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Yo 2009, We really happy for ya and we finna let you finish, but 2010 will be the best year of all time. OF ALLLL TIME!!

kenza presents: pack your bags we goin to hell, part 2


Rough, Nasty, Filthy and Dirty

...are words to describe the kind of sex the MAJORITY of women/men enjoy. Let's get real no one wants to fuck for 6 hrs, no no and no thank you I have shit to do with the rest of my day. In and out but before you drop em' I am NOT talking 5 minutes, you should think a Mani/Pedi "in and out" which is equivilant to a good 30-45 minutes, yea? feel what i'm saying? PERFECT!

I'm talking Blindfolded and hands tied, Getting your hair pulled in a dark shower, being woke up from side strokes, sloppy head, clenching once he enters, doggystyle standing with heels on, you get the drift and those are just some ideas from a friend of mine, I was going to put who it was I was having the convo with but I decided that we didn't want to have this chat come up when he is googled, plus name dropping is whack.


Neb: Fukin Vs Love making... Do u feel that with each different female u want to do it differently orrrrrr......?
Him: yes it all depends on the female
Him: Some girls aren't good at fuckin, to me it takes skill to fuck thats why pornstars are pornstars
Him: anyone can make love, i like to fuck with women who like to fuck back, its like battle of the sexes. Who can conquer who
Him: love is a mutual thing, Love has more of a respect factor in it to me, Certain things I do to the woman I love I wont do to a woman I fuck
Neb: So is it safe to say that Fuckin is for freaks/non serious relationships and Love making is for a mutual more connected partner?
Him: yes
Him: completely
Neb: I don’t agree at all
Him: why do you disagree Nebz?
Neb: I disagree because...now this is just my own personal views, I don't just fuck n suck anyone and whoever it is I'm "involved with" at the time bf/non serious fuk friend/whoever it all depends on our connection which would determine whether we will be fukin or love makin
Neb: I have never "made love"
Neb: I'm sexually attracted to people who love to fuk and who share the same nasty views as I do
Neb: So I know from the jump were not gonna be slow sexin to R kelly's untitled album
Neb: In no way shape or form is there anything wrong w that if that's what someone likes to do but my sex life is far from consistent so when it does pick up the last thing I wanna do is put it on slow mo
Neb: Ok now back to u
Him: I feel you
Him: I’m gonna fuck regardless
Him: but the attention to detail I pay to the person I love
Neb: Have u ever had to think of someone else while fuckin?
Him: nah I’m too picky, I’m so into the person I’m fucking at the time I just want her to bust over and over so I can see it
Him: I’m into power
Neb: U like to be in control ...
Neb: Have u ever wanted to do something to someone and they declined cuz it was just "too much"?
Him: yes
Neb: And what was that...
Him: I wanted to blindfold, gag, and tie this girl
Neb: Gag...define that please cuz gagging to me is not a sexy thing do u mean choke?
Him: you ever heard of gagged and bound
Him: like when someone gets kidnapped
Him: and something is stuffed in their mouth
Him: not necessarily gagging
Neb: O_o
Neb: No
Him: lol
Him: ever seen a pig with the apple in the mouth
Neb: I'm always down for trying new shit as long as there r no sharp objects involved or blood
Him: lol
Neb: I know what ur talking about....
Neb: So what's the point of stuffing shit in their mouth? So they can't scream?
Him: yes
Him: but they still scream
Him: lolol
Neb: I'm too ADD to get tied up and too much of a visual person to get blind folded I would lose it
Him: but when you scream you gotta dig deep
Him: and that’s hard to do with hands tied
Him: that’s the whole point
Him: but your orgasm will be so intense
Neb: Damn
Him: cuz you either gotta give in to the pleasure
Him: and OD from it
Him: or fight the pleasure and still get more pleasure
Him: until you finally realize that either way
Him: its pleasurable
Him: lol
Him: you just gotta decide how you want to digest it
Him: being that you cant see
Him: your brain will try to process what it would look like still, because you're not blind, and you know what I look like
Neb: Gotcha
Him: your sense of touch will be enhanced because you cant see
Him: and your hearing
Neb: Anything else u would like to add? Cuz this is all I can take
Him: for some odd reason I like to caress
Him: while delivering pain
Him: its like Good/Evil
Him: lol
Neb: Very well
Him: I like to ask questions while I drill
Him: and kiss you while you try to answer
Him: so you can fuck up
Neb: When did u discover u had all of this drive in u
Neb: Did u used to steal porn and watch ppl have sex at a young age like me?
Him: I didn't steal porn
Him: but I watched it
Him: and I figured since I was able to watch this
Him: this must be the way to fuck
Him: i used it as directions
Neb: Do u prefer being "nasty"
Him: yes because nasty isn't nasty to me
Him: its natural
Neb: Unless its a gf lol Sux for her she gets the love making
Him: my love may be nastier
Him: i've yet to be in love
Neb: u win
Neb: Ok I'm done here. Thank youuuuuu

Dear you,
Thank you for the inspiration.


