Boxer's Shuffle

Finally i can move out of bed, i went to the gym two days ago and the classes kicked my ass, first one was pretty intense it was called cardio kick, the name tells it all it was a whole lotta kickin' second class i thought heeeeeeeeey why not, it was regular Yoga, i didnt know how unballanced i was until that damn class, for some reason i can stand still on the right foot alone but i can not do the same on the left...hmmm last class was kickboxing. I have NEVER went kickboxing before just boxing, cuz im just not a fan of kicking people....i dont see the point when im angry i do not kick, i punch i might bite but i do not kick. so anyway i thought it was gonna be a joke, i was paired up with this guy who was about 6' 250 lbs tatted up to the max sleeves and all, when i firt saw him i thought he was the instructor. we were paired up where he held the pad and i had to kick then the usual boxing rituals such as jabs, hooks and upper cuts yay fun minus the kicking of course UNTIL it was my turn to hold the damn pad, hmmmmmmmmm i'm 5'3 140 lbs (i kno big gurl eh?) lol anyway and this man is 6' 2sumthing lbs i wasnt ok with this AT ALL when i saw his stance his back was straight his leg was positioned propertly with his hand protecting his jaw and one ready to punch, i could not help but close one eye and wait for that kick to throw me across the room, he looked at me...i looked at him he positioned himself again then when it came to the kick, i closed one eye..... he slightly tapped the pad with his foot WTF LOL ummm that is NOT what i was expecting the trainer saw him and came up to us and said to him "..wats wrong man, i saw that stance from across the room and i was ready for u to kick her through the mirrors behind her" i turned looked at the mirrors, looked at my partner, and looked at the trainer like he was crazy. the trainer then says here let me show you how you are supposed to do it *omg* greaaaaaaaaaaaaat he then kicked the shit out of the pad i thought it was my last breath, then he said "see that wasnt that bad now was it" "nope , no im cool im good, yup just go ahead and do what he did" trainer then left then my partner said "im not gonna kick you like that, i just cant" =D wooo hoo! then it was my turn again and i was kicking that bag like there was no tomorrow lol cant wait until next class this time i bought gloves cuz i cant find mine anywhere, i gotta admit i underestimated kickboxing before, but it might be just as fun as regular boxing.


The Guild woods project?

I took Rocky for a walk today but this time i went behind our house and walked down this pathway which led me to something that caught my attention...a big sign that said "The Guild" hmm... never seen this before, then again i havent lived in this area for a long time. sooooo it was day light,people were out on the street so what's the worst that could happen?!
Rocky and I walk down this long path surrounded by trees with footsteps everywhere (meaning people were here before which was a relief) all of a sudden i felt like i was in a movie or something, it was soooooo beautiful!!!

we then reached the end of the path to find ourselves about 50 feet high overlooking water

then we walked back down a different way where i saw some nice architecture =D

i was happy to know that this was in my own backyard, this was nothing like Boston... can't wait to see what it looks like in the summer

when i got home i researched the property to learn that::"The Guild Inn was built in 1914 on top of the Scarborough Bluffs,originally called Ranelagh Park, it was built as a summer home for Colonel Harold Bickford and his family. The home consisted of everything that could be associated with a large and prominent family such as servants quarters, a nursery, library, grand stairway, six or more bedrooms as well as three guest rooms, and a basement which contained a boiler room, storage room, fruits and vegetable room and a laundry room. In 1921 Ranelagh park was sold and became a boarding school for the China Mission Seminary until 1923. In 1923 Richard Veech Look purchased the boarding school to house his family as a summer home and called it Cliff Acres. He was moved to Quebec with his family in 1927 due to his position in his company.As he still owned Cliff Acres while he was away, the home sat empty from 1927-1932. Rosa and Spencer Clark bought the property in 1932 and turned it into the Guild Of All Arts. They opened their doors to house the gifted in arts, in exchange for their room and board the artist would provide their work to display. This continued until 1942. The WRENS( Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service)were housed at what became HMCS Bytown II. The Wrens worked in secrecy there having all the locks changed on their doors. They continued their operation there until 1943. In 1944 the government took over the Guild Inn turning it into a recuperative centre for returning war veterans with nervous disorders. "


