It was a childhood dream for Chidi Ogbuta. Chidi says “growing up in Nigeria I always wanted a doll to made in my likeness, that didn’t happen so I got the cake.” I'm all for unique shit BUT C'AMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WALE: DC to Toronto

Wale came by the shop Sunday.. cracked a few jokes, signed a few autographs,
took a few pictures...
he was cool/down-to-earth.. i asked him the same question i think everybody else did "when's that 9th wonder shit dropping?" he said "it needs to be out 'in the next few weeks" soo look out for that...
got tickets to his show later that night... (thanks G) went and checked out the show.. wale + band was dope if you get the chance to see him live go check it out..
andy, "As strong as you might/ Working day and night/ What ever happens/ Do the dance (do the dance)"


Fave Reader: Anonymiss

Anonymiss says:

"How come, no more anonymous posting ? what if i have no blogspot, or any of those other live journal, AIM thingies? i have opinions to share! lol



I say:

I took the anonymous feature off because i received a childish/rude/unnecessary comment from an anonymous person so i decided to take off the anonymous option, a couple of days ago i researched the IP address and i know exactly who it is, i wont share that info with anyone not even my close ones so instead of cussing and calling them out, i decided to keep the info on lock and keep it moving, but i did miss what Anonymiss (who i know the real name to now) had to say about different posts so i'm going to say I VOTED AND THE ANONYMOUS OPTION IS BACK!


To:Andy From: "your good friends at RIM"

got this surprise late friday afternoon...
andystorm. I can't say thank you enough .. RIP 8800


Fave Reader: Dana

We got this email from Dana:

"lemme just say
I read the segment nearly everyday.
And i gotta show you guys how lads do it down under."

I think stuff like that is funny lol oh and thank you :)



Past Tense

I was mad at will for a good minute, i didn't even get a chance to speak to him about why i was upset with him, if he is to ready this right now it would be the first time he actually even heard anything about it (HI WILL!) I did plan on talking to him about a couple of things that have been happening, but i just haven't had the time to, i still plan on doing so, just gotta wait until my life goes back to normal. When i ran into him at shuffle it was nothing but hugs & i lub youz :) and it's all 100% Genuine, i do luv the boy, it's true. LOOK! will!! you are getting taller!! i had on 4.5 inch heels! Check out his blog for more cool shit.

I Love College

When i went out w my school friends last time this song went on and ppl went CRAAAZZYYYYYY. So today i you tubed it so i can see what the hype is about, as i'm watching i see Ev & Twan *gasp* The Cooooooooool kiiiiiiiiiiddddssssssssss so i hit up Ev and he confirmed yes indeed it's him eating pizza lol. Luv it!


Packing my suitcase again

I have been thinking about putting a trip to Morocco together, I told a couple of girls about it and they were down, Coco even blogged about it cuz she's super excited, she says it's one of her dreams to go to Morocco, so i told her i would make her dreams come true :) I spoke to my mama today and she was more than happy to help me, she has alllll the connects one could EVER need in morocco and she only fux with the best, so when she agreed i was thrilled! she told me to put a little proposal for her to see what she has to work with , two weeks is not a lot to work with when going to Morocco because there is SO MUCH to see, so i had to pick the best of the best, so this is what i came up with. Date: 2 weeks in August Locations: Marrakech & Tetouan Game Plan: Renting a big house in Marrakech, which is a city known for being the "Miami of Morocco" sadly, since they don't have a beach in the city of Marrakech, we are going to have to get a house with a pool, Marrakech is known for being very cultural so we will be doing a lot of shopping at the market, the market in Marrakech is what i like to call a huge freak show, you can literally speand the whole day there, there is so muuuuch to do and see, there is people dancing, food, clothes, the guys that play the music thing and the snakes come out, Ladies that do Henna for you, Jewlery making, lil monkeys to take pix with etc... then of course hit up some Clubs, Fine dinning and perhaps gambling at the casinos. The house will have to be equipped with a chef, cleaners, a driver/tour guide and security for when we go out. This might sound hella boujee but its normal there . The last week we will be at a house on the beach in Tetouane. Tetouane is well knows for it's beautiful beaches. The last week is more for relaxing, kicking it with the locals, shopping some more of course, and being beach bums. I CANT WAIT

Shuffle Hoppin'

She helped herself to changing the radio stations This young lady here liked dancing with us Had Eva twirling The two munchkins givin each other luv, Coco looks hella guilty Eva saw something she didnt like lol Will saw something he likes Rache backin it up The crowd Trexx on the bar cayote ugly style JIMMY!!!! Chola Coco Locita, she's officially in Coco & Jimbo Rache Moi and Be. She was GAWN Dance for me Jimmy, i like it Likkle Kiki, Jimbo & Nebula My Shooooooees & Kiki's Shooooooees She won the cuttest Lissa dancin on me She ripped will's shirt off What is wrong with this pic?! mm hmm real sexy like PhotoNeb Kenwyn!!!!!!!!!!! He reads my blog all the time and he said he luved it so i told him i luved him! Lowe! LALALLALALALALLALALAL Kenwin kept finding monies and putting it in my pocket lol He stays exclusive tho cuz he's a teacher hahahhaha *awwwwwwwwww* 3's a party Injured finger Mr. and Mrs. I did a lil photoshoot for em TIRED OF The COMPLAINING There she is!! happy again!! Coco explaining to her that she is acting like a wild animal and she needs to tone it down :) Outrageous, she misses the street car by an inch weird alien flick I would pull her in and she would put herself out When in doubt, sing out loud WE HAD A BLAST!! Girls night out should be done AT LEAST 4 times a month lol xoxo