Salute to Merengue, Boston

... if your into food that tastes good you need to check this spot next time your in boston. This was my first time having authentic dominican food an it wont be my last (i think we got about 5 dominicans here in canada so as you can imagine we don't have too many authentic dominican restos to choose from..)
..a quick report card from my visit
the food: A+
the wine: A+
the service: A+
complaints: None, I only wish we had a spot like this in toronto..
I snapped a few photo's for you to check out -Enjoy..
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
big thank you to everyone who recommended this spot..
for more info on Marengue ,Boston click here

Let's play a game...

What is wrong with this picture??????


Do you agree????

Tika Paprika

Tika happens to be one of my favorite bitches in Toronto. You might also be familiar with her from MTV after show where she fundamentally gets paid to be a loud opinionated bitch. She's also a remarkable artist (I had the honor to hear some of her new music and let's just say OOOOO WEEEEEEEEEEEE!)
Anyone that knows Tika, knows that whether you love or hate her you just can't help but tip your hat to her since she is one of the realest people. Of course she pisses me off when she says offensive shit once in a while but I do love the trick.
She used to have a blog called HI HATER! Where she basically roasted mothafukers in the nicest/funniest way and now she's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Bookmark this shit cuz I sure as hell did.


There Can Only Be One: Choose your Weapon

When the Lakers beat the suns tomorrow well get to see one of the best rivalries in sport battle it out again... choose your weapon
this t-shirt was created by Acapulco Gold & inspired by the classic converse "choose your weapon " campaing.

Kanye West "Power"

I'm feeling it. What we think??

Te Amo

I guess soft porn with a dash of bi-sexualism is the new ish in videos these days.

Sex & The City What Women Want Event

...It was last night and it was a BLAST. Shannae pulled another hot one, then again I am NOT surprised, it's what she does.

Were you there???

Shitz & Gigglez

Since I haven't talked to you in a while...


May 28th

(a week away till the iPad launches in Canada..) Any takers?
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
when the iPad first came out I was in Pittsburgh so I headed to the apple store (Shadyside) to check it out....
it was cool an all - but im still on the fence cuz I dont' see how a XXL iPhone that can't make calls fits in with my lifestyle. I have a cell phone and a laptop within arms reach at all times so iThink I might pass...
one things for sure with over a million units already sold apple must have done something right... any iPad owners out there?


Nike "Write the Future"

as expected Nike kicks us in the face with their latest "Write the Future" Campaign that arrives just in time for the start of the World cup. Not only is the campaign visually appealing it also touches on how quickly public perception can change for athletes in the make-or-brake world of professional sports. Im sure this will garner a ton of "best commercial ever" sentiments from world cup fans around the world. see the full campaign below. Andy twitter.com/whatnowandy

Well damn...

Lil girl throws her mama under the bus lol HERE


Salute to the T (boston)

I flew into boston so when I landed I had two options to get around the city... taxis or the T -- I opted for the latter an for $9 a day I road that bitch out...
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
I rarely use the TTC here in Toronto so i can't compare the two... like most transit options im sure they both have their advantages & disadvantages..
Andy twitter.com/whatnowandy


Game4 celtics/cavs at the garden -- where amazing happened

...when my kids ask me where was I when Rondo put up 29 points, grabbed 18 rebounds and had 13 assists against Lebron and the Cavs in the 2010 NBA playoffs -- ill tell them "i was at the Garden"
click the photo to get the full picture in high-res
.... it was a dream come true
i got back home late last night so ill share a few more highlights from my trip to boston when i get some free time..


Chiggy's Toronto

Hey ladies *bats eyelashes*
I'm in a sexy mood because i just got my hair done :)
My BFF shannae gave me the heads up so I had to give it a try and I am beyond impressed.

Given all the hair questions I get from all of you I decided to take pictures of the hair process (very brave of me but I love yous and better late than never) so here you go:

Natural hair washed and blow dried, not straightened (clearly) and excuse the no make up swag

The parting/braiding process, as you can see i get the middle of my head done (partial), i little is left from the bottom (so i can be able to put it up in a pony tail) and the top (to have it fall on top of the braids)

The after result, I used two packs of the virgin straight hair in 22-24 (first time going that long) and don't judge my morning face.

