Karma is a bitch. Not a bad bitch either, you may view it as a sexy bitch that will tease you, once you give in, she'll leave you with a permanent STD.
I say that to say this; most men are careless and even feel unstoppable, they don't think their actions will catch up to them. 
Go on and do what you feel is necessary but just be ready to sign up for that karma payment plan once all is done.



Anony said...

Whose ass do you want us to kick? Barack is with us and I'm down for whatever.(L)

Anonymous said...

haha @anony. That's what i thought too. Somebody went and messed with nebby lol. I think whenever I feel like acting a fool, that's what keeps me in check-knowing I wouldnt want someone to do the same to me. Most men dont realize that fast enough. Once that dick is hard, conscience/common sense disappears *SMH*

Anonymous said...

i hope everything is okay wit you and your health take care:)

Anonymiss said...

I second the "I hope everything is ok with you and your health and the health of your circle".


Nebby said...

oh come on guys.
sometimes i wish u were deep thinkers. i'm doing great and my health is fantastic. i just seen too many dudes so careless about things not thinking that something can bite em in the ass.
before u ask my ass is ok too lol

Janine said...

Nebby, I think your statement is true of the human animal. We all fall prey to the foolish notion that we are invincible...that nothing bad will EVER happen to us. That NONE of our dirt will EVER come to light. God/The Universe/Karma doesn't work that way. The energy you give, you receive. And if you put energy into being deceitful and less than honorable, you get that back...sometimes double.

Great post, Neb.

nita_ss54 said...

hahaha!! I was just about to write something about the exact same thing..not anymore though...yeah I feel the same way, ur being vague, but my thing is why are men that I meet always comin & goin?? either meet me & like me & stay or just leave me alone, dont meet me & like me & act funny! or just change up on a chick..yeah...men are so predictable, and so is Karma, yeah, thats my bitch!! haha!!! either you act right and fuck with me, or you act up and fuck with Karma, that bitch got my back, she may not be there when you need her, but she's always on time...and I can't wait for some of these dudes to get theirs..haha!


Anonymous said...

Karma has been my girl for a min now... That's my bitch! ;)


Anonymiss said...

Listen I don't know you, the word STD freaks me out lol.

I'm scared to date at this point with all this 'people getting other people sick on purpose' stuff I'm reading about.

Nebby said...

Trust me when i say i have worked in the medical field for way too long. I have seen the worse of the worst, it's nothing to be scared of just be aware and careful ;)
This wasn't meant to be an std post at all that was just the best way i could think of describing Karma.

kd said...

Guys do not understand the circumstances. Yes they think with their dicks not with their heads. At the moment they think it’s alright, true statement they think only of the moment. Not the outcome of what would occur later on. Like a when a kid steals candy they think its okay. When they

Don’t get caught, they continue on doing it, they start of small and then into bigger things. Just like a man Who plays around they fuck around not contracting any disease or get caught themselves, start of small maybe just getting oral here and there, and then fucking every girl around from town to town without a care. Until it finally creeps up to them and they caught with the circumstances. They don’t hurt themselves they hurt other people as well. You can live for the moment but eventually time runs out. The saying goes

“nothing in life is free there’s always a price you’ll have to pay later on in the end.
Karma is a bitch ;)