So i am back!!! you might have missed me a likkle, even if you didn't i missed YOU! I went to the Bahamas, met up with some wonderful people there and had the time of my life. I looooove relaxing and not doing anything, that's my perfect definition of a *jeezy voice* vaay caay shion but this one i thought to do something a lil dif. to actually get into some activities and local tings. We stayed on a beautiful yacht that was sitting pretty at the Atlantis marina, we had access to all Atlantis facilities and we even had a cabana on the beach. I pretty much spent the majority of my time at the Mandara spa, at the pool, and eating. Everything was just breathtaking beautiful. The weather, the company, the food, the shopping, the beach, the pool, the people...EVERYTHING. Here are some pix from the trip (i hardly took any of me because well...i was too busy enjoying myself) The map on the plane I snapped some pix while in the car on the way to the hotel The Bus I see youuuuuu!! This here is the beautiful Itika, she was soooooo sweet AND she works for the Oprah show, i was like THE OPRAH?!?! word?!?! lol :) Now this here was CRAYZAAAAY you climb up to the top get on this tube-a-ting and you go thru the glass big tube-a-ting and you are basically going really slow pushed by water and sharks r swimming around you :I On my way to the spa thru the lobby This was home while away, this yacht was so high-tech it reminded me of a new macbook pro lol Boat shoes swagg. The boat crew left their boat shoes out and we left them in the basket next to it, no shoes allowed inside. View from the Cabana One of the pools On my way to the airport :( Right side drivin Clearly not happy about leaving It looked like a hospital I make friends on dif. flights so thats Kevin and Cynthia It said NEBULA :) You know i was checking the segment (roaming charges and all ) During the trip i met alot of different people while i was out, one of the best people i met was my driver, Christopher, that took me back to the airport. We talked about how different the bahamas was as i was comparing it to my country, Morocco. He pointed out unique places and gave me fun facts that i took note of on my blackberry as we drove to the airport, since i love sharing here they are: 1)we were talking about the big casino at the atlantis (where the boys won and lost a whole lot of money) and he mentioned that Gambling is actually against the law for locals, they are only allowed to work at one due to the social economic reasons such as (rent, bills and so on). Since im a rebel i asked "what happens if one is caught?!" well christopher said that if a local is caught gambling they would either have to pay a fine or they would be sentenced to JAIL! * which is why many people gamble underground/at bars. 2)The oldest hotel on the island = The hilton, since 1921. 3)This year the College of the Bahamas will become THE UNIVERSITY OF THE BAHAMAS! holllaaaaaa 4)The recession took an effect on the bahams also, because 90 percent of tourists come from the US. It has caused many people to lose their jobs. 5)Crimes: the murder rate is VERY low, people STILL get hung for commiting the crime, most common crime made is "late night shopping" lol as christopher called it AKA stealing/tiefing. 6)Only pay property tax if your house is above $100,000. 7)Strip clubs are illegal (i thought that was CRAZY because i love the strip club) Couple of weeks ago a huge bust happened at an underground strip club where tourists/crew members/locals were arrested and taken into custody. 8)Miss Universe will be taking place in the Bahamas for the first time in August, ALL the locals are super excited about this, and there is alot of cleaning going on. Would i recomend a trip to the Bahamas?! HELL TO THE YES

