Bitch Please!

Do you have a friend/aquaintance that just sometimes gets you a tad bit annoyed?! not all the time tho, just sometimes when they go on and on and on talking about their life? it's like they want you to just sit there and listen/give them advice ... which don't get me wrong that's alllll gravy but when it comes for it to be YOUR turn to talk and vent they seem not so interested?! well i got one of those...and if you can't relate to what i'm talking about then you might be that annoying friend. Signing off, Ima go whooooo sahhhhhh

Couple mo' shots you open up like a book

I like this song!! gets me feelin sexy and it makes me wanna dance all sensual n shit... i thought to myself a while ago...i wonder what the video is gonna look like, well I'm not impressed, where the F is originality?! lets film it in the club...red light district kinda vibe and....yea no ands, that's it, that's all we gonna do. I would much rather watch.... JK!! this scared the shit out of me...i couldn't sleep after :I RAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR lol lol

get em daddy

so he was at the wizards vs. bulls game, and what ?!?! what are your thoughts on Obama being everywhere ? cause sometimes i get scared for him. theres too many crazy people in the world

its, its, its serani



I have been getting messages on facebook/myspace about our blog and how much people enjoy reading it. It might not be a big deal to other people with blogs when they receive messages like that but it made me so =) Its amazing when you can just go on and go on about whatever it is you wanna type about and certain people actually take the time reading about it and come back to read about some more shit. ahhh it's great, just wanted to share that! Thanks for the Love & Support xoxo!



I was on Celebritney's blog when i saw her post about the mall in Casablanca, Morocco. I was born and raised in Casablanca and i would of NEVER imagined a mall that biiiiiiig omg cant wait to go back now. The mall is under construction and will be opening in 2010.

Im not gonna diss.miss this shit.. an act like this shits not whats up...

cuz this shit is official... an they used one of my favorite beats of all time (c'mon now).. I might not see eye to eye with a few ppl on my next statement... but f'real im not a weezy fan at all (i'm not gonna fake it for ya'll)... but those drake verses.. no doubt - shits on point (i can't deny gd muzik..)
ignorant shit - drake ft lil wayne ( i was geek'd when i heard the chris paul rookie of the year reference) Andy, first thing i'mma do is free nebby.. go

Don't say things you don't mean....

I was watching my bootleg on the comp "he's just not into you" or maybe its called hes not into you or WHATEVER aka he aint havin it... then i get a pop up message from an ex.... :) it made me giggle so i decided to share it.... i know he reads my blog and i know he will hate that i put him out like this but not really put him out cuz i hid his info buuut c'amon...the movie...the message...its all cute, don't be so uptight about it, you funny. Whatevs...I leave you with this.


andy's chi town re.cap | photo's in black and white

I'v been back in T.O for a few days now just haven't had the time or energy to re.cap my chi town trip.. i have a feeling this is going to take up a lot of time ..but i got a hour to spare so lets do this... [click on the photo to make it larger] Trip highlights Day 1 got into chicago in the late afternoon did the whole check into to hotel (stayed at Hotel 71.. great place w/ helpful staff n all that jazz) that night went to this dope lil blues/jazz spot had no clue who the dudes were who were performing but they tore that shit up ( never heard the blues/jazz live? go check it out..feel good music for real)
Trip highlights Day 2 woke up early and went over to Sheds Aquarium - I hadn't been to an Aquarium in years but was quickly reminded how ill shit was once i got there a short walk up the street from the aquarium ..the Chicago Car show as going down... had to check that out.. the venue was massive took about up about 4hrs... well worth it
Finished the day with a lil shopping on Michigan ave. care of the Ralph Lauren Mansion - was surprised to find out Ralph Lauren has an extensive line that dedicated to home decor
Trip highlights Day 3
Back to Michigan Ave n Milwaukee ave for a full day of shopping with a lil sightseeing (im talkin 10 am - 8pm type shit)..so many stores (for any one from Toronto: Michigan ave is equivalent to Bloor st [but bigger&better] an Milwaukee is equivalent to Queen st) long story short I didnt' buy much (surprisingly)
broke up the day nicely with a quick stop at Starbucks ... and off to the JohnHancock tower to see the city from a different angle
Day 4 highlights... (i was right about this shit taking long to post) Too much to do.. not enough time - started the day at the Art Institute of Chicago + Millennium park to check the Bean (??)..
met up an kicked it w/ this dude for lunch he introduced me to this lil restaurant that served Juniors cheesecake... (anyone who has ever had juniors cheesecake knows what time it is ri about now) no doubt i cleaned my plate... quick stop to check the Lego land store..
Day 5... 9:35am flight back to Toronto (YYZ)
I didnt' get into every thing I got a chance to do/see... This re.cap is missin a whole bunch of details an photo's... like restaurants i ate at or night spots i visited but i dont' got time to get into all that...just know that all in all Chicago's the shit if you haven't been GOOOOOOOO ! Common ft Kanye West - Go Uploaded by Andy
Andy, it's 4am now an I'm glad this is over.. damn

