January 2011 | Up North Trip

Enjoying the latter half of my weekend in small chalet a few hours north of Toronto ...so refreshing to drive away from the city for a few days... its dark, quiet & relaxing here ..im convinced time is moving slower.


Anonymous said...

Dude do you travel solo? In some of your travel posts it seems that you prefer to travel alone.
Do you find that its easier to explore more when you're alone? Do recommend that one should consider travelling solo if planning a 6mnth backpacking stint? I'm interested in what you feel are the pro's and cons of a) travelling solo b) travelling with one or two good buddies.

Andy. said...

I guess it's 50/50 for me.. for business I often travel solo (but for personal I rarely travel solo.)

the advantages of travelling solo is the whole.. what you want, when you want aspect .. you really get to make your own decisions without any outside influence from friends or colleagues.. you build your own itinerary and go.

however if im backpacking for 6 months I would choose a few like minded friend or two for the trip... from a safety perspective it's a no brainer & if your backpacking for half a year a familiar face can't hurt.

if your really having a hard time deciding try going for the best of both worlds. Travel with a friend thats as independent as you are, someone who can go off for the day and explore on their own. that way it gives you the opportunity to do the same.

hope that helps answer your questions,