Some Sunday Sexiness

LOL kenza is gonna kill me for this: i am quickly posting this so i can run out the house before she sees it, she was in the bathroom doing her eyebrows, leaned a lil too much forward on top of a candle and burnt the shit out of her shirt NOT only that but it took her a hot minute to actually stop the fire LMAOOOOOOO such a sizzling hottie.


It's that time


So this car pulled up next to mine...i couldn't believe it really said that!!!lol

You know i beez out checkin the skrippers while watching the game

Now this be Andy sitting on the best seat in the house ... MOI

This right here....is all about Jason, the joke was on him, but for some reason he thought it was HILAR

Now this pretty stylish mami was at school with a clear ass bag and she was looking for something for a hot ass minute...i didn't get it, she could CLEARLY see thru the damn thing.

LOL oh how i miss this colleague of mine (he got the boot) he brought this into work with him one day ..awkward..but funny

now thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis is some fly shit, he pulled up next to my whip and made me wanna throw some Es on my shit too, i had to ask him where he got them at, he said "the states" hmm...

This was just weird for me....two men...one bike...

I thought it was a joke when someone told me that there are a lot of "Hells Angels" in the Toronto/Montreal area UNTIL i actually seen em, this lady had a damn casket in the back of her bike with a hand coming out of it, now that's a bad bad bitch, good thing i didn't get beat up for taking the pic cuz i thought she was by herself and when i turned the corner her whole damn crew was chillin

And now with some unhoodrat thangs...say hi to my new G-ma shoes!


"Awesome story line"-Silverscreen "Two mothafukin Thumbs Up!!"- Nebby "Great movie"- Movie Phone So i def. co-sign the movie Wanted...nooo not just cuz Angelina is in it, not cuz has the sexiest tattoos, nope not cuz u can see her sexy back/ass in the movie but actually cuz it was a GREAT flick, i loves me some violence. My friend said it was "Today's Matrix"...I can dig it, it def. made me wanna curve a ma'fukn bullet. My advice to you tho, go there early, we showed up on BPT (black ppl time) and had to sit in the FRONT row =/ ...told him he should catch the right side..i'll watch the left then we can discuss wha gwan afterwards



The mini vaca was off the chain, Shay and I got there on Sunday and were relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaxing, reading, hot tubin, motor boating and roastin the marshmallows =D Thursday came along and people started to come in, we had a couple of special guest appearances... it basically started out with 12 confirmed ppl and the number magically turned into 21 guests. Oh and of course my camera had to be dead and i had to forget my charger at home BUT thats okay enough people brought cameras so i borrowed some pix from some photographers on the trip, these pictures are just a taste- anywhoooooo enough talkin lets get to the sharing ;)


2008 Champions

It was hard watching the last game KNOWING we were gonna whoop major ass because i knew i was not going to be able to go to Boston for the festivities and celebrations, that's okay though i am still happy as ever. This photo speaks for itself