Happy Bday Ashley!

My beautiful, talented, amazing, kind, loving Ashley is celebrating her B-day soon :) She is my spiritual soulmate. We were discussing Bday plans and I mentioned to her how I will take the mic at her party and yell funny shit all night and we came up witht a joke to add "Hosted by Amber Rose Nebby" we laughed about it and she kinda sorta actually did it!!

Now i dunno what i have to be doing as a host so i'm just gonna do nothing lol come celebrate with us she's good peoples!!!


Mona x Christmas Party

Earlier this week Mona had a christmas party for all her peoples. The boys invited me to come thru and have some dranks so i decided to stop by after work. The place was PACKED, the music was GREAT and the girls was OUT (lol) I dont usually care where I go as long as I have fun and Azuka and I had a fuckin blast, I ♥ that man.

See the rest on Will's blog ;)


Fast forward to 3:46 for ninja chris

Wassup with that pussaaaaay!?

At one point in my life i thought all pussies looked the same...
A summer day in 2003, and i remember this because it's like it was yesterday, a friend of mine who I'm gonna call Nancy and I ran to the bathroom together to pee. I pulled my pants down so fast, pee pee'd, wiped and stoop up to pull my undies up.
I noticed that she kept staring at my nani... people that know me know I'm super comfy in my skin, so i said to her "I know whatever its fat" She shook her head and said "No why the fuk doesnt mine look like that?!" Ok, now I'm confused... what the fuck u mean WHY doesn't urs look like this *still with my pants around my ankles* I'm thinking yea they might not all be identical some must be skinny some might be Tik like mines, so i asked her to let me see...
She pulled her dress up, dropped the undies down and I SCREAMED.
I'm not playing with you I screamed top of my lungs like "WTF IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!" she said "I TOLD U!! it didnt used to look like this tho but i mean me and ____ have been together for about 6 yrs and we fuk at least 5 times a day"


Her shit was just allll out...she scared me for life

I'm aware now that they come in all shapes and sizes making her a #28 me a #6 just a lil on the thick side ;) what's your number?!

Amerie x Fabolous

I'm jealous...

To you and yours...

SoOoOoOoOoOo... what's the best gift you received???

Speaking of basketball....

Nebby GOTCHA lol


Give Thanks

i'm thankful that the NBA put together another great set of match ups to watch on Christmas day :) Heat vs. Knicks - 12:00 EST Celtics vs. Magic - 2:30 EST Cavs vs. Lakers - 5:00 EST Clippers vs. Suns - 8:00 EST Nuggets vs Trail Blazers - 10:30 EST
my perdictions.. 1) D wade goes off for 40+ at MSG Heat win by 18 over knicks 2) KG got Boston on his back.. Celtics win by 10 over Orlando 3) Broken finger and all Kobe & the Lakers win by 5 over the Lebron & the Cavs 4) Still no sign of Blake Griffin + Barbosa's back Suns win by 12 over Clippers 5) if B.Roy's still out with that shoulder injury this could get ugly for Portland.. one things for sure Melo will get his (with or without Chauncey) .. Nuggets win by 12 over Trail Blazers
andy, happy holidays basketball fans.

The Bossy Girls

Caitlin and Vili got the styling game on lock

The Segment ♥ The Bossy Girls

Trey Songz x Honey Magazine

The black and white photos turned out NICE!!

Click here for more...


In the moment

I have always wanted to take pictures while "in the act" just because pictures like this are beautiful to me, it looks rather challenging tho, is it on a timer?  
I have never done it because I know that things like this could fall in the wrong hands then you're screwed (in a bad way)

PS: I look out for yous so i'm gonna start posting the nastiness after 5pm to be safe from work and school ;)


Man Juice

Just when you thought you had heard about every possible way to lose weight - one technique has emerged that could be considered the most original yet! Kim Kelly, a pornographic actress, BBW model, and escort from Santa Monica, California, came up with an all protein formula- that some may find hard to swallow, but extremely effective. In 2002, the plump Kelly publicly attempted to lose weight by an all-semen diet. She lost 15 pounds on her "Man Juice Diet" by spending 30 days on a diet consisting of semen, banana smoothies and brocolli. Via fellatio, Kelly extracted about three to six teaspoons of semen per day. The average ejaculation is roughly 1 teaspoon and contains 15 calories. The semen portion of Kim Kelly's diet therefore only contributed 45 to 90 calories of her daily nutrition, a minor fraction of what is required by a normal adult. It is likely that the only aspect of her semen diet that differentiated it from a banana smoothie diet is the exercise she received while fellating her participants.

