female asks: what do men want? [Male responds...]

Im no relationship guru nor would I ever want to be (that shit would be mad stressful dealing with everyones relationship BS questions,concerns blah blah blah).. but I heard this quote today from a male co-worker... females ask: what do men want now-a-days ? males responds: "Men want the same thing from their women that they do from their underwear. Little bit of freedom, little bit of support." it's so simple but accurate... I guess the only question left to answer is...WHAT DO WOMEN WANT?? andy, i'm not anticipating a simple response haha


Nebby said...

Women want ACCEPTANCE, someone that accepts them just the way they are...we are alllll different

TheDeF said...

As a woman, I can honestly say that I don't know what I want. Simply because I'm in a constant state of evolution.

Shakiyah Ivory said...

Women want someone that can be there when things are good and bad. They want a sense of stability.