I knew Micheal was a big deal when he had us all in love with his music in Morocco singing along to his songs without even speaking the English language. I loved him so much i took a picture of him to my hairdresser back when I was 11 and asked for the same "you are not alone" haircut, I even ripped my t-shirt into a V neck when I seen that he had that in one of his videos. I'm sure everyone has a memory that has to do with him and he will never be forgotten. R.I.P Our condolences go out to Micheal Jackson's loved ones.


Jai. said...

I am still in awe.
I cant believe this shit is hitting me like it is.
I balled my eyes out and now everytime I hear "Never Can Say Goodbye" it starts all over again.

MJ made it cool to be from the mid-West. lol


Janine said...

Say what you will about his personal life, he was like magic when he performed. He was a musical genius and there will never be another like him.