Happy Hova Holiday!!!

It's official. Today is the Jay-Z concert. Kenza has been watching you tube videos non stop and even set up a count down O_O she's trully obsessed, she keeps mention how shes gonna foam at the mouth LMAO. I on the other hand. I'm excited too but i just dont get too excited about thing like normal people do. I wish I did tho aw well. The segment will be IN THE BUILDING LIVE ON LOCATION reportin VIA Twitter, follow us so you can see what I mean, if not at least @kenzaaah cuz she will be HILARIOUS I know it. Oh yea...Happy Halloween.

I WANT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Budden



I like the black and white concept...but it was a lil boring for me, if lil mama came out at the end i would of liked it more. teeheheheh

My (future) spot


Third time is a charm

Lol this is funny. I always find myself talking about these things with my boys. So really tho, how many shots should a man get to prove his dick game?! I agree with the big dude w the shades. The first time they can be so excited to FINALLY get ur pants off that they might only last 5 min. The second time could be alcohol involved and they just can't focus and they disappoint you yet again but how many trials can a dude really get???? I call my sex life lotto sex. I never been with a guy that gave me AMAZING sex alllllll the time. sometimes are hotter than others, that's just how it is. You win some you lose some ... what's your take on this???


I don't understand what it is you are trying to do her. You look like sesame street threw up on you. Gross. You are embarrassing us.


OK....go on...lol If she gets too internet happy he gonna replace her w the quickness just ask his ex.


I'm ALWAYS last minute with EVERYTHING! ok so we is going to the Jay concert on Sat, we are AMPED soooo excited :) but um there's a party after, it's a dress up party. I wasn't gonna go but now im considering going....sooooooooooooo I DONT KNOW WHAT TO "BE" ... I was originially gonna be Beyonce from single ladies :) but i'm not sure if i still wanna do that. I can easily make the body suit she has going on but wtf would i use for that robotic hand :I I NEED IDEAS!!!!! help :( Look at Tyra lol she's gonna be Kim Kardashian lol looks great! what you gonna be!? maybe i can copy u :D

Dope Lips

Teyana Taylor is coming out with a lip gloss line! looks interesting. I'll take the pink and nude ANY DAAAAY. The web site isn't fully finished yet but check it out HERE, looks kinda bootleg if u ask me....but thats if u ask

I'm steady late

I didn't even know they were a real couple!!! then again i watched Twilight for the first time 2 weeks ago :I


Welcome Back Chris!!

I can transform a good boy to a freak

facebook.myspace.twitter.flickr.... a fad?

a friend of mine just sent me this awesome video on social networking-- the video moves quickly... slow readers fall back... fast readers enjoy!

andy, - im sure it will continue to evolve but i think it's safe to say social networking wont die


I ♥ Ellen

I DIED laughin

Triple C's (Feat. Young Jeezy) - Erryday

Strip club throwin money poppin champagne EY!!

Mmmmm Mmmmm MMmmmm!

Damn you Meth.

I would...

Minus the stretch marks VIA: Jak & Jil

I Can Transform YA

PREVIEW: I can change your life, make you so new, make you never wanna go back to the old you

Twitter confessions

Chris Brown tweeted this: It's soooooooooooooo cute. They were soooooo in love, I know it's easier said than done but he HAS to let go.

Prego Swag x Gisele

She looks sooooo cute all prego n shit


Ash Stymest

My sweet eye candy: Ash, Will you marry me?!???!?!???? !?!?!?!?!? PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! I beg of you! xoxoxoxo Nebby, just think about it!

Miss Rose

I would wear that outfit in a heart beat. SEXY!

Future Boo

In about 10 yrs. we wont need a (real) man. LOL



I turned Rocky muslim Wikked passed out on my floor lol Result of 2 glasses of red wine Hadi & I, we have the power to turn UNfun to fun I miss dressin up in the summer I turned to a lobster My Best Friend Matt... 7yrs strong xoxo

Natalia Brilli

Knowns for her leather goods. I LOVE the molded rolex bracelet.

Black & White

Kenza last night at my house. Wearing glasses talkin about "leave me alone i just wanna be normal" lol love her. Hello Mary-Kate or Ashley! LOVE THE PIC! Imagine knee'in someone's face in those knee spike jeans OUCH. A. Keys looks HAWT

Flashy Stylista

I ♥ her. She's what I like to call a "Take it or leave it" kinda girl. She is Fly, Fashionable, DGAF (Doesn't Give A Fuck) Confident, Sexy, Beautiful, Talented and mothafukin UNIQUE. She fits the Bad Bitch Role & I can fux with a bish that can do her own hair, her makeup, make her outfit, remix her shoes, do her nail art and make her jewelry liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?! I don't even know how I was introduced to her blog but i'm glad I was. View more Flashy Stylista HERE Know a lil more about Miss Sahra HERE where she was interviewed by Twisted style *Books my flight to go hang out w her* XoXo Neb