I have a confession to make..... I never been to Ikea. i know i know seems like the perfect place to visit to participate in and get hoodrat things but i just never been. I guess i just always been moving my furniture with me that i never- nah there shouldn't be an excuse as to why i never been. So with the new apt/the new move i decided that i will NOT take any of the oldies with me instead i will buy all new shit and from whereeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ikea of course!!!! i woke up earlier than usual today to go but my roomie said that knowing me i will probably spend the whole day there so i shall save it for a different day. I think I'm gonna wake up super early tomorrow and go and we also got something in the mail that says they serve eggs, sausage and hash browns breakfast at Ikea before 11am for how much might you ask?! $1!!!!!!!!!annnnnnnnd i heard there's like tree levels of goodness ooooo boy i am so there bright and early tings.



Don't mind the title it's a lil saying i say when i am DISGUSTED! school is on Tuesday... I took a peek at my school schedule and i wanted to vomit, no days off at all!!! not to mention all morning classes hooooollllaaaaaaaaay. A part of me feels like i need to get back on the edumacational waggon tho, i did a lil reading this summer to keep my brain functioning properly and i guess I'm a little excited to learn some of that new new shit this semester. Most of my classes are import/export, international business laws and all that hooplah so let's just take a moment and pray that i can get in at LEAST a good/healthy 5 hrs of sleep. Now i leave you with text of the day "Mira I'm at the register, I was gunna get baggy pants but i got a skirt too cause lemme tell you samthing! I am confident in who I ammm and nobody tells me what to dos" 10 min later..... "oh man cattie line at the uniform place...it's like the line for who wanna meet chris brown!" -Kenza- lol


OK this lil girl is just haunted and the real bitch is the one holding the damn camera she deserves an ass whooping for letting that lil foul mouthed girl talk like that


Yajaira and her cuso are coming to toronto to visit me!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen her in 2 yrs i am mucho excite!!!


RIP Aaliyah

The talented and beautiful Aaliyah passed away 7 yrs ago today, i remember watching the Diary of Aaliyah like it was yesterday...RIP

Love from the OC

I luv this boy he makes me wanna go back to boston to kidnap him and bring him back with me the talented go to for sick customs the kid OC =) check his blog RIGHT HERE
Me and my roommate LOVE this commercial =)


It's almost that tiiiiiime

Sept is around the corner...i don't know where all of you are from but here in Toronto it gets pretty cold pretty damn quick and i can admit i like the cold SOMETIMES because i love to love to layer AND accessorize to the fullest- I don't know why i post about men fashion here and there and not ladies steeze ...yeaaa i really don't know ?!? Anywhooooooot i was browsing and came across some Nom De Guerre pieces- hope you like em as much as i did =) Shetland Scarf Shawl Collar Cardigan Fit White Jean Classic Fit Slevedge jean and just cuz its a lil chilly don't mean the sun wont shine =) And now some pieces i'm def gonna add to my collection byCORPUS Skinny Jean Free People Lambswool Fringe Jacket Suede Fringe Hobo that's all i really liked i'm more of a vintage kinda lady

Moving on up

Spent my days off moving in to a new apartment still got boxes everywhere I'll be back in a splifity spliff got alot to catch up on, pix, stories, more pix, a lil gossip, all that good shit that keeps you coming back here.


Courtesy of Shawn

THIS IS A CEILING MURAL IN A SMOKER'S LOUNGE. There's another..below. Imagine you are at a party....Tenth floor of a hi-rise building, you gotta go drain the lizard, you open the door and you walk into a bathroom with a painted floor like this Would it fuk with you mind??? Would you be able to walk in to this bathroom???

Hoops there she is!

as seen on str8 NYC Hoops on the new cover of King magazine love the cover but not feeling bo bo the clown make up and on another note this is why i dont invite my grandma to no more BBQs WIPE ME DOWN!


Because she's worth it?

I might be a tad bit late but i just saw this add...L'Oreal made sweet B look like she got Jaundice!! ( also known as icterus- is yellowish discoloration of the skin, sclerae aka whites of the eye and mucous membranes caused by hyperbilirubinemia aka increased levels of bilirubin in the blood. man oh man and i KNOOOOW that is not a lace front wig they have beyonce wearing to advertise hair dye!


Dancin' machine =)

Bodega and Converse

Did a lil partyin' last night mm hmm i sure did, i'm trying to get as much fun packed activities in my schedule before school starts again woot woot heres SOME of the flicks the rest are on the book.


If you come anywhere near me i will bite you

I really look down on feeling this way- as much as I take pleasure in being a woman I disgust the baggage that comes with it, all the girls out there would know what I am referring to. I sense like 27 days out of the month (several months) I’m a dude wedged in a chic's body thennnn when "that time" comes i obtain all these emotions/feelings and get heartfelt over the stupidest shit grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was telling one of my girls about this and she thought it was quite humorous, she said that it's because I "mask" all these feeling and emotions 27 days out the month then I have to face them when "that time" comes .....ha? that was the cutest thing she ever whispered but I’m not down in the dumps or sad I feel like I’m Bi-polar I’m happy sad depressed pissed angry lonely excited all in a matter of 30 minutes, I physically get tired from experiencing all that at once - My homeboy on the other hand enjoys fukin with my head during "that time" he gets to question me about relationships and why I’m so harsh which puts me in a shitty ass mood = entertainment for him. Honestly though this shit needs to speed up and bypass cuz I’m ready to get back to my old self I can’t deal with all these womanly feelings at once. UPDATE I then went to Brey's blog and came across a link that made me smile =D Stuff white ppl like Hilarious!


It's the "new" ting

They dyking - Lil Boosie Girl Don't Stop Keep Going And Relax Me... You Want Me To Join In Then Ask Me. I Like Girls Who Like Girls That Attract Me- Lil Boosie
Me and and friend of mine noticed that this trend had made yet another come back...I'm sick and tired of seeing straight girl on girl action for attention purposes.

Look what you made me do!

I'm sitting here in my room on my night off work watching the first 48 eating McDonald's ichat'in with Kenza even tho shes right next to me it doesn't really get any better than this TAEEEE BO TIME


Whateva........... you like??


Really tho? that's how you feelin' tonight? G'wan click the pic to make it bigger peep the tear drop tattoo which in all honesty thought was dirt on my computer screen tried to wipe it off at first buuuuuuuut then realized it comes with that thugish fine package.