Trick em'

Requires: 1 unfiltered roll up ;) and a cold glass. 

Don't inhale the smoke just pull it into your cheeks and let it fall out your mouth along the inside of the tilted glass. Do not breath as you do this or it will blow it all away! Practice makes perfect ... btw too much practice also causes oral cancer :s ... smoking kills! :o



I might be the only person on the planet that will admit to actually watching 'the Antique Roadshow' from time to time (lame I know)... its not something I watch religiously.. but if it's on and I have a time to kill I don't mind watching people twice my age get appraisal for things that I would easily miss at any garage sale...
--check out this clip of the highest appraisal in the antique roadshow history. $710,000 to $1,070,000 for her 18th Century Jade collection. Andy

You are giving me the green light

To slap the shit out of you if I catch you wearing these!



Welcome to heaven, may I take your order??

On behalf of The Segment team, Kenza, Andy, Pauleanna, Jyoti and future guest bloggers we would like to thank DiGiorno for this brilliant idea.

Ps: It bothered me a lil that they spelt "wings" like that :/

I'm gonna tell you something without telling you too much...


I want to share with you that I am currently working on a project, I can't fully speak on it just yet but I can guarantee that it will be super dope and super refreshing.
I get questions/comments/requests via our email ALL THE TIME and I truly enjoy writing back to each and every one of you (and I do the best that I can to get back to everyone) SOooOOooOOoooOOOoo I want to ask you and also involve you in this project we are working on. Basically what you can do, if you would like to participate is...

In the comment section: you are allowed to be anonymous
Ask me anything (nothing personal) that shit got old...

You can ask me anything from sex, relationships, advice, life, men, women, clothes, shoooooes, boy toys and anything else in between...

This is going to be so amazing, haters will hate on it and the rest will LOVE it!

Lola F. Flame

Nuff said...


January 21, 2011 | Beers w/ Bry

Stepped out Friday to go hang out at the Legend Leagues customer appreciation event at Homebase in Toronto. Free conversation, beer & laughs. Good times. brought my camera along for the ride..check out a few photos below.
the man behind the camera is the man behind the brand - thx for the invite Bry.
follow the Legends League on twitter here

I see...

Saw this on Tumblr, good laugh.

INFLUENCERS : Steve Stoute

In the most recent "INFLUENCERS" interview Steve Stoute discusses traditional communication & the current state of artist/brand collaboration. Steve speaks from experience so it's well worth 5 minutes of your time.. (Even if your not into marketing/advertising)

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January 2011 | Up North Trip

Enjoying the latter half of my weekend in small chalet a few hours north of Toronto ...so refreshing to drive away from the city for a few days... its dark, quiet & relaxing here ..im convinced time is moving slower.

Feeling Down????

It's definitely not the best feeling in the world, but unless you're heartless and cold, it happens to you too.
I find that the people who have huge hearts and fully care about certain things/people are the ones who are effected by this. I'm here to tell you that you are not the only one, to not let that feeling bring you down and that I found a way around it :)
All you have to do is not give a fuck!!!!! Of course it's so much easier said than done but hear me out, life waits for no one. Truth be told, you're wasting your time being angry/hurt/down. Should someone/something have enough power on YOUR life and be able to bring you down??? Hell no!
Try to put the anger and hurt behind you and keep on keeping on.
Eliminate all bad people from your life. Don't waste your time trying to figure out "why" and what the reason is behind certain things. I'm not sure about you but I have 0 time for bullshit, at this point of my life I have come to the conclusion that people will talk regardless, good and bad.
Switch the negative energy to a positive one, be thankful for what you do have, do something that makes you feel good, be around REAL friends, life is truly beautiful and you don't want to miss out, our time is not promised and afterall, we only get one life, so be a good person, be happy and live life to the fullest, you deserve it.



Book Recommendation: NICE GIRLS DON'T GET RICH!

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Hair me out

You wash & style your hair and it looks FABULOUS...for that day at least for me, the next day is oooookay, the third day FORGETABOUTIT! My hair type gets oily at the root ONLY and I hate that because my hair remains styled but the roots are BLAH.
If you have the same issue as I do, I have a solution for you my friend :)
I have been using this dry shampoo (I get it at Shoppers for about $7) for a while now, it's such an easy fix, spray, rub in with hands and GO!

You're welcome,

First one to name everything that's wrong with this wins..

