Damn son...where'd you get that?

We first saw this shirt in early February when Kanye West wore it to the studio recording of 'We are the World' and since then the buzz has been non-stop for the Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy shirt.
Riccardo has definetly put a 2010 twist on your basic Tartan Plaid shirt.

I think, this shirt is craaazy and the real thing is probably an arm and a leg.
So if you guys are dying for an inspired piece, don't wait for your favourite retailer to bootleg it.(*coughs @ Forever21).

Get creative:With a gentle used Tartan Plaid shirt from your local thrift store & a bag of studs & spikes ( i don't gotta tell you guys the rest)...

Peep Kanye's New Blog : HERE
Peep Givenchy's Men Collection : HERE




Fill in the blank..

The Secret of happiness is t_ __________________________


i stumbled on this and thought i would share but i don't have much time to blog (copy and paste to the rescue)... check it out let me know what you think.. To use square, you simply load up the app, insert the card swiper, enter in the amount of the transaction and swipe the card. You can enter in a note with a description of the item or even take a quick picture of the item(s) you are selling. Note, if you don’t have the card swiper you can enter the card in manually. The person paying for the transaction can then sign for the items right on the iPhone screen, and choose whether or not to receive the receipt via email or SMS message. No paper is necessary. When you receive the receipt, it will show you the GPS location of where the transaction is made. This is very helpful for fraud prevention. Also, for every transaction, $.01 is donated to the charity of your choice. (via. blackweb20.com) you should be able to learn more or get startedhere andy, im about to collect from everyone that ever owed me a dime..


back to 1993-94

...something to get you through another mundane monday.. ....an yes i know it's not the original - it's a remix... - if you want to hear the original click here i just like the remix a bit better.. andy, anyone own that new sade? thoughts? reviews? worth buying?


We might not blog as much as we used to...

but we Twit our ass off...

(Kenza is an Ex Twitter member, she'll be back eventually tho)

Spring/Summer Lookbooks

Aritzia Spring Summer 2010
Model : Rachel Ballinger
Crop Tops, Gym Sweaters, Feathers, Fairy Dust & that damn Tiger Head.
Do we Love ♥ Aritzia Lookbook this season Ladies? Let me know what you think. xoxo Lola (Via : True North Style)



In New Zealand for HBO’s Hung...

For Andy: Friendly Competition

Friendly competition my ass lol

Love Letters & Broken Hearts

Two of Toronto’s finest DJs – DJ P-PLUS & DJ LISSA MONET [2009 Stylus DJ Award Winners] have teamed up to take lovers and ex lovers on a musical journey with “love letters & broken hearts”. Focusing on the joy of love, the anguish of heart break and the songs that emotionally affect us.



Nebby gives it 2 thumbs up, I LOVE my R&B ;)


lesson #1 in marketing: dont' cut corners on creative thinking

in most business scenarios staying status quo can be interpreted as bland and boring by your audience -- usually excitement and entertainment are never far from creative thinking with that in mind check out this great ad - (thanks to shauna for sharing the link) no matter what your involved with on a day to day basis it's never too late to get creative -- think outside the box and conquer the great wall of "Normality" andy, *does john wall dance*

I'm Sorry

I got a bbm from Andy last night that read "...Are you gonna write ever again?" lolz

I'm sorry for neglecting the blog, I don't have a series of excuses for you that would explain why i haven't been writing and it's not like I'm sooooo busy, I have been living life to the fullest and enjoying my time here on this earth. i DID say when I just started the blog that I'm kinda sorta bi-polar and sometimes I get excited doing other shit but as soon as I feel like coming back to talk about some more thangs I will ;)
It might be tomorrow it might be next month.


we reminisce over you: Nike Baskball "Freestyle" ad

Now that were only hours away from all-star weekend I wanted to pay tribute to my favourite ad of the decade. Not only did this Nike Freestyle campaign embody the definition of creativity; it kept me busy for weeks practicing these tricks... hats off to the creative directors for these flawless ads Im sure we've all seen this before but walk with me down MEMORY LN… andy, happy all-star weekend basketball fans ..........Oh an happy valentines day weekend to the rest of you... twitter.com/whatnowandy



I know how important fashion is to a lot of the females who check this blog -- I been doing my research an I dug up something special… this one's for you. Andy, look great AND feel great? (talk about a win – win) twitter.com/whatnowandy my first fashion post - nebby, lola how'd i do...??


what did the five fingers say to the face...

in case you missed it - another gem from lastnight...via the doritos camp twitter.com/whatnowandy


Kenza put up a TUMBLR post a while back and I'm still seeing get re-blog'ed by so many people. I know I loved it, I didn't know everyone relates tho lol. 
Here it is:


1.Being a “barbie” is not cute. Nicki was popppin til she started that shit, now im pissed off.
    2. Long ass nails all curled up with your retro designs- go awaaaay.
      3. People, stop surrounding yourselves with lames and thinking “damn these people are wack, thank god im the only cool one in this group”. oh but your not. your just as lame as the motherfuckers you roll with.
        4. Fighting is not cute wether it be with the same or opposite sex. Respect yourself enough to not have to deal with that shit. If people get outta hand with you, smack a hoe/nigga like the bitch they really are and keeeep it moving. all that small talk, save it for the kids.
          5. FAKENESS- lol just stop it.
            6. Keep yourself happy cause no one will do a better job at it then yourself.
              7. “i need a man” “i need a wifey”, um no hunny you need to study or join a club. do you and the rest will fall in place.
                8. If you got it flaunt it but if you don’t please sit your ass down. 
                  9. The people i surround myself with are 100 times better than yours. Dont ask cause i wont tell and dont assume cause you will be wrong.
                    10. Love yourself Love yourself Love yourself <3

                    Search On

                    Following the momentum that google's superbowl commercial "Parisian Love" has received I wanted to share this link for anyone interested in checking out the rest of the ads in google's "Search Stories" campaign... if you got some time to kill visit: youtube.com/searchstories -- truly unique ads for those who havent seen the superbowl commercial... enjoy! andy, google.gets."it" twitter.com/whatnowandy


                    it Girl...

                    IF you frequent The Sartorialist or other streetstyle blogs you may recognize this cute lil fashionista. Her name is Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma, she's a married 24 year-old Russian 'it Girl' and Fashion Editor for Harper's Bazaar Russia. She's a great style icon because she mixes classic,streetchic and pulls it of effortlessly. I've read that at the age of 24 she has a collection of the coveted Hermes Berkin bags! Lucky bish those bags start at like 7G's USD!(she married rich so i ain't mad at hurr lol) xoxo LOLA


                    from the lower westside near the train tracks..

                    click the photo to see the full shot in high resolution.
                    Toronto filtered through my eyes (neutral gray w/ highlights)

                    Red Light Special

                    I have never been a Valentines day kinda girl , i'm very laid back, go with the flow, just another day.
                    I know I have some creative/dirty/sexy/nasty readers so I figured to turn to YOU and ask what kinda goodness you have gotten yourself involved in before or you plan on getting involved in this year.

                    I feel like I'm rated x all the time but what have you done for your boo before that just made him go WOAH or what is it that you plan on doing for them that will make em go DAMN.

                    Nebby keeps it rated x with a side of romance.

                    American History R(ose)

                    American RebeL- Persona Magazine Vol 1. from PERSONA MAGAZINE on Vimeo.