Easy as 1 2 3 4

1.A swab 2.a consent form 3.an envelope 4.a waiting period of three to five business days *it takes three to five business days to get the test results, which are delivered by mail, email, or online through a secured Web service. *the kits are sold without prescription That is all there is to settling paternity issues. The test kit went on sale Wednesday at SOME US drug stores. YAAAAAAAAY now you dont gotta bring 25 different men and be 5000% sure to Maury's show on national television to just hear him say "De aundrey YOU are NOTTTT the father" I'm sure you seen this
But before you get all ghetto and want to bring your results to court to collect child support money that is 17 yrs added up.... the paternity kits are not allowed as evidence in court, where more precise and costly DNA tests are required. Signing out, Wrap it up



I bet you he thought he was the flyest redneck round' his way tisk tisk tisk! Now this one...she is just one special non flushin' broad LOL

It's Friday night and the party was NOT jumpin'

So Andy Andy & I decided to go to the movies.
we get to the movies... but of course he didn't check the playing time, our original plan was to watch "Semi-Pro" but then we already missed it and the next movie that caught our attention was "Bank Job" for 7pm. The time was 5PM so we had 2 whole hrs to spare so we decided to go to Moxie's to have beer/brownies and watch the NCAA game San Diego Vs Uconn.
I of course was cheering for Uconn while Andy was all bout SD...i cant lie it was an intense game...

Uconn was doing great and making me proud on the court

And then SD came back strong and whooped that uconn behind.

Anyway the game was cool the movie was even better but what i loved the most was the drink Andy ordered its called Mexican Bulldog YUMMMMMM its margarita mix with a lil corona in it upside down and it tastes like heaven, the brownie was o so delicioso also but it was too good i forgot to take a pic of it ;)


he came around...

A 25-year old Gladstone man was arrested earlier this week after he allegedly ejaculated on a female shopper.Authorities believe the suspect, Ricardo Faulk, somehow deposited the substance on a 31-year old mother while her 3-year old child was with her at Target on Saturday afternoon. Investigators released surveillance video of the man leaving the store and he turned himself in on Tuesday. Faulk was booked in the Clackamas County Jail and released. He was charged with harassment, a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a maximum 6 month jail sentence and $2,500 fine. nasty!


Inconsiderate Pt. 2

Had to stop by the drive through today to get some monies out before work then they just continue to find me. i opened my window and asked him what kind of car he was driving...he laughed, couldn't do anything to this guy though, i mean i cant really key him and i wasnt going to come out the car because it was raining - i didn't want to ruin my hair ;)


Poor DMX

LOL this was hilarious DMX was recently interviewed by XXL Magazine and reveals he’s not up on his political game: XXL: Are you following the presidential race? DMX: Not at all. XXL: You’re not? You know there’s a Black guy running, Barack Obama and then there’s Hillary Clinton. DMX: His name is Barack?! XXL: Barack Obama, yeah. DMX: Barack?! XXL: Barack. DMX: What the fuck is a Barack?! Barack Obama. Where he from, Africa? XXL: Yeah, his dad is from Kenya. DMX: Barack Obama? XXL: Yeah. DMX: What the fuck?! That ain’t no fuckin’ name, yo. That ain’t that nigga’s name. You can’t be serious. Barack Obama. Get the fuck outta here. XXL: You’re telling me you haven’t heard about him before. DMX: I ain’t really paying much attention. XXL: I mean, it’s pretty big if a Black… DMX: Wow, Barack! The nigga’s name is Barack. Barack? Nigga named Barack Obama. What the fuck, man?! Is he serious? That ain’t his fuckin’ name. Ima tell this nigga when I see him, “Stop that bullshit. Stop that bullshit” [laughs] “That ain’t your fuckin’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack. XXL: So you’re not following the race. You can’t vote right? DMX: Nope.

inconsiderate ;)

I'm minding my business today running my errands... i go to shopper's drug-mart to pick up some vitamins and the parking lot is packed!!!

