Oh Gosh...

When my sister showed me this Kanye tweet, I chuckled but I had no idea it would blow up as big as it did, making the news and shit.
Today I heard that Kanye actually put out an explanation behind this whole nonsense and I'm not even sure why he should explain anything to these dumb ass people. If I was in his shoes, I would let em talk.
For people who took this shit seriously, you need to fall all the way back, slowly remove the sticks out of your asses and focus on other important things that are happening in the world, such as floods and killings. GTFO & STFU always trying to shit on someone's parade for no damn reason, it was a fukin joke! This isn't tho.


A. Lewis, Poet and Gentleman said...

It's Kanye...you can't check his ego, so why not leave it alone? People just need something other than real problems to worry about.

Nebby, did you know your name came up on bossip.com a week ago? You were listed as a "regular" girl that loved Drake. A friend linked me to the article today, and I happened to realize it was you while I was reading.


^ There's the link.

Ms.Bernz said...

I really feel for Kanye, I saw when he originally posted that tweet. Somebody questioned whether it was too soon. But soon after people were getting hostile which was odd, cuz obviously it was a joke.
He really shouldn't have to censor himself, just cuz some sensitive adults & teens that have yet grasp the concept of reality didn't understand that he was making fun of himself & it was all in good fun.
In the grand scheme of things, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears nor Avril probably give a fuck what Kanye has to say! If they didn't care bout ye in 2006 they shouldn't care now, he hasn't changed.