Whad R U doing?

Cuz i'm at work listening to tribe doing my best Elanie Impression... not fAMILI? get familiar here ...damn i luv. fri.daze waddup to my boy Hutchie who's celebrating his birthday today.. were gonna go out tonight and do the typical Toronto birthday celebration.. party n bullshit in subzero temperatures (to be honest i dont' even wanna go to this corny party he chose .. I'd rather get way fadded and play monopoly... but i guess i should make the sacrifice since were boys ) -- I'd take pics an share with ya'll but i came up on hard times and a camera isn't in the budget (now that i think about it a camera has never been in the budget; cuz i'v never owned one.haha) anyway camera or no camera were gonna make it happen... cuz it's friday.. we got jobs... and we ain't got shit to do (but celebrate his birthday) be safe an enjoy your weekend world.. cuz monday will kick you in the face with a steeltoe boot... Andy.. i can't afford bottles in the club...i'm broke with assets


Be.st comment Alive...

So Last night I posted my "childhood favo(u)rit or lifetime staple" (PBnJpost) an got this comment that actually made me laugh out loud... which is rare cuz i just type that shit.. an never really laugh(99% of the time).. go check it out comment author: P, be. & J • TheLettuceLeague • Andy, I make posts about comments... so step your comment game up??? (i guess..)


Childhood Favo(u)rite or Lifetime Staple?

I had to put that "u" in brackets for all the Canadian readers... It's a Lifetime Staple for me... today it hit me " I dont' think i'v ever had a bad Peanut Butter an Jelly sandwich...ever" in such an inconsistent world it's nice to have a few things you can rely on... even if it is just a sandwich Andy wit a baseball.bat



Flawless right??? Remember the teacher you had back in the day that would kinda sorta let you cheat during a test? I sure remember and it felt magnificent. Like I have mentioned before i am NO MAKE UP WHIZ so...i came across this blog from Mr. Troy Jensen, he is FAB YOU LUST! MAKE UP GENIUS and he wants to hook YOU up! He shows you how to cheat like NO OTHER! tells you everything he uses down to a T and how to use it! what more could you bombaclawss ask for?! mm hmm I'm all bout it bout it. I'm actually gonna go buy the YSL collection he posted ASAP, I'm a bargain hunter and all but you don't get cheap with the face.
" Two wrongs make it interesting "- A wise fella


"damn, shes bad" "people only like her cause she changed her look" "she don't even have a look, she copied fefe dobson" "shes only dating chris for publicity" "i love her style" "that forehead is deadly" "her legs are amazing" "fair to say shes putting on for barbados or what" how you feel about likkle miss riri ? on your marks, get set ... GO !

Moncler's Winter Wonderland

Goat detained over armed robbery

LAGOS (Reuters) - Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Vigilantes took the black and white beast to the police saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into a goat to escape arrest after trying to steal a Mazda 323. "The group of vigilante men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat," Kwara state police spokesman Tunde Mohammed told Reuters by telephone. "We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat," he said. Belief in witchcraft is widespread in parts of Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. Residents came to the police station to see the goat, photographed in one national newspaper on its knees next to a pile of straw.
Intelligence is droppin like flies SMH, click HERE for article .

My Soulmate

cuz some times all i wanna do is wear crushed linen pants and do this dance..

Clearly I'm partying with the wrong crowd…cuz no one is having this much fun at any of the parties I attend… I need to get in w/ these ppl.. u'll never see me in the club krumpin (EVER).. but im 100% with this shit... Andy.. (i'm going home to practice my dance moves)

Cool Kids- Pennies

Woke up with a text from OG tellin me to check out the new video. I ♥ it! THE BEAT IS CRAAAYZE but then again OG never disappoints me.


kanye + LV

"...I picked out my own clothes when I first went to kindergarten and there’s no turning back since. And I’ve always been into clothes and I’ve always been into myself. And none of that’s changed since I’ve become a celebrity. It’s just allowed me to be more into myself and more into clothes!"- Kanye Click HERE for the interview with Dazed Digital.

