i call next to beat the %$@! out of him

this was posted by Perez Hilton when he heard about MJ's death. R.I.P Michael, you will always be the baddest thats ever done it.


Anonymous said...

He's probably bitter about getting punched out but clearly it's what he deserved. I know we've all made digs about Michael Jackson but to accuse him of "lying or making himself sick" while he's laying in a hospital DYING is despicable. Karma's a bitch and that bitch got his eye dotted once... I sincerely hope more damage is done this time around. Some people just dont learn.

Chips said...

OMG!!! I saw that yesterday on twitter too. If he thought that his lil black eye was a big deal...he better be prepared for the backlash on this.
Hope he believes in karma cuz that B! will be comin after him real quick

FraNcis James said...

somebody beat this man... beat him with a stick or something!

I don't care what you use.. you could probably beat him with a pool noodle..have him blog about that.. wata beyitch! lol

anyways RIP MJ :(

elizabeth said...

oooooow this dumb guy ??.. why would you ever just goes to show the kind of people are in the world. michael jackson is the most famous person in the WORLD point blankk can u even think of someone as famous or someone with music who has lil kid dancin at 3? MJ is the bessttt of the best everyone loves em knows his dances move OBV! his music and his swag michael will never be forgotten he still lives it still hasnt hit me because he still here with us. freakin it cuz that what he did best always. FREAKIN IT HARDDD ! you cant lie that every song he mad didnt have you jammm'n didnt make u wanna buy 2 cd's just in case you loose the other. AND FOR ALL the hatin and cant sit there and say you never jam'd the fuckkk out to one of his songs all yall goin to hell word upp !

Janine said...

Perez Hilton = Attention Whore. He was either hoping that the comment would garner him more hits on his blog or he has a severe case of diarrhea of the mouth. Either way, he's an insensitive prick who deserves every arse whoopin' and/or verbal smackdown he gets.

Even a peace loving sista like myself can be pushed to far :::greasing up face with a thick coat of vaseline while booking Airtran flight to LA:::