I'm driving around trying to find a spot and NOTHING!! so then i see this thing here.....

are you kidding me?!

just wanted to share with you all angles so that you know that i am NOT rude for no reason.....so i i had to park about 3 miles away but i took it upon myself to share with him how upset i was....

I can't lie it definitely made me feel better.


ey yo ma leh me holla at cha...

i hate being approached by guys in annoying ass ways!!!!!

hate hate hate it

i dont care how 'banging' you are, i got it all before ie:

i lost mah number can i get yours

omg you sooo sexy what would it take to get in there?! (ew)

the nice "my name is_____ what is your name?" (w/e)

the grabbing of the arm

i'm sure most of us can relate but TODAY!!!!! it actually made me say "aww" its was so weird.....let's rewind

i went to the gym and afterwords i decided to stop by this furniture store on the way cuz for the longest time i wanted them lazyboy recliners so im walking around looking around hoping one of em would catch my eye and i walk by these two guys that were looking at some furniture and i knew i looked horrible so i didnt care to even look at em twice im listening to my music and looking around and BAM one of em is infront of me, almost scared me to death so i take off my headphones and he says....

"i'm sorry to bother you but i couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are....sorry my name is Dwayne, my friends call me Wayne *smiles*"

"hi...you scared me, i wasn't paying attention, i'm zineb"

"nice to meet you...i wanted to give you this, i know you would probably think-i mean even my boy thought it was wack but...."

i look at this thing and omg awwwwww so cute!!!!!

this is what he gave me...

lol had to hide his identity....so this was a first, maybe i will call him.


24k gold plating and encrusted diamonds

Price? $9499


you know how many necklesses you can make if you melt that?!!!


One of them days...

It all started on sunday night i worked on a project with two nitwits (you gotta be from Boston to really know how i mean this word in this specific sentence) still luv em tho dont get me wrong.

Any-who we were working on the Marketing Plan until 5:35AM!!!! i was soooooooo tired but i did not wanna crash at Adam's house cuz my house is only 15 minutes away so i drove home but i promised Adam and Luis that i would pick them up later on at 7:30AM so we can get to class at 8 (2 hrs of sleep) so i woke up at 7:45 and called them of course they were still asleep and told them to hurry the fuk up so we can make it to class on time and turn the damn project in....im driving there and the weather is horrible, freezing rain and black ice eveeeeerrrrrrryyyywhhherree im so nervous cuz i can not control my car so i see the house and I'm good now cuz i finally made it i turn this curve to take me up the street to the house and what happens?! the car slips uncontrollably and hits a fucking tree i saw the whole thing happen in slow motion and i could not stop it =(

i stayed in the car fought with the steering wheel for about 5 minutes and came out the car to look at it it was so bad that i couldn't help it and i sat down on the snow and cried ='(

i called the boys to tell em and they saw it and felt so bad and until this day blame themselves (it is a a little bit their fault because i actually wanted to call them in the morning and tell them to take the bus but i felt bad because i promised) The police came and slipped on the curve too but didn't hit no tree cuz i was already there...the tow truck came, then took me to get a rental which by the way gave me a soccer mom mobile I HATE IT oh and big PS: did not even make it to school until 12pm and dropped the project at the business office and had to call Mrs. mueller to explain what happened. *rolls eyes*

anyway so this is the outcome....

as you can see the car parts are scattered all over and we tried to put the bumper back on....wasnt happening..



see all the dirty/filthy snow from the window?!...at least we have a nice view

later on that night got even worst with the snow

then i let B know about the situation and he made me feel a little better, gotta luv him for that

This is B eating chicken lol hehehe