garbage strike (?)

i haven't been paying much attention to the news but from what i gather... something happened (or didnt happen) a group of people caught feelings.. an decided to go on strike and now no ones picking up the garbage...(feel free to school me if you know exactly whats been going on with this) andy, tax payers dollars go towards these services and we don't get a refund or a lower rate when your on strike.. (msg to whoever can fix this but hasn't yet) figure out a solution and stop waisting tax dollars while garbage piles up... -- let's not forget the longer this goes on the more garbage will need to be picked up when the strike's over (classic lose lose situation)


Anonymous said...


Ted Reeve Arena
Sir Casimir Gzowski Park
Etienne Brule Park
North Toronto Memorial Arena
Caledonia Park
Scarborough Arena
Highland Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
Eglinton Flats 1 (enter off Jane St.)
Eglinton Flats 2 (enter off Emmett Ave.)
Sunnyside Park
George Bell Arena
Moss Park
Earlscourt Park
Villiers St.
Wishing Well Park
York Mills Arena
North York Centennial Centre
Dan Wadlow Park
Christie Pits

Nebby said...

i seen this shit with my own eyes! trash 2 feet away from the play ground!!i cant believe they are using fukin playgrounds to dump trash, this is crazy, with the heat, the rain and everything its starting to really smell disgusting. watch i bet one of these damn kids is gonna get bit by some big ass raccoon or some shit.

FraNcis James said...

to sum it up, all they want is to 'roll over' their sick days to the next year ..