Laziness :)

The Zip Bed by Italian company Florida allows you to make your bed in less than 60 seconds.


Big moves & "decisions" in the off-season have set the stage for (arguably) the most anticipated basketball season --time to show and prove..
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The 2010 NBA season kicks off tonight!


From my closet to yours, With love.

*warning: I would never sell you something like this... Unless of course you want it.

I shop more than I eat and I love food. I tend to always clean my closet out because I would need a closet that is the same size as my condo to be able to fit everything I love in there.

I had an idea to put stuff that I no longer have room for in my closet on here for people to buy... would you ladies be interested??

Miss Prada

Will be my best friend.

First, Firsts - Go Rangers

When given the option I like to kill a few hours on Sunday morning digging through my closet trying to clean up an sort things out before the rigours of another work week.-- Stumbled on a personal artifact this morning that took me back to an era when I had a lot more free time and a lot less responsibility -- To remind me of home (after moving from T.X to T.O) this was one of the first things I bought in Canada. At the time it was too big for me. (I couldn't even wear it) It ended up being one of the many "you'll grow into it" pieces I owned growing up... I grew into it, grew out of it, lost it (but never lost love for it), and now that the Texas Rangers are in their first World Series I'm glad I found it.. -Go Rangers.
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Amir Johnson’s Raptors Montreal Ticket Give Away

I was more than happy to participate when I was asked to do un petit favor. This was pure comedy!! 

Question: Which 3 players did I climb The Great Wall of China with??

Tweet your answer to @IamAmirJohnson and one lucky winner will receive 2 tickets to see the Raptors play the Knicks in Montreal this Friday!  You will also get post game passes to meet and greet Amir! or Click HERE to enter.



It's Fashion Week in Toronto! Today was my first time attending a fashion show in Toronto!!!! *screams with excitement* Special Thanks to Janet who brought me along :)
I can only imagine the time and preperation that is put into ONE show and it only lasts for about 6 minutes. I got to see Line Knitwear and I loved the way they put the looks together. Obviously their knitwear is what they are known for, from dresses, cropped pants to sweats. Really cute! I forgot to bring my camera but I managed to snap a few pix with my iPhone. Can't wait to check out another show!

Visit the Line Knitwear site:



The other weekend I was watching a special on 20/20 about bullying. I literally broke down in tears after hearing the parents share stories about how some kids words led their child to commit suicide. I sat back and thought to myself. How could kids be so cruel? Why is being "different" such a bad thing? Who gives someone the right to physically, mentally, and emotionally hurt anyone? What shocked me the most about the doc was the increasing numbers in suicide throughout the years due to bullying. I could only imagine what was going through some of the kids minds those last few moments of their life. It must be awful to feel so alone. I guess one could start at the root of the problem and ask questions like is it the bully's fault? I personally do not believe it is. All children seek attention and to be honest, I too have experienced bullying as a child. Now that I look back at it I realize that the person who said all of those hurtful things to me wanted nothing more than attention. If you have never noticed, bullies only bully because they do not want to be the victim. They pick on the kid that "stands out". The kid that isn't doing what everyone else is doing. The idea of being different needs to be promoted. Kids, and even adults, need to understand that it's okay to be different. You don't have to fit in, hell it would be best if you don't the way society is today. If messages like "it's okay to be different" "respect one another" and "be kind" were promoted around schools thinks like this would not be happening. The responsibility is in the parents hands. A parent must listen to the child and if they want to change schools, be home schooled, or anything of that sort let them. It seemed as though that was the number one regret of some of the parents, not listening to their child. Sorry if my thoughts seem to be all over the place. I just really want everyone to open their eyes to this. A child should not have to feel so alone to the point where the only answer to their problems has to be death, all because another child made them feel worthless. Understand the problems that the youth are facing today. Yeah it may just be a little problem, "kids being kids", but at the end of the day a child should not feel threatened to go to school, made fun of on the internet, or anything of that sort. Also, something that you guys might find interesting: Perez Hilton is starting up a campaign called "it gets better" to help prevent cyber bullying. Kind of ironic right? The man who makes fun of everybody. It goes to show that bullying occurs in all age groups. Anyways, Khloe Kardashian made a video for him. I love her, she said exactly what I would have said if I was her <3

Jimmy McMillan knows what the issues are..

Jimmy McMillan leader of New York's newest political party(The Rent Is Too Damn High) took the opportunity to highlight his party's views at last nights New York Governor's debate. Get'em Jimmy! via:Ny1.com his post debate interview gave further insight into his party's position... All jokes aside.. Living in Toronto it's easy to laugh about this but that doesn't change the fact that our "rent is too damn high".... and we don't even have a candidate running for Mayor who's trying to change that. Andy twitter.com/whatnowandy


Raleigh Denim & The American Dream

After hearing/reading about so many economic tragedies over the last few years it's refreshing to hear a good ol' "American Dream" story again. Here's a gem I found while doing a little research on Raleigh Denim... A start-up denim brand out of North Carolina you may or may not have heard of, but will most likely respect after you hear their story. learn more/find store lists here Andy twitter.com/whatnowandy


Hair Hair Hair

I'm always being asked about hair secrets, and don't ever say I don't ditch the goods! I always give you the 411.  Remember the Chiggy's post I did a while back???? If not, click here .  Hair is fun, I see it as an accessory, I have tried different colors....
Even Au Natural...

You get the idea...

During my last visit to Chiggy's, I was speaking to my favorite lady/owner/hair stylist Patience and I asked her really nicely if we can work out a freebie contest for my beautiful readers. After much sweet talking she agreed to give away (are you ready for this??) 


This is how we're gonna do this, leave a comment bellow with your Hair Horror Story along with your email address and she will pick one person, at random to receive the amazing prize!!!! 
The winner will only be responsible for service fee, to put in the hair which is $130. You're basically saving $300+ 
If that's not a good ass deal, I don't know what is.

Contest will close Oct 25th, winner will be announced on the 26th.
On your marks...
Get set...


Blackberry PlayBook

an while were on the topic... any initial thoughts on the PlayBook?