Drake - Unstoppable Remix Feat. Santogold & Lil Wayne

"Mah name is Nebby you know i'm perfect"
That's all I got for now but ima work on the Remix's Remix you just wait, yup that's right and as soon as you thought i was great i became GRAND booyaH! On a serious note I ♥ SANTOGOLD, this song is illy, it gets me très hyphy and its in my ipod on repeat, you know you wanna download it so just CLICK ICI You like?

Shop Shop

Alloy.com As I'm doing my usual online shopping I decided heeeeeeeeeey I wanna cop some things for some of my peoples :) So generous huh? yes indeedy thats me :D OK SO! This Shirt right here is for Mario...I looked at it and saw Mar so Mar is getting this one here ;) This one screamed LISSSAAAAAA so there you have it This is sooooo DeJesus so mi corazone gets this for sure This one here is for my BM Kia would rep the SHIT out of this shirt Rache oui oui wants to stay alone in Paris this is hers here. This fine piece here is for Lowe and when she puts it on i want her to wear nothing underneath cuz her body is bangin, she knows wassup and shes hiddin the goods. These glads are for my one and only Brandon cuz he has an obsession with my toes...sooooooo yea This fine one piecer is for Coco its zebra she would love it and i would too *tssss* The blazers right hereeee are for me :) oh and for shay too cuz homegirl steppin her sneakah game up, watch out now her first pair were Js owwwww This doesn't even NEED an explanation its clearly for Will This one is for Octobers Very Own I couldn't find crumpin...so im gonna hook em up with this breaking piece Alloy.com That's all for now you too should get stuff for you and your friends


"reggae dancing for beginners" ? i'm so not mad at that ! Nebby & Andy! take me to the club next weekend lmfao

Be. Creative

LOOK WHAT B MADE FOR US!!!!! Wooop woooop haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I F*#$*& LOVE HIM! He surprises me with rando stuff all the time :) Check out Bryan's Blog for more sick shit, oh and you might wanna cop some clothes too ;)

youtube fame

RIN ON THE ROX i don't know if you guys heard these girls sing but they are amazing. i've been watching them forever, then i recently turn on ellen (my favorite talk show) and heard her talk about how much she loves them. hopefully she brings them on the show soon. as for now check em out. what do you think ?


cuz sometimes I dont' even wanna tell the story... so I just wait till someones else does...

and then post the link...
Watup Ab Liva - at least philly won the world serise/ I told you McNabb couldn't close the deal..
Watup Cudi - Though you were gonna meet up at Circa guess you got caught up doing that "lonely stoner" thing again.. i aint mad
What up Malice & Pusha - Early Spring on that next album ri?? im looking forward to that
What up Trill Will - Heard about the cavity search ya'll got at the boarder.. the not so peaceful bridge huh? 7 hr wait at the boarder.... lesson learned: Park n Fly for next time.
What up SKAM - http://www.skam.net/ get familiar
What up Hek - "Still spending money from 08"
What up Los - http://www.ideallclothing.com/ get familiar
What up Aug - Capn crunch is still reg price.. but double up on lucky charms while it's on Sale
Andy... Lets hear it for him


Anyone:seen that Biggie movie yet?

Thoughts? Opinions? -- Worth seeing in Theaters? or should I buy bootleg?
i havent' seen it yet... i'm afraid of being disappointed to be honest :/

Oh Berg oh Berg!

Damn he just keeps dissapointing me...i actually had a lil tiny crush on him back in the day :/


Let me hear it

I had my music on shuffle and out of no where "grind with me" by pretty ricky starts playing. i don't know about your computers but anytime someone downloads a song on mine it goes straight to my itunes. some friends i have ! thanks to that horrible incident i decided to go thru all the songs and delete some boring, annoying, and too ghetto ones. im also trying to update with some new ones so comment and let me know what you be's jammin to ;) ps: i listen to everything !