...every year there's a new product that finds a new way to dispoint me. Andy



This was a unique & interesting cause+effect ad campaign created by Y&R Dubai for Spring/Summer '09 for retail store HARVEY NICHOLS.
This campaign made up of fire extinguishers, stop signs, dogs, cats, fender benders, jelly, rockets, birds & tunnels recieved the INTERNATIONAL ANDY AWARDS 2010 for Retail in the "Out Of Home" category.
The campaign aims to convey to Harvey Nichols shoppers that its items can have overwhelming results. Each ad carries one of the retail items along with a number of images of one specific theme, which act as a visual metaphor for the cause+effect the item can have.
I don't quite understand the combination between animals & vehicles to dresses & shoes.
But kudos to them for creativity & an award-winning campaign.
Now, if i saw these ads while shopping, I would think:
Oww! This dress is so hot, it's on fire. Someone get the FIRE EXTINGUISHER!
These shoes are show-STOP-pers!
DOGS & men would wanna hump your leg if you wore this dress!
CATS love shiny, new things. It makes them Prrrrr! & Meow!
Seeing a woman on the street in this dress may cause plenty of FENDER BENDERS.
Eating all this JELLY will cause you to blow up & only fit in dresses like these. Ew!
He'll get a ROCKET in his POCKET if he sees you in this dress!
Blastofffff ;D
Check out the rest HERE.


When i'm having a bad day, I find myself dreaming of these bad boys!
Created by MASSIMO DOGANA, the "F**K YOU" Heels ...
They are available in a boot & a sandal and retail for around $1,100.
With a perfectly manicured hand, giving the world what you can't without looking insane: THE MIDDLE FINGER!
Click HERE for some more F***in' INFO! ;D

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Click HERE for more info. POW!

Weezy Baby

Fresh from his stint at Rikers, Lil Wayne shot the cover of Rolling Stone which will hit news stands January 21st. Inside, he reveals his beef with Heat Players Lebron and Dwyane Wade. He also reveals that he is a master in UNO, he loves reading the bible and he could have landed in even more trouble in prison if another inmate didn’t take the rap for him. Check the excerpts:

On Lebron & D Wade Ignoring Him At The Miami Heat/New Orleans Game
“Them n*ggas never speak to a n*gga,” he says. “They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. N*gga spent all that money on them f*cking tickets… Come holla at me. We sit right by them little b*tch-ass n*ggas. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.”

On The Bible
“I also read the Bible for the first time. It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up being that. Like he’d be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool.”

On Another Inmate taking the Rap For His Watch With An MP3 Player On It & Solitary Confinement
“He was a solid n*gga! Shout-out to Charles…Solitary was the worst. No TV. No radio. No commissary. Basically you’re in there 23 hours a day.” The only upside was he had a window where he could watch cars go by. “I used to sit at that motherf*cker all day!”

This interview had me DYIN!

Source: Necole Bitchie

Jen Aniston x Allure

Holy shit, it doesn't even look like her...


Oh Gosh...

When my sister showed me this Kanye tweet, I chuckled but I had no idea it would blow up as big as it did, making the news and shit.
Today I heard that Kanye actually put out an explanation behind this whole nonsense and I'm not even sure why he should explain anything to these dumb ass people. If I was in his shoes, I would let em talk.
For people who took this shit seriously, you need to fall all the way back, slowly remove the sticks out of your asses and focus on other important things that are happening in the world, such as floods and killings. GTFO & STFU always trying to shit on someone's parade for no damn reason, it was a fukin joke! This isn't tho.

Mrs. (broken) Hart

Many people deal with pain different ways, Kevin Hart's wife (who is going through a divorce) has decided to take on the stage to sorta kinda air out her future ex husband and at the same time make herself feel better.

Do you boo boo.

JLo wants you back...

Lookin good Jenny ;)

Belle Noel x Kim Kardashian

Rebelle Fleur I mean, Belle Noel by Kimmy cakes

I do like the hair bling but meh, it's oooooooooooookay... I see kris is still doing her job...

We ♥ You

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I wasn't even aware we can track on Blogger but when I did see this, it made my heart so warm and happy :)
I don't fully understand what each pie chart is talking about and I could care less but seeing that people check our blog from all over the world is something that is so amazing to me, I want to visit you all! haha, joking, but not really.
We really love you, the readers that have been here from day one, the new ones and even the anonymouses.
Hit us up! We love hearing from you, if you have any questions, if you need any advice, if you want to share any gossip ;) let us know!