Resolution Time

Andy's 2011 Resolution: Build & Maintain
....Although not a traditional resolution its simple, clear and sums up my focus going into 2011
To be fair I don't think I'd be able to recognize 99% of you if I walked pass you on the street.. but that wont stop me from wishing you & yours all the best in the New Year, regardless of what your into keep it 100 give it 100...and you'll be fine. Happy New Year Toronto. Happy New Year World.

I'm a mothaf*&^*&@^#* MONSTAH

Yes honey...


(RIP) Lady.T

...one of the classic voices of soul, gone at 54 --you will be missed RIP Teena Marie
two of my favorite Teena Marie tracks below -Enjoy.
Teena Marie - Ooh la la la
Teena Marie - Déjà Vu, I've Been Here Before


London, England!

Only had 6 days in London so I did the best I could to see as much of the city as possible.. my days were usually spoken for with work & meetings but in my free time I managed to make it out to a few restos, pubs and tourist attractions. few photos of my trip below.
Stayed at the new eco friendly hotel Rafayel that overlooks the River Thames.. highly Recommend checking their rates if your hunting for places to stay in London. Shot of the Lobby.
they put me up on the 7th Floor, beautiful room - no complaints
standard hotel bedroom shot
after doing a bit of travelling this year I've really started to pay attention & appreciate the little details some hotels offer -things like a good assortment of mags in your room can be super helpful when your trying to get acquainted in a new city.
standard double decker bus picture... just one of those things you gotta take a picture of when your in London.
didn't' have much spare time but got a chance to visit Westfeild mall - Massive mall with standard mall stores..so it just takes way longer to get everywhere.fun.
apparently I should have got an "Oyster Card"?? Rookie mistake.. this worked just fine though
Platform photo
"Mind the gap mate!"
Incredibly efficient transit system. light years ahead of what we have in Toronto.. (probably light years ahead of whats available in most cities around world.)
wasn't prepared or this..........?
this vue on my daily walk to breakfast.. London's famous waterway. River Thames.
Hotel bar/My nightly getaway
got a few more touristy photo's I might post another time...
peace for now,


DJ Lissa Monet Photoshoot

This past Friday I was asked by Lissa to work with her team on the styling and overall vision for her shoot with Photographer Dwayne Evans. I obviously said yes!!!!
As soon as I got there I met with the stylists that were already there we exchanged ideas/clothes/accessories and came up with some amazing concepts.
I of course don't know how to keep my mouth shut so you know I was loud and outspoken about every single vision I had for Lissa, from bubble gum shots to how she should wear her pants.
Let's just say I can't wait for the final pix to come out because I know for a fact that we KILT (yes I said kilt) IT!
Please don't mind the quality of the pix as they are all taken with my Blackberry.

Thank you to Lissa for the amazing opportunity, for trusting my visions, to all the amazing people I met that night, Wing Machine and the non stop laughter we all shared.
We shall work together again soon !


There's an app for that

Word Lens is a real-time translation app that turns your iPhone into the dictionary of the future.
available now on the App Store


Relationships: How To Get His Attention & Keep It!

I received an interesting email in my inbox from a reader this morning and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. Now, please note that I have never claimed to be a relationship guru - but one thing I can do is speak from personal experiences and only hope that my advice speaks to someone watching. I replied to this young lady as best as I could, let me know if you agree!

One more thing ladies... (always remember) You hold all of the power! Before you even open your mouth, batt your eyes or spread your legs. In a relationship of any kind, you have the ability to choose how you want to be treated, whether you're a hoe or a wifey-type. You can't blame anyone but yourself! Pauleanna p.s. Visit me here every Saturday for more of my thoughts about love, life & everything in between... Blog Twitter YouTube


a Stranger in London

Know any unique resto's, pubs or attractions I should visit? let me know..

Tis the season for...

Corporate Xmas parties :)

 Hello there pretty MJ 

 Yay Andres!!!!

Our table was very lucky!!! 5 out of 8 people won prizes!!! including 2 iPads.
I didn't win anything, but I had an amazing time and I'm sure the winners deserved it.
Happy Hilidays!!!!!


