Three things I will never be able to answer

1. What is your favorite Dream song ? 2. What is your favorite Chris Brown song ? 3. How do you feel about the Lakers and Kobe Bryant ? LOL Those are really hard ! Let me hear some answers :)


iman said...

1. Dream song: the right side of my brain and mr yeah (couldn't choose between to two)

2. CB song: with you

3. Kobe is a beast

E said...

1. Love vs Money 1&2

2. With you

3. Lakers are annoying, but gotta respect Kobe's game

Anonymous said...

dream song: hater lyric :p

cb song: i cant choose lol.

kobe and lakers: lakers are overrated and kobe is a great player but on the court he doesnt interact well with the other players.

Natalie said...

1. Dream song: I just can't..

2. CB song: Say Goodbye

3. Need to get back into basketball...

Shakiyah Ivory said...

1. Dream Song:Nikki
2. Chris Brown:Superhuman
3. Ummmmmm Kobe......I'm a Nuggets fan lol

kenzathegreat said...

lol i would have to say ...
1. nikki
2. are you ready

CeleBritney said...

1) Dream- " Fancy"
2)Chris Brown- " Lottery"
3) I dont like the Lakers

myishisthebomb said...

Dream: Lemme See the booty!
C Breezy: Your man ain't me
Kobe/Lakers: He/They deserve it.....mainly him

Anonymous said...

1. Dream: Falsetto
2. Chris Brown-Superhuman
3. Lakers and Kobe both Overrated.

Thes questions were easy, lets try discussing something more intellectual ey? lol

kenzathegreat said...

no need to be intellectual, its a blog.

Anonymous said...

Dream: Hater
Chris Brown: Take You Down
Everyone says the same ol BS when it comes to my Lakers. Try having constructive opinions.

LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KOBE!!!!!!!!!!! See you in '10 ;)