Running the red light

Not while driving tho. I’m referring to having sex while lady red is in town. Fuckin while bleeding. I myself have done it only with past boyfriends. You have to fully be comfortable and trust the person to do it but I usually do it when the flow is not heavy. You can be a tricky freaky lady like myself and do it in the shower, cuz you know it stops while you are in water, how?? Don’t ask, don’t tell, I just take advantage of the situation.
I took it to the streets of twitter to ask my fellow followers and here are some answers I got:

What do YOU think???


Anonymous said...

I agree with you w the shower move and the light days. sometimes you need to get it in lol

Anonymous said...

I totally do it with my bf. And have done it with my previous bf's too. As you said, you gotta be really comfortable and trust the person. And most def not on heavy days. I digs! Lol. And it def isn't desperate sex.

Anonymous said...

WOW....I was always curious about this...Now that I have some answers, I think I'll write about it in my book!

Drea said...


No, ma'am. I can wait 3 or 4 days per month and he is more than willing to wait, he he #evl.

Anonymous said...

the last guy I dated had an obsession with going down during that time - I found it REALLY weird in the beginning but got used to it after awhile - but he was REALLY obesessed with doing it and the moment I mentioned the red light was on he was down!

hmmm....kinda gross....probably why I wrote dated vs dating

Jodian Malcolm said...

nooo wayyyyy!!