Don't do it!

lol I can't personally relate to this, i have never sent any emails under the influence but i know some folks who ride this wave. Me? BBM maybe once or two time, email no. If you are guilty of this, do yourself a favor and CLICK ICI



Keep it basic & Hook it up

The Basics: The Hook Up: dELiA*s

I Got my eyes on YOU

Cotton knit dress with chiffon trim, Rock & Republic. Tulle skirt, Balmain, collection at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC Cross charm rings, Nash, $65 each, visit ninasegal.com ( I would want these in black) Godamnit

January 20th, 2009 ...good day

Woke up extra early this morning (but for the first time in months... i wasn't tired.. anticipation + adrenaline is a hell of a drug) ...with all the "History in the Making" sleep wasn't a priority.. I went about my usual morning activities (shit, shower, shave, amongst other things...) but at 7:30 this morning (still half asleep)I caught myself reciting these lyrics in the most monotone sleep deprived voice you could image... this is track is somewhat appropriate for Jan 20th, 2009. dream big, Andy.O pasted the lyrics for your reading enjoyment ice cube: it was a good day Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God I don't know but today seems kinda odd No barking from the dogs, no smog And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog I got my grub on, but didn't pig out Finally got a call from a girl wanna dig out Hooked it up on later as I hit the do' Thinking will i live, another twenty-fo' I gotta go cause I got me a drop top And if I hit the switch, I can make the ass drop Had to stop at a red light Looking in my mirror not a jacker in sight And everything is alright I got a beep from Kim and she can fuck all night Called up the homies and I'm askin y'all Which park, are y'all playin basketball? Get me on the court and I'm trouble Last week fucked around and got a triple double Freaking niggaz everyway like M.J. I can't believe, today was a good day Drove to the pad and hit the showers Didn't even get no static from the cowards Cause just yesterday them fools tried to blast me Saw the police and they rolled right past me No flexin, didn't even look in a niggaz direction as I ran the intersection Went to $hort Dog's house, they was watchin Yo! MTV Raps What's the haps on the craps Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em Roll em in a circle of niggaz and watch me break em With the seven, seven-eleven, seven-eleven Seven even back do' lil Joe I picked up the cash flow Then we played bones, and I'm yellin domino. Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A. Today was a good day Left my niggaz house paid Picked up a girl been tryin to fuck since the twelve grade It's ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic The Lakers beat the Supersonics I felt on the big fat fanny Pulled out the jammy, and killed the punanny And my dick runs deep so deep so deep put her ass to sleep Woke her up around one she didn't hesitate, to call Ice Cube the top gun Drove her to the pad and I'm coasting Took another sip of the potion hit the three-wheel motion I was glad everything had worked out Dropped her ass off, then I chirped out Today was like one of those fly dreams Didn't even see a berry flashing those high beams No helicopter looking for a murder Two in the morning got the fat burger Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp And it read Ice Cube's a pimp Drunk as hell but no throwing up Half way home and my pager still blowing up Today I didn't even have to use my A.K. I got to say it was a good day. Hey wait, wait a minute Pooh Stop the shit What the fuck am I thinking about?


I FEEL BETTER THAN EVER I'm so thankful for all the good fukers around me yall know who you bees oh & I'm soooo sorry to everyone I have been emo to for the past god knows how long. HI HI HI HI i love you all !! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Neb ;) *this post has nothin to do w/ Obama...


get down w/ the get down...

it's official... new andyBerry wallpaper... hit me up and ill send it you.. you now rockin with tha best.
good looking out soulrac...


They do tell you to tighten the straps on ur wrist sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet


As i'm watching the first 48 re-runs i get interrupted by this commercial...this shit is kinda disturbing not to mention real why am i watching episode one VIA youtube ....


Twit Twat

Mad nosey n shit but ima give it a go. I got the heads up from Timbit he says its cool for fans and stalkers. CLICK HERE Follow me we'll have fun. I leave you with this: