The Red Wing Factory

...as a proud red wing boot owner for the past 3 years I feel somewhat obligated to share this.....
great company, great boots.
See more at redwingshoes.com


Hair Trend

I thought about doing this a yr ago, I ran it by Kenza and she immediately  declined lol so I didn't do it...
After seeing these pix on my Tumblr I'm kinda sorta tempted...


Lil Kim

I don't support wack beef BUT I FUX WITH KIM!!!! lol

The Black Mamba


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NYC | Feb 8 - 11, 2011

Took a quick business trip to NYC last week. didn't have much free time to really enjoy the city but managed to take a few photos of my trip.. NewYork I'll be back soon!
first to arrive at the wrong gate...
New. York. City
Stayed at the Marcel near Gramercy Park. Great Service. Slow Elevators. Tiny Rooms
got no love from Yankees' fans
#1 on my travel must-haves list
late afternoon walk back to the Hotel
NYC = continuous roadwork + traffic
back to YYZ via LGA


CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN can do no wrong!

At least in MY eyes! :D
Christian Louboutin teams up with KHOUNG NGUYEN for his SS 2011 lookbook titled
"Louboutin Spring Summer Tour".
My FAV(s) #1, #3 & #4


Usher and his sons at the Never Say Never movie premiere Were they not new born babies last month? Too cute!!


Girl bye!

So the other night Prince had a show in NYC. During a part of his performance he brought people up and danced with them. One of the lucky women he picked was Kim Kardashian. Guess what she did? Nothing! Prince being the amazing man that he is had something to say about her little act. Lmao! I can't. Ps: Prince, pick me to go on stage with you. I promise we would have such a good time! What Prince is thinking in the pic: "Girl bye!"


Better than all the Rest

my pick for best commercial this superbowl weekend.

SUPERBOWL Funding brought to you by:

It's that time of year again! SUPERBOWL Weekend. I don't watch the game, nor sports of any kind but I can appreciate one thing. That is "3 million for a 30 second spot" for advertisements during the game.
Volkswagen dominates with "The Force" & "The Beetle".
And a Chevy ad with a cheesy skit to promote the new Transformers movie. Ahh, I love Bumblebee!
Justin Bieber teams up with The Ozzy's for Best Buy.
Stella Artois features a serenading Adrien Brody.
Angry Birds Rio will reveal a level code.
Danica Patrick for GoDaddy.com
And of course, the one who will take ANY and EVERY chance to remain in the public eye,
Kim Kardashian for Skechers.


take a 20 minute timeout

.. if you have any free time over the weekend...take 20minutes an watch this TED video.

...might change your life.. an answer a few of your questions about love & connection at the same time.

Believe you're worthy.



Remember this Toronto?

woodbine beach , toronto canada - summer 2010
.............neither do I


S&M x Rihanna

I like it x 2 

Moet x Valentines

This Valentine’s Day Moët & Chandon is introducing a new limited edition customizable pink bottle set complete with a gold marker and two glasses. 
I ♥ it.