Hair me out

You wash & style your hair and it looks FABULOUS...for that day at least for me, the next day is oooookay, the third day FORGETABOUTIT! My hair type gets oily at the root ONLY and I hate that because my hair remains styled but the roots are BLAH.
If you have the same issue as I do, I have a solution for you my friend :)
I have been using this dry shampoo (I get it at Shoppers for about $7) for a while now, it's such an easy fix, spray, rub in with hands and GO!

You're welcome,


Nita said...

haha!! Im hella weak Nebby. grease makes my hair shiny, its the only product I use in my hair. when my hair gets dry....it looks bland and stringy. really straight and all, but flakes appear. no no. you are really opposite than me boo

Anonymous said...

i tried dry shampoo twice (1 from target another from sephora) and both times cant remember the brand left my hair feeling like i sprayed a can of hairspray directly to the root and it left an ashy white residue...but i'm willing to give it another go cause my roots get oily too do they sell this in the states?

Nebby said...

well i dont know about everyone but if i washed my hair everyday it would be a dry mess.
Im not sure about if they sell it in the states but u should try a cvs or walgreens

Anonymous said...

this may be a dumb question...
i have curly hair so when i straighten my hair it last me a day bc my roots get oily and i cant stand it and need to wash it the next morning. will this dry shampoo work? or will my roots get wavy? i want to be able to keep my hair straight longer then a day lol

Anonymous said...

Whether it works or not depends on the person. However thats the purpose of dry shampoos to make your hair last longer. If this one doesn't work then just try another one. And dry shampoos shouldnt make your roots wavy.