :) I luv them! Now walk..

I'm just sayin...

The female selection in this video is top notch. Almost as good as... Still SMH at The Dream's "Rocking That Thang (remix)" video.

This is where I will be

Host: warnerlifestyle.com Location: COURTHOUSE LOUNGE Street: 57 Adelaide St E of Yonge City/Town: Toronto, ON Phone: 4162790100 Email: info@warnerlifestyle.com For the hell of gettin' dolled up :) Hope to see you & your click xoxo Neb




"Dear Editor: We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. Because the photo has generated considerable confusion among your readers and Louis Vuitton customers among others, we feel it is important to clarify several points. The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the confusion. Sincerely, Michael D. Pantalony, Esq. Louis Vuitton Malletier" Dear Rawss, Stop rockin fake shit. It's tres tacky. Merci!


well done....

Fave Reader: Kizzy

"What's good Nebby?! I was up late once again surfin the internet and I came across these Off-White Crocodile Leather Dior shoes. I thought to myself, "You know who would WEAR these? Nebby." Sometimes Dior has some kick ass shoes. You have a great fashion sense. Anyway, I hope you like em too. Peace Easy!

-Kizzy aka TheDeF"

Damn Damn and Damn...I LOVE THEM! buuuuuuuuuut I'm a sucker for a high heel 4' and up (I'm 5'3)and that heel looks a tad bit bellow 3', the pattern, the color, the style, the detail is gaw-jess tho, keep em comin'!



I'm not sure if you guys know but in Toronto there's a lil (big) thing that goes on in Aug. called Caribana. I remember when i just moved here and it was around Caribana, a real nice host took me out and told me to be prepared for the craziness, not knowing what to expect i was ready for whatever. When we hit downtown area it was MADNESS! thousands of people were outside and i heard "NEB!!" so i turn around and it's my boy from boston!! he thought i was there for Caribana but i told him i actually just moved to Toronto :) The rest was history. "Caribana is a festival of Caribbean culture and traditions held each summer in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Annually Caribana draws hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the globe to Toronto's lakeshore. Caribana is a Caribbean Carnival event, that has been billed as North America's largest street festival, frequented by over 1.3 million visitors each year for the festival's final parade." So this year i'm getting together with some sexy ladies and were playing Mas! Were having a meeting at my place on Tuesday to pick a costume. Here are some of my faves, which do you like better??

spring cleaning

Only got the chance to ride this bike a few times last summer -- had a few spare hours an decided to get out the chrome cleaner...
andy,on a totally different note happy mothers day to all the mothers and mothers to be that read this blog - hope you got that royal treatment today


oh Chris, you wrongggg SO SO wrong for ruining the poor girls life like this.

Burger Hoes

This STILL gets me!

Destination: ________________

After learning that we get 3 weeks of vaca time i was PSYCHED! I'm planning a trip to go to Morocco for 2 weeks with some hot sexy mamacitas from round' my way then one of the weeks the plan was to accompany my main G to a wedding in Mexico but AS SOON as i heard about the swine extravaganza i said uhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaa...about that. So after doing some researched i found a place that i instantly fell in love with. It has my name written all over it. I'm gonna share some pix with you and if you can guess where I will be going YOU GET TO COME WITH ME!!!! jk guessing is fun so let's start guessin!