Fashionably Yours

Have you ever wanted a top of the line dress that you only want to wear to an event or an amazing bag or better yet SHOES but didn't really wanna drop the full cash on it???
Have you ever looked around and noticed designer items that were given to you by an ex boyfriend that you wouldn't mind selling or even trading for something else that DOESN'T remind you of his ugly face?? No? is that just me?? lol

Clean out your closets and fill your pockets!!!

Fashionably Yours Designer Consignment Boutique will sell your (and your boyfriend’s) unwanted, unworn and/or gently loved designer, apparel, accessories, sunglasses, shoes, and bags!
In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to make a few extra bucks and a true fashionista won’t let the economy affect her style. Style is eternal and the shopping must go on! Let us help you turn your shopping habit into cash and at the same time keep you looking fashionable!
Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get rid of those items that are taking up space in your closet; that dress that you never wore, the shoe that will never fit, the bag that you got as a gift and all your fabulous dresses that the Facebook paparazzi has seen too many times!!
Fashionably Yours is the first ever boutique of its kind in Toronto, specializing in selling your designer apparel and accessories all year around, catering to the young, the trendy, the fabulous!!
Need to get Red Carpet ready for that special event, wedding or date? Fashionably Yours will help you find the perfect dress for any event and find the outfit perfect for your body type. From casual to cocktail, classy to sexy.
Free pick up service available to our consignors. Our wardrobe professionals will come to your home and help you clean out your closets and fill your pockets. Check out the Styling & Consulting section or call for full details.
I suggest you judge it for yourself. Visit the website HERE for more info or go to the store and see if something catches your eye, tell em' Nebby sent ya.

Happy Shopping ;)


Save Your Sole!

Skimming through my daily fashion blogs I came across this amazing invention that left me thinking...HEEEEEEEEY why didn't I think of that?! :)
As much as we love our Red soles (Louboutin) or some Blue (YSL) the concrete ruins the pretty bright colors!! so what do you do to prevent such a thing???? SAVE YOUR SOLE! 

You're welcome ;)

Winds were bad at woodbine racetrack the other day...



This bag...

Zara x Evening Collection

Zara Casual has just introduced its latest Evening Collection and the mini-collection is jam-packed with options: a pleated leather skirt is paired with a Peter Pan-collared sweater; slouchy fisherman pants are paired with a loose tank and a vest; a ruched miniskirt is layered under a studded sweater; a leather bustier is layered over a bandage dress; a 70s-inspired jumpsuit is belted at the waist. All in all, the collection is perfect for the sleek and sophisticated girl who wants a fresh new take on the little black dress.
Via: Zara/Mama's a rolling stone


Relationships: How to find the right kind of love ...

This video doesn't need much of an explanation. However, if you take one thing away from this post, it should be: to pursue relationships of substance. I've witnessed the trend of most women jumping into relations with men because of their "window dressings" and they often wonder why the courtship didn't last longer than a few days or weeks! Ladies it's not rocket science. A relationship is a marathon not a sprint- it takes time to build a real connection with someone. So whenever you see a man who is drop dead sexy, rocks the flyest shit and has money to blow, ask him, what else he can bring to the table.

Thanks for showing so much love on my last post, I'll keep the goodness coming.



p.s.. Meet me here every Saturday for more of my thoughts about sex, love and everything in between! ox

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Gourmet Food & Wine expo/ D-one Restaurant

 We got our tickets and we are ready for some wine! Complimentary tickets now we feel a little special.
 Then we see how many special people there actually were and now we don't feel so VIP.
 But we finally get in and i'm happy.
 Vice was the first wine/vodka i ever tasted. It was a lil strong for my taste.

 Ivanhoe got that gooooooood cheese...seriously.
 Haaaaaay say hi to IAN! my plus 1 haahaha

 I then spotted a NUTELLA HEADQUATERS!!!! i def had to go there

 Off to catch the train to plan # 2....
 I get to my mom's restaurant and I see her having damn near a party with my co workers, a belly dancer and all.

 After watching for a little you can not help but get up and join. We had an amazing time and ate sooooo good. Drank that gooood moroccan tea, smoked that sheesha and ate some more and danced it off. SO FUN!!!!  Hi Zahra! muah

If you live in toronto and want to check out the restaurant it's called D-One and it's located on Greenwood and Danforth.  1328 Danforth Avenue.