One of them days

Monday night was sooo stressful for me because i knew on Tues. at 1:30 PM i had to face a judge and try to explain why i was going 108 in a 80 (not even that fast compared to the ticket i have coming up that falls under speed-racing/stunt driving) so i was a lil stressed out in general because i knew i was in for it, sooner or later. I did the regular relaxation routine, took a bath, washed my hair and read a book. I fell asleep but it wasn't a good sleep because my mind was still running wild thinking about the next day even tho a dear friend of mine assured me that EVERYTHING was going to be ok. Tuesday morning i wake up try to do everything in my power to waste time hoping the court date would disappear. When it hit 12 i knew nothing major such as a hurricane, a tornado , earthquake, flood, wild fire was going to take place so i had to rush out the door and face this. I get to the court i look all around for the police office i don't see him. I hit up my friend on BBM and say "HE'S NOT HERE!!!" my friend goes "woop woop do a dance cuz that means they gon have to dismiss yo shiiiiit" i go to the prosecutor and i say "umm...i wanna know if my officer is here, i have the right to kno right? can you tell me...is he here?" she looks at me like this has GOT to be ur first time, she points to my left and says "that's your officer..now what is it that you need" FU*#&$*(&#K " ..OK...well can you make me a deal!?" she says: "i can give you 95 in an 80/fine/no points" "I WILL TAKE IT!!" Done dizzle go in front of the sassy judge with the attitude i plead GUILTY to the reduced speed and he sends me on my way happy as eva with a $37 dolla ticket hollaaa. I rush to work and im running all over the place because it was crazy busy, i say bye to my fav. pregnant co-worker Fatyme because she was rushing to her appt. (HI FATYME!!!) (she reads my blog) two minutes later she comes back running and grabs me by the arm while shes dragging me to the front to the secretary's desk shes saying "you know im nosey...i saw it...it had ur name on it...so yea lets go" I'm still confused as EVER when we got to the secretary's desk it was the biggest bouquet of flowers i have ever seen, like straight up from the pageants shit, my mouth dropped, everyone decided to go on their lunch during tha min or something because everyone was surrounding the desk like OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG whos the lucky person?!?!?!? Fatyme points to me and says "this oneeee...Gotta go!" and she leaves. so now I'm trapped around these people i haven't seen in god knows how long asking questions about MY life. I'm standing away from the bouquet like its about to explode or something, cuz I'm not used to people sending me flowers to work or doing things like this for me so i ask the secretary "who is it from..?" she shrugs her shoulders...realizes that it wasn't a great response and asks if i want her to check.."ya..please...yes do that" so she dials, finds out and says they are from ___________ :D so then i smile, start blushing, get closer to them and wanna touch em , smell em feel em and hold em like i won a prize and shes like *eeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* "they have to go thru security first" :/ she stay raining on my parade, i told her she can have a couple of roses from the enormous bouquet since she was drooling all over the place, hey sharing IS caring. ANYWAY to make the already long story even longer, don't stress, and if you do someone just might do a lil cute something to make you feel better ;) xoxo, Nebby Even tho i'm a G...it feels good to be treated like a lady :)

first track i heard this morning...

an it will be the last track i listen to before i go to bed... werd.up!(this track does not get tired) andy,im still circlin tha block before im parkin (not bitchin, im just still cautious)
"god blessed you when he made me I mean blessed me when he made you I got a lil game too they know me everywhere i go that's what fame do so let's just go for it what's your name boo ? "
sorry for the inconvenience but i'm back :)


DROP: IdeallClothing Spring/Summer

Spring Summer 2009 Available Friday Feburary 27th at Ideallclothing.com & Livestock Toronto click the picture below for full details + linesheet photo's... Andy, listening to drop pharcyde - u know what time is it

the good people @ RoundTable present: 2000 Til w/ PPLUS & Starting from Scratch..

2000 Til is hands down my all time favorite party in the city.. it's been on hiatus for months now but this friday it's back (hi haters)..oh an they got a tight DJ line up PPLUS & Starting from Scratch(teamin up for the first time ever..) fan of good music? Please believe I am... see you Friday shouts to the whole RT family for always having clean,well organized hip hop events (this does not go un.noticed) Andy, "I swear this right here is history in the making man.."


"The moment you stop caring is the moment you’ve found what you’ve been looking for."-Tim William


I know i'm a slacker but you are too sometimes! New things on our agenda: 1. New Blog domain (woop woop) B. New Blog layout from a sick comp nerd who agreed to hook us UP! (halllaaaaa) 3. New posts as soon as i load pix on my computer from the busiest week ever from 2009 (i know you can't waiiiit) Just a whole lotta new new new are you exciiiite??? cuz i is!

an you say chi city..

Yup so me an my first lady are out in the chi and based on first impressions chitown's the shit.. alot like Toronto so it not much of a culture shock any ways a few more photo's from rookie photographers..
if any one from chicago has any recommendations on sites or restaurants that I should visit - please let me know..

andy, 7-Eleven to buy booz then you can find me on N.Michigan ave.. (gettin fadded in the chii)