Back view

This is the package the hair comes in.

*ahem* being Moroccan and all I left with some Moroccan oil products (they are the TRUTH!)

Not only is what I paid to get it done nearly half of what I  used to pay, but it's the bomb.com I'm walking around looking like a REAL yet better version of Kim Kardashian (lol you know they get weaved up too). 
Chiggy's work with ALL hair types. Even if you have long hair already and you just wanna give it that sexy  long/full victoria secret look, you walk in there get you a couple of rows and you are good to go.

Tell Patience that Zineb sent you for the ultimate hook up! (details at the bottom of the post)

Chiggy's Touch Salon in downtown Toronto. They've been featured on ET Canada and Cosmo TV. The owner, Patience is a very inspirational and successful young woman.

Its $130 to put in a weave, they use the net method that celebs like Gabby U rave about and its the method most commonly used in New York. The "Net Method" allows your weave last longer and it protects your braids from being pulled or damaged underneath! 
They work with all hair colours and types (white girls, black girls, asian girls- come one come all!) and they can do everything!

Chiggys is located at 184 Davenport Rd (Lower Level) Toronto and their Phone Number is (416) 619-5477.  

They also offer standard hair styling services and in fact, they are best known for doing Curly Hair 

Chiggy's will give you 10% off of regular products and services
(They carry everything - Mixed Chicks, Moroccan Oil, you name it!) 

They also sell their own Virgin Hair and if you get your weave done at Chiggy's they will give you "Buy one pack, get the second pack for 50%" 

Feel free to give Chiggy's a call at 416-619-5477 to book your appointment or visit ChiggyOnline.com. And if downtown is out of the way, they also have a location in Barrie... ask about it!

Thank you Shannae and Chiggy's !!!!!



What a beautiful soul

Cuyahoga County Judge Eileen A. Gallagher broke down on the bench this morning as she freed a man who has served 29 years for a rape he did not commit.

After a 10-minute hearing, Gallagher approved a prosecutor’s request to release Ray Towler from his life sentence and declared him innocent.

Gallagher stepped down from the bench, approached Towler with an extended hand, and said, “Mr. Towler, you are free to go,” as she shook his hand, tears streaming down her face.

Towler beamed throughout the hearing, waved to family members in the back of the courtroom, and again showed no signs of anger or animosity for losing so many years behind bars.

“I just waited for the sun to come up today and it did. And for the first time in a long time, I get to walk in the sun outside of prison,” Towler [said] after his release.

“This is the greatest day of my life, and it’s pure joy; I have no hate for anyone,” said the 52-year-old Cleveland native in a phone interview yesterday. “I suppose hoping to see LeBron play in person is too much to ask, but at least I can watch the games from outside the barbed wire. I get to start a new life, and the Cavs are going to win the championship. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

Towler, who was proved innocent by DNA testing, is expected to be released from the Grafton Correctional Institution this morning after an appearance in Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court.

DNA testing has exonerated 253 men nationally, but only a few have served more time than Towler.

He is the third man to be freed in connection with the Dispatch project, Test of Convictions, which was first published in January 2008. The series exposed flaws in the Ohio DNA-testing system, reviewed more than 300 cases with the Ohio Innocence Project and then highlighted 30 prisoners, including Towler, as prime candidates for DNA testing.

“We believed in Ray’s case from the beginning, and this is the latest reminder of how important DNA testing can be in the search for justice,” said Mark Godsey, director of the Innocence Project who represented Towler. “He is innocent, and the prosecutors agree.”

His whole attitude is just amazing. I wish him all the best.


Happy Cinco de Mayo

plan A: was to stay in & try to whip up authentic mexican food to celebrate cinco de mayo..
plan B: was this...(click the photo to see it in hi-res)
(Plan A would have taken wayy to long..)
- andy