Decision 2010

The answer to the question everybody wants to know.. Andy whats your decision? uhh..this weeken... (man this is very tough)... This weekend im gonna take my talents to The Big Easy an party in New Orleans..
New Orleans, that was the conclusion you woke up with this mourning? That was the conclusion I woke up with this morning.
Why? ummm.. like I said before I feel like it's gonna give me the best opportunity to enjoy myself. ..im looking forward to it. I can't say it was always in my plans because after Katrina I never thought it was possible. But the things the people of New Orleans have done to clean up the city an get back in a position to have me visit this summer-- ..it was hard to turn down..
how do you explain this to the people in Toronto? uhh..... I mean it's hart felt for me. it's hard to explain but at the same time my hart and the many years I gave to caribana weekend and that city was everything. Those people that came out every year seen me grow up from a 12 year ol' kid to a 23 year ol' man..an umm I never wanted to leave Toronto and my hart will be there this weekend-- but I also feel like the greatest challenge for me is to move on..
(inspired by the other Decision 2010)



ASOS is having a crazy sale!!!!!!!!!!! 

Run run run!!!

 I ordered 5 dresses i'll show you 2 ;)


Im every woman debate

..im gonna leave alot of the useless details out -- long story short got a bet going on which version of I'm every woman is better. what you think? The OG Chaka Khan version or The Whitney Houston Cover?
Chaka right.?
disclaimer: it goes without saying that their would be no whitney cover if chaka khan never released this - so don't let that factor into your decision - im only asking which one is better


might need your trini friend to translate this one..


Fave reader: Michella

Hello My name is Michella Minter. I read your blog from time to time and from what I can tell, recently you've been going through something. Whatever it is you're going through allowed to define the feelings I had  about my own situation. I'm a spoken word poet and I hadn't written in a while you helped me to understand my problem enough to write about it and release my anxe. Thank You! Here is the piece.

I wanna Be Supportive,I do
Be that gets super hard when you're really going through
.....I'm Trippin 
The situation we had, I interpreted it Different
I must be hard to listen
Even Harder to Care
Damn near impossible to pretend that you're aware
I-Dont-Even- Care that I'm verging on passive aggressive
It's not fair that you got everything you needed to get to where you wanted to be
And none of that, had anything to do wit me
I said you hurt my feelings
I lied
What really caught the beating was the depths of my pride
and it'd be different, if in this, I didn't feel so alone
If anyone agreed 
If I knew anyone who felt the same way as me
Instead you're perfect, everyone thinks your great
I'm the one who's crazy is the card you wanna play
No I'm the one you forgot
I'm the one you left
I'm the one who thought there was a meaning to this mess
Woke up found you leaning to the left 
Just about as liberal with my buisness as the day
That's a game I can't play
In the end I prolly did the most
I prolly hurt the feelings of somebody that was close
I can't be only person excepting responsibility for my actions
I can't listen to you tell me, what I feeling is wrong
Refusing to admit fault
Instead of searching for reasons the you're right
You could probaly, Just, APOLOGIZE! 
Thank you Michella!!!





One of the biggest things that irritates me is when people dress in "what's hot" no matter what their body shape is. I'm not with that, never was, never will be. We all come in different shapes and sizes, some of us are blessed up top, some are blessed down low, some are blessed all over, whatever the case may be, it’s a beautiful thing :)
I'm going to start a segment on the blog where I pick different girls that dress according to their body shapes and they look amazing doing it.

My first pick is Miss Nana Gabbana, I think she has a beautiful shape and she picks clothes that work well with her body, here are some pictures:

Follow her on Twitter HERE

When it comes to fashion, it's not always about name brands, all you need is the eye.


“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you learn to appreciate them when they’re right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself…and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” — Marilyn Monroe


Didn't Britney shave her head like how many years ago???
Why is it still fuked up!??


without rhyme or reason

..a small collection of storefront photo's taken at pacific mall.
click the photo to view in hi-res

Might be a Must

..it's still to early to tell if i'll get the chance to witness history but the hunt has begun and things should start falling into place. Tickets are scarce regardless the goal remains the same.. Toronto to Detroit city/Commerica Park/ September 2nd > simple as that. Andy. twitter.com/whatnowandy

Damn Mel...

You REALLY mad huh? smh...

Note To Self:


Everyone asks me what program i use to make my pix into polaroids. 
Download it HERE Don't say I never gave you nothing.


I LOVED Nutella until.........

Good gosh golly gracious O_O where do i begin?!?!?!? I just won't. I just can't.


She looks stunning !! :)

Motel Zoe Eagle Dress

My new purchase. Eagle mini dress by Motel. It cost me $19.99, I'm gonna pair it with some sky rocket heels. I can't wait to rock the SHIT out of it :)

What I'm listening to

Someone asked me to post a list of songs i'm listening to now. I have actually been listening to The Dream (hold your booooo's for a sec) CD for the past few weeks (thanks to Lissa) . With the rumors going on about  what he did you can download his whole CD of amazingness right HERE :)

Side Note:  I don't know what Christina did to him or why he did that to Christina, it's none of my business. Do people even take marriage seriously anymore??? UGH! I still love the shit out of his music tho.