Alexander Wang for GAP

This is what i hate about living in Canada sometimes! I just found out that Alexander wang will debut his Gap collection in stores on June 16th! The collection will focus on khaki (I LOVE) all under $100!!! (HOLLAAAAA) I just got off the phone with the Gap store on Queen St. the lady had 0 idea what i was talking about and said "...it might be just in the states) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I usually just walk by it because it looks like such a boring store to me but I'm going to have to actually go into the Gap on the 16th to find out wot di hell agwan. Worse comes to worst i will have one of my boos go into the Gap in Boston and she will mail me the goods to this foreign country where we gotta be a step behind everyone (no offense Canadian but I'm a tad bit heated about this). Ok I'm over it! now go get ur Alexander Wang pieces :( Signin off, Neb UPDATE: @wonTONfm@NebbyNeb RT @geekigirl: Gap CFDA - June 16, the collection will be in Canada in Toronto (Eaton Centre, 60 Bloor St. W. and Yorkdale) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

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