Not sure how I feel about the lil ones droppin all them F bombers...



Yes! By now, we've all heard the exciting news. Since I won't be waiting in the 7 hour lineup on the A.M of the launch, being pushed & shoved to fight over the one dress that every girl in the world will be wearing, I will just drool over it HERE :)
I remember when Versace decided NOT to collaborate because "putting Versace in H&M would confuse the brand." I wonder what made them change their mind.
Donatella's accent is so amazing to me!
And that dress! LOVE ...


Unrealistic Expectations...

"You are responsible for your own happiness.."

I know that someone needed to hear this today.
-Thank me later


the Crossover.

commentary from A.I, DWade and a few others... check it out.
"I'm pretty sure there is gonna be some guy that come along thats gon' learn it and get it- better than I got it ...An his is going to be better than mine. Hopefully its my son." - Allen Iverson


Try Something New: AIR YOGA

For those who are interested in trying something new - I was reading the Toronto Star the other day and came across a great piece. If you want a relaxing state of mind or love yoga as much as I do, then you'll probably enjoy a new technique called Air Yoga or AntiGravity Aerial Yoga (ZGA). It's designed to increase overall health, physical strength and flexibility.
My kind of work out, if you're down, then lets go!