A Simple Guide to Fight Stress

I got these tips in an email from the Wellness Committee at work so i wanted to share :) Regardless of the age group one belongs, stress is considered today to have an extremely dramatic impact on the human immune system. That is because stressful situations that have and extensive duration affect the hormones of the human body, which in turn direct affect the human immune system. Cases of chronic constipation, migraines, acne breakouts, upper respiration infections, colds, ulcers, and even more serious health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, and certain types of cancers, can be linked, according to scientists, to prolonged periods of stress. But do not get despaired. Although stress cannot be eliminated, social scientists, psychologists, and doctors, agree that stress can be controlled and people that are able to give themselves another chance can live healthier lives. Exercise: Known for its tension relieving outcomes, a steady exercise problem can help people reduce their stress levels. A calm evening walk or a more dynamic type of exercise, like an aerobic class, can help a stressed individual get rid of the tension and the anxiety that are caused by stress. Sleep: Give your body and mind the opportunity to rejuvenate naturally during sleep. Although people under stress experience difficulties in sleeping the appropriate hours needed, experts support that sticking with a steady sleeping plan and going to bed every night around the same time, avoiding heavy food or caffeine drinks, can help a person fall asleep and lower his stress levels. Breath: Learn how to breathe properly and practice it frequently. Deep breathing exercises can help the brain and body reconsider the parameters of a stressful situation and readjust to the experience. Inhale air from the nose and exhale it from the mouth after holding it for five seconds. In the meantime clear your mind and concentrate on a pleasant thought. Avoid: Try to avoid consuming caffeine substances and never take it out on yourself. Caffeine can prolong the stress period and since it is a stimulator you can experience problems in sleeping or breathing. Moreover, by blaming yourself and your luck you are not concentrating on solving an issue but rather on prolonging the distress and the anxiety you feel. Don't panic: Although it is common to let your feelings go wild when upset, try to focus on what you feel and act as if that was your main problem so as to solve it. Listening to music, breathing properly, writing a journal, exercising, going out, or doing whatever you think is appropriate can put you in a better mood. Talk: People surrounding you are not indifferent to your problems. Stop treating them as if they were. Speak about what worries you and ask for their help. Even the fact that someone will listen and offer another perspective can be enough for you to see another ankle of the issue and work towards its solution. Taken from www.streetdirectory.com Last but not least GO ON A VACA (speaking of i will post some pix of mine soon i'm still putting them together) Think about the following quotes for a stress free week at work:
You're good enough, you're smart enough and gosh darn it people like you.
- Stuart Smalley –
What happens is not as important as how you react to what happens.
- Thaddeus Golas -
We probably wouldn't worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do.
- Olin Miller, writer –
Just remember, 100% of the shots you don't take, don't go in.
- Wayne Gretzky
The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.
- Frank Lloyd Wright
Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer. Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller and more of it can be taken in at a glance.
- Leonardo Da Vinci
Oliver Wendell Holmes once attended a meeting in which he was the shortest man present. "Dr. Holmes," quipped a friend, "I should think you'd feel rather small among us big fellows." "I do," retorted Holmes, "I feel like a dime among a lot of pennies."
- Anonymous -


it's crazy how much anticipation has built up around these sneakers -- people i havent spoke to in years hit me up asking to hold em a pair (and its really nothin personal.. but theres nothin i can do) - just to clear the air on this: these will be available at LS-Toronto on April 4th its gonna be first come first serve (sorry no holds) ...
andy, an for record im not getting a pair... (i dont' really like em that much :/ )- so that makes your odds of getting a pair on saturday that much higher - gd luck on saturday


this will make ya smile

a friend of a friend went to Jamaica for March Break here's some pics from her vacation that she thought people might enjoy LOL


Friday: Never gets old..

had this on VHS(x2 - wore the tape out on the first one), DVD and this weekend the hunt begings for the Blue-Ray version..(hate re.buying shit i already got on dvd.. but im boogie now only trying to watch movies on blueray) happy friday.. andy,RIP Bernie Mac


Palm: Let' me show you how to do this son..

Lets not forget Palm was the first company to pair touch screen technology to a mobile device (Palm Pilot - did you really think it was Apple? ) Palm has definitely had their ups and downs.. but with the introduction of the Palm Pre - they have once again captivated the masses by fusing next generation technology with a beautiful device.. should be quite interesting to see how many users power down their iphones and blackberrys and make the switch to Palm.... See the FULL CES Presentation here Palm video: product Demo and webinar... For Canadian consumers excited about the Pre... dont' put your iphone or blackberry on Craig's list yet.. we wont see this device for quite some time... the launch dates are as follows : Launch date in the US: REALLY REALLY REALLY SOON (Sprint) Launch date in CANADA: FAR FAR AWAY andy, since they all fall in my Palm... ill take a pre (please)

The New NANO by TATA

referred to as the "peoples car" this this extremely fuel efficient 32-horse power beast will take you up to the maximum blazing speed of 75mph(0 - 50 in 17seconds) emitting less pollution then a scooter. available in manual transmission with no ac this 4 door "family" go kart will set you back $2300 USD (tax in)which makes it the worlds cheapest car... currently in production in India the TATA NANO is anticipated to be available in north America in 2011 - 2012.. check this test drive ... more nano? click here the question is simple: would you buy this car..? my answer: (im actually torn on this one) at this price it's hard not to consider owning this car.. but im a huge advocate for quality and safety.i'm sure it beats taking the bus... but is it safer then taking the bus? im assuming to offer the car at such an affordable price every possible corner must have been cut.. (i could be wrong).. one things forsure i wont be rushing to the dealership to pick one of these up but who knows maybe ill buy one andy, my dream nano = black with tinted windows


Just wondering ...

Today in law class we reviewed an issue that the Canadian Supreme Court had to look over. Sikh's are the people that wear the turbans on their head due to their faith. Another thing that they wear is a kirpan. A kirpan is a knife/blade that they wear on the side of their belt in a case. Now it's considered a "spiritual item" but schools are banning kids (young men) from wearing them to school. Schools say its for safety reasons, Sikh's are saying that this will violate their freedom of religion. I honestly do not know what side to choose but this is what i think. You have the right to express your religion, until it interfers with the safety of other individuals. Also, that kirpan is no joke. You can shank the ish* outta someone with it. what are your thoughts on this ?



I'll be away for a lil bit, hope Kenza & Andy keep you entertained :)