W O W ... gross!!!!!

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrested on Sunday morning at the age of 32. TMZ reports Brittany’s mom discovered her unconscious in the shower.

Such sad news :(

She's in one of my all time fave movies "Just Married" with Ashton, I just picked up the movie when I was at walmart 3 days ago and watched it Yesterday :(

This just goes to show that life is toooooo short.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to her family and friends at this difficult time. RIP


Merry Christmas

My family and I have been celebrating Christmas since I can remember. The big bright decorated Christmas tree, the shake to guess what it is gifts, the guaranteed to give you itis dinner and just a whole lot of love. It seems as the time went by and *ahem* we got older, we became a tad bit busier, Christmas is just not what it used to be, we don't even make an attempt to buy a tree anymore we're just like meh fuk it and we get each other gifts and even skip the dinner.
Don't get me wrong, the love is there and when we call for one another we are there for each other but holidays are not the same anymore, it really breaks my heart. I don't know maybe it's all the Christmas movies that I have been watching recently that got me feeling jelli of the big ass table with one and all around it and kids asking their parents if they can open at least ONE present before Christmas morning. For some reason it seems to me as Christmas now is just about going out and spending money, getting yourself into debt and it's just being celebrated the wrong way. I don’t mean to sound like a Grinch but I miss my back in the day Christmas memories.

Do you celebrate your Christmas like how I see in the movies????

Fashion Mood

I'm feeling very...

Shoes : Moncler 335€ / Sweater : Alexander Wang 262€ / Jeans : Sass & Bide 153€ / Bracelet : Burberry 445€ / Bracelet 2 : Marc by Marc Jacobs 65€.


we back by popular demand..

this great "elf yourself" campaign by office max started 4 years ago and gets more popular every year - to kick off the 2009 campaign they decided to do a flash mob event & invade the always busy NYC - check it out..

andy, yeah that's right.. they were bollywood elf's!

oh i almost forgot -- want to elf yourself? click here


Click HERE LMAO Sorry but i had to do it. I'm still in tears from laughing so hard!!!

they're hoping this will get your attention...

another valiant effort from the Microsoft team to try and get consumers to recognize the fact that they have just launched windows 7 - they pulled out the big guns for this one check it out...
andy, is it just me or does it Kinda sucks to see Stewie and Brian whoring themselves out for Microsoft...

Thinking about starting a blog?

just stumbled on this great article written by Bob Bassette titled "Top 5 Blogging Misconceptions"- i'll copy and paste it for you .. but in case your looking for the original article click here
here you go...

Top 5 Blogging Misconceptions

1. If you write it they will come…

No, not really. It’s more like, If you promote it they might come. You could be writing the most fantastic blog on earth but if no one knows about it why bother? It’s almost like the old saying, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound?” You simply have to get the word out there that you are living and breathing amid the blogosphere. I’m doing that through this guest post. I am not doing this out of the goodness of my heart or because I like Daniel. I am writing this guest post because Daniel has something that I want; a HUGE readership.

2. People will read because of my great writing

Don’t get me wrong, I think that great writing is a prerequisite of a successful blogger but your readers aren’t reading your blog because you write well. There are bookshelves filled with books at any Barnes and Noble or Borders written by great writers. The most important lesson that a blogger has to learn is that you MUST deliver value to your readers. The reason Daily Blog Tips is successful is that Daniel delivers value to the reader and has done this consistently through the years. When you write a blog you must have your audience in mind. That is why it is very important to get to know your readers which can be done through interaction in the comments. Responding directly to the comments of your readers is very powerful. It builds a relationship and trust that can be nurtured with time. You will also begin to understand the profile of your readers which can go a long way to developing posts which are helpful to them. If that reader likes what you have to say, he or she may tell someone else or maybe even link to you in their blog if they have one.

3. Other bloggers will always be willing to help

To be totally honest, I have found that about 90% of fellow bloggers are very helpful. But there are some out there who feel you are the competition or maybe they don’t feel you are worthy of being helped. I could never understand that. If someone asks for my help I would gladly give it to them when it comes to blogging. I will never look at this as a competitive endeavor, but a nurturing one.

