This was a unique & interesting cause+effect ad campaign created by Y&R Dubai for Spring/Summer '09 for retail store HARVEY NICHOLS.
This campaign made up of fire extinguishers, stop signs, dogs, cats, fender benders, jelly, rockets, birds & tunnels recieved the INTERNATIONAL ANDY AWARDS 2010 for Retail in the "Out Of Home" category.
The campaign aims to convey to Harvey Nichols shoppers that its items can have overwhelming results. Each ad carries one of the retail items along with a number of images of one specific theme, which act as a visual metaphor for the cause+effect the item can have.
I don't quite understand the combination between animals & vehicles to dresses & shoes.
But kudos to them for creativity & an award-winning campaign.
Now, if i saw these ads while shopping, I would think:
Oww! This dress is so hot, it's on fire. Someone get the FIRE EXTINGUISHER!
These shoes are show-STOP-pers!
DOGS & men would wanna hump your leg if you wore this dress!
CATS love shiny, new things. It makes them Prrrrr! & Meow!
Seeing a woman on the street in this dress may cause plenty of FENDER BENDERS.
Eating all this JELLY will cause you to blow up & only fit in dresses like these. Ew!
He'll get a ROCKET in his POCKET if he sees you in this dress!
Blastofffff ;D
Check out the rest HERE.


datchikmalix said...

the statements under each pic is HIGH-LARIOUS!!!

Nebby said...

LMAO you are such a fukin fool ! lol!! BLAST OFF!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at nebbys.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?