There's never a right time to say goodbye (to your ball shoes)

...it was good while it lasted. Real good, the type of good that only comes around once in a while hangs with you for a few years but then gets tired and has to go... when we first met we both knew this day would come, and it's here so im not going to drag this out any longer. -- This is goodbye.


June 29th 2010 was my baby sister's High School graduation. It's pretty obvious to everyone including people that don't know us that we are extremly close. She's my everything. While sitting at her graduation with my mom and my best friend, it hit me.
I remembered the day we brought her home from the hospital in Morocco, the blanket she was wraped around and how she looked. I watched her grow to the beautiful, strong, mature and amazing woman that she is today, I got teary eyed, happy tears of course and I smiled because I am sooooooo proud of her and excited for our journey together in life.
I love you so much!
Your big sis,

WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!! TELL US WHY!!!

I can NOT stop laughing at this

Running the red light

Not while driving tho. I’m referring to having sex while lady red is in town. Fuckin while bleeding. I myself have done it only with past boyfriends. You have to fully be comfortable and trust the person to do it but I usually do it when the flow is not heavy. You can be a tricky freaky lady like myself and do it in the shower, cuz you know it stops while you are in water, how?? Don’t ask, don’t tell, I just take advantage of the situation.
I took it to the streets of twitter to ask my fellow followers and here are some answers I got:

What do YOU think???

No No No Naomi


Chiggy's Touch

Look at all of the gorgeous girls that have been visiting the salon to get their hair HOOKED UP!

If you've visited Chiggy's since seeing the post here or on Shannae's Blog, send us your pic, we want to see you all Glamified!!

Email us your glam hair pix/links so we can post them up!!!


Up North Trip

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”
—Author unknown
-click the photo to view in hi-res
for the record: Fishing is underrated + I wasn't shutout.. I ended up catching 3 fish.


Stagnant since the 80's.

"As Wall Street goes, so goes the nation. And here's a look at the closing numbers – racism's up, human rights are down, peace is shaky, war items are hot - the House claims all ties. Jobs are down, money is scarce – and common sense is at an all-time low with heavy trading." - Gil Scott-Heron "b-movie"(1980's)
From where i'm sitting doesn't look like much has changed since the 80's.


Salute to the Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh)

If you're ever in Pittsburgh add this to your itinerary - 9 floors of impressive Warhol art and interactive exhibits in this modern museum.. (you'll need a few hours to see everything) - the policy is no cameras/pictures but "where there's a will there's a way.." --click the photo to view in hi-res
rip - Andy Warhol
learn more about this museum here> warhol.org



My horoscope for today said this:
"...Forgive those who have hurt you and forget the pain you endured, because the negative is pain, but the positive is that it made you stronger."

Last night I had a conversation with a dear friend about how I react when  people cross/hurt/betray me, I established that the technique I deal with such hurt is revenge. I never seek the payback or look to hurt them on purpose, it, at all times seems to fall right on my lap and I have been guilty of taking advantage of the situation to make them feel the pain that they made me feel. In my mind I’m teaching them a lesson but looking back at my “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” behavior, I hope I went about my damage differently.
I strongly believe that it is better to let karma do it’s job and just walk away, yes as the victim, with my head held up high and no dirt on my hands.
I’m not perfect. Experiences are what shape me and you, good ones and bad ones, more bad ones than good because the bad ones are the ones that make us stronger.

A new me



Bang Bang Bang


Christian Dior Contacts

Dubbed “Dior Eyes” these contact lenses come with the CD logo and your choice of glitter, gold, or black iris cover for a finishing touch. Do you like? They go for $100 – $145 bucks in Europe only!


The Palestinian Dominion.

A skin dangerously involved in a sensual coup. Weapons from the holly land are wild and curvy.
She fights back in a struggle of lips.
Her hair is a dark desert, a trap for fake soldiers.
She stares at love with wise eyes.
Her heart holds a diary of combats, the next pages expect legitimate battles
Where ecstasy and joy take over.
A revolution of desire is rising,
in a territory of warriors of love.
A lady is the Queen of this new empire,
a place where justice exploded in an attack of kisses,
dropping like bombs on a body at war.

By:  Jamel L.


Mother knows best

I know it might sound so cliché and you have been there heard that but it’s so true.
I can recall from when I was younger and my mom told me “…I don’t care what you did/do, you could of killed someone and I will be the one to protect you“ before you jump to some kind of assumption she was condoning murder she was just giving worst case scenario and letting it be known she would NEVER judge me.

Sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I know myself, she’s an amazing person, strong and an incredible mother, of  course we get into pitty fights but i still hope one day I can be just half as good of a mother to my children as she has been to me and my sister.
Happy father's day Mama :) I love you!


Who's Bad!?

How "bad" would you feel walking down the street rocking these?!?



Karma is a bitch. Not a bad bitch either, you may view it as a sexy bitch that will tease you, once you give in, she'll leave you with a permanent STD.
I say that to say this; most men are careless and even feel unstoppable, they don't think their actions will catch up to them. 
Go on and do what you feel is necessary but just be ready to sign up for that karma payment plan once all is done.



SixthSense Technology - potential meets reality

my mother actually e-mailed me this video earlier today i've watched it 5 times already and I can't stop thinking about how powerful this technology will be. This wont be for everyone but if your at all interested in the future of technology or generally think outside the box you'll appreciate this:
imagine the possibilities. George Jetson would be proud.


it was all good just a week ago

"funny what 7 days can change."- Touched down on North American soil late last night an I wanted to share a quick review of my week at the Gran Bahia principe Punta Cana
If your planning a trip to the DR this summer or looking into possible vacation destinations I highly recommend you consider the Gran Bahia Principe it's a beautiful 5star resort with all the bells and whistles you'd expect but most importantly the resort staff was amazing and the room/resort was immaculate.
here's the basic math of my last 7 days:
5 stars
2 pools
1 ocean
4 À la cartes
24 hrs room service
1 casino
1 disco
839792834 drinks
check out a few photos... click the photo to view hi-res
i'll upload a few more over the next week or so if I feel like it


..now we travel coach class to change the forecast

click the photos to get the full picture in high-res
i've been trying to take a trip like this since I was a senior in high school.. year after year i've heard stories from my peers about how much fun they've had - but without ever having been on one I could never really relate.. it took me a while but im finally about to make it happen...im gonna try an enjoy this.. after all it's my first all-inclusive vacation.