Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

I have been trying to go to Thailand for soooooooooo long, whenever i tell people i wanna go they look at me all crayz "you trying to get kidnapped and have your organs sold?!?!" Damn benighted folks. Thailand is beauuuuuuutiful i have a friend that went there, he loved it so much that he stayed for 4 months. It's astounding to me how places like this and Maldives actually exist in the world. Anywho i'm trying to make this trip happen as soon as i get some time off school =D


I went to din din with Andy... the food was OH SO GOTDANG DELICIOSO! we laughed, we talked about school/work/fam/boys/girls/people/trips and all that good ish. I always have an awesome time with sir Andrew B. anywho so after we ate we thought hmmmmm skateboarding?! hell ya!! sadly we only had one board so we had to take turns but lucky andrew had a pull out chair in his trunk for the person that had to wait for the board LOL, i didn't think Andy was sick with it until tonight but boy oh boy does he have skills ....me? Andy was like a daddy he was so proud of me he was smiling from ear to ear! i'm no pro but i can def stay on the board ;) Here are some pix we took via Blackberry:


Friends always send me links with myspace/facebook/migente/black planet pages that have my pix on it BUT I ONLY HAVE ONE DAMN MYSPACE AND ONE DAMN FACEBOOK so it's NOT me...this one tho lol. Bri hit me up saying that her friend saw her pic on some profile...she clicks on the link and i'm the display LOL it's funny how this person/thing NOT only took my pictures and is surfing the www pretending to be me BUT she/he/it stole my friends pix too and whoever might resemble me to fill up a photo album. tisk tisk tisk that is NOT spiffy at all, not at all i tell ya! PS: I do NOT look like no damn Veronica Sweet pshhhhhhhhhhhhh click HERE to request my twin Veronica

Oh yes I did

I cried today =) People that don't know me that well might think..."ooooook that's nothing to be happy about you crazy bitch" BUT people that KNOW me know that this is a gotdang near a miracle. Folks that do not know me let me try to break it down...i don't cry- i can't remember the last time i cried before today, not when I'm sad, not when someone passes, not when I'm happy, not when I'm watching TV (jenny LOL) and not when I'm heartfelt, it just doesn't happen, to the point where i would TRY to make myself shed a little tear and i end up failing miserably *sigh* Folks that know me...let's not get too excited here it lasted about 45 seconds total of 4 tears..but still!!!! Now for the nosey folks, it was a mix of emotions between my mama leaving to Morocco for 3 weeks and a stupid argument i had with a friend- non-the-less tears came out so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah trick i still got it!


I missed the TIFF this year but the Eighty 81 fam was there to witness all the festivities, you are so very welcome and hope you guys had fun =) check the video HERE


Ransom F/W 08 Launch Party

Got to attend the Ransom F/W Launch partaay last night, it was a cool/chill fiesta i def. enjoyed my night. Here's some pix i stole via Will's Blog Sneak peek Driz,Niko,Will & Oliver Jenny & Niko With Driz looking rather pissed off at will for snapping pix when I'm not ready 40 and the swaggy school kidz Yay i finally got to meet Faleeeeeeeeeeeesha (sorry will its just how i say it) She's aware...i'm not Me & Oliver John & I


The truth

So the other day my home boy Samuel Jackson hits me up saying..."So I was at work, and I open up Peace Magazine and I see your face." And I'm like "word???" Here I am thinking Im famous or some shit...like they fuckin did an article on me...something like 'Watch out for this rising star!' type shit...not quite the case. So Samie....cuz i can call him that sends me the picture of my picture... It happens to be a picture of Will and I...so I hit will on BB...this is how the convo goes... Neb: Hey will, we're in a magazine will: No fuckin way? We're fuckin famous... Neb: Well sorta...kinda not really. Will: What magazine? Tell me tell me... Neb: We're in Peace magazine. Will: Sick...where can I buy this magazine... Neb: lol. I dont even know. But you wanna sign my copy? Will: Yea Ill sign it and i will pay you to sign mine. Im gonna frame my copy tho... *So anyways, 20 minutes later will hits me up again and hes like will: OMG! i just found our magazine! Neb: You did! i did too its free everywhere....Did you see the picture? will: Yea I did! I have the fuckin funniest story ever, Im gonna call you! *He calls me, and I hit ignore....He calls me again...i turn off my phone Neb: Im in class you shit...tell me here. Will: arrggghhh, ok fine, so I was in atheletes world and i seen the mag and i was like oh, can i take a copy, and the broad was like sure, and then i told her i was in it, and shes like oh yea and im like yea i am, and then she whistles and calls all of the employees over and we all look at the picture together! and then she gave me three copies! It was so fuckin funny Neb. We are so fuckin famous Neb omg! Do u wanna go around to clubs later and tell them to let us in, and if they say no we'll show them our picture? We could probably get away with so much. Im so excited for what our future holds as celebs...can you imagine. Papparazzi is going to lining up outside my crib taking my picture every morning...OMG! what if someone already saw the picture and is waiting at my crib now? OMG! i need some new clothes. Im going to msg u back, I gotta run into Holts and grab a new outfit...or maybe juss a new bag...cuz celebrities wear bum clothes and nice bags...cuz bags are a status thing...i heard that on Etalk...OMG! the possibilities! Neb: ... im gonna take a nap now, class is boring...and im too lazy to read everything you typed... Will:...you're an asshole...but i still love you with all my heart Neb: Im gonna msg u back when I care...*grabs her imaginary nuts* holla


Heeeeeeeyyyyy hatah!!!

i like this minus fabs first lines annnnd i can't say i didn't laugh when Mya randomly appeared in the video awwwwwks


Sean Getti

I'm hela late sorry sir S but here it is!! This brilliant/talented individual is a well known photographer from Toronto, T dot, the Dot, Screwface capital, home of the *sucks teeth*, city of Jamaican slang yaaaa mi undahstand n down with everytin yuh seh *teeheheheh*- anywho I co-sign his work for sure Neb: How long have you been in the business of photography? S:I have been shooting for 6 years. Neb: What initially interested you into photography? S: Seeing the work of Dave LaChapelle, Sacha Waldman & Steve Carty they were too inspirational! Neb: What genera of photography are you most interested in? S: I would say I love to shoot the outdoor, nature & architecture. It calms me down, puts me in a good mental space & I usually end up using sky's & backgrounds in my client work so it works for me both ways. Neb: If you could work along side any one photographer who would it be? S:Sacha Waldman Neb: What genre of photography do you dislike the most and why? S: I am not a fan of event photography. I will never do it. Neb: Any other talents that we should know about? S: Too many to name. ;)! Now lets let the pix do the tawkin' Rukus Girls Lisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Look! he's even featured on myspace =D If you wanna see more which i'm sure you will want to click HERE