4. You will start making money right away

This could be true if you already have a following from either another blog or a NY Times bestseller book that you just wrote. There are two schools of thought on monetizing your blog. Some say to wait until you have a decent readership before you add any Adsense or advertising on your blog. Others say it’s OK to start the blog off with advertising. My take is to wait until you have a following before you monetize your blog. It may just turn people off early on and that is the last thing you want to do. Either way, it will take a while before you have a large following and with that you may be able to make some money through advertising. But, the majority of bloggers don’t make money. So if you started blogging to make money instead of having a real passion for your writing, you may want to reconsider.

5. It’s easy to blog

Actually it requires a lot of work. If you have a full-time job and are blogging on the side, finding the time to write is tough. And, if you don’t put in the time, it will show in your content. I enjoy the process immensely but that still doesn’t mean it’s easy. To build a following you also have to be consistent in your writing. You can’t just post a blog at random intervals. That’s the quickest way to lose any readers that you may have. If your readers like your posts then they expect them to be there on a regular basis. Try to stick with a regular posting interval. If you state your posting interval in your “About” page, then make sure you meet your deadlines.

Blogging can be a tremendously rewarding experience. Being able to communicate with a diverse group of people from anywhere in the world is truly mind-boggling. Understanding some of the misconceptions out there related to blogging can help you get off to the right start. Knowing what to expect ahead of time may save you a lot of wasted time and energy.


Creative my ass

I'm all for creativity, being different, steping out of the box, YES allllll of that but some shit is just WTF.
Ok  hello we see that you desperately, itching at the neck wanting to be different but you look like an ass, I personally think that your jacket looks more interesting than that play ground fence on your face so how about we zoom out and focus on that pretty leather of yours. SMH

Want to be different?! show me some shit like THIS!!!! Now THAT is what i'm talking about! that's sexy!!!


Type N Walk

Why is all the cool shit for iphones only?! GET IT TOGETHER BLACKBERRY!

Nebby can Type n Walk, i can Type n Drive and i can Type n all kinda shit


50 Cent AKA Farrari Funny ass dude went on the George Lopez show and was talking about how he will be releasing a condom line called "Tiger". He said the plan was in the works since 07' but now with all of this Tiger DUH'RAHMA he wants to get a move on and pick up where he left off.

“Thirteen women and no condoms – you’re a gambling man ain’t you Tiger? Rappers use condoms often. Golfers apparently don’t use condoms,” 50 Cent joked. “It’s interesting when you pick your women at Perkins. That’s why you get told on. When she tells it’s not really her fault, especially when you didn’t give her nothing and she’s at Perkins.”

Now we all know it's a no go for his CD sales but he is making millions with his Vitamin water so i wish him the best with his Tiger condoms.

Let's play Nebby says- Nebby says WRAP IT UP

Mcdonalds Wi-Fi

McDonald’s will be offering free Wi-Fi in their locations beginning in mid January 2010.
Smart if you ask me, now people will go to use internet AND buy food. para pa pa pa I'm loving it :)

Two thumbs up VIA Nebby

cuz im close to the edge..

photography- lately i've really enjoyed taking photos; -the simplicity about it makes it easy to fall in love with.. you look, you like, you shoot -- if you don't like what your looking at ... you just look somewhere else - the concept is nothing close to complex nor does it require much of a thought process yet still leaves a ton of room for creativity. anyway on to the real reason i started writing this post -- i'm considering making the jump to a Nikon D5000 is anyone out there already using this camera? i'm looking for some feedback.. I wont make a switch this year but its a possibility for early 2010; especially if i'm still interested photography - check out a small collection of photos taken at the edge of Toronto -- click on the photo to see the full shot
(the south east side of Toronto)
andy, im just trying to hang some of my own pictures on my wall -- instead of paying for someone else's work..



...The next morning, clearly hungover.

Video/Pix courtesy of Will



We got...


Nebby can relate and def. picks The dream but i'm kinda confused...who's song is it?!?!

Why you slap?!

Do you know how many times i replayed this?!?? LMAOOO omg i can't fuckin breathhhhh

Nebby says: i WISH you would

Queen Gaga

Lady Gaga got to meet Queen Elizabeth AND performed for her at the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall last night, does Queen E have a good taste in music or what!?

Gucci ban-da-na GUCCI GUCCI ban-da-na EY!

I'm ready for snowboarding season...LETS GO!!

GUCCI’s Eyeweb Ski Googles for skiing in style cost $195, that's about the same price you would pay for any good ski/snowboarding goggles ooo weeee