June 29th 2010 was my baby sister's High School graduation. It's pretty obvious to everyone including people that don't know us that we are extremly close. She's my everything. While sitting at her graduation with my mom and my best friend, it hit me.
I remembered the day we brought her home from the hospital in Morocco, the blanket she was wraped around and how she looked. I watched her grow to the beautiful, strong, mature and amazing woman that she is today, I got teary eyed, happy tears of course and I smiled because I am sooooooo proud of her and excited for our journey together in life.
I love you so much!
Your big sis,


Jai said...

Aww Nebby, that's beautiful! That's exactly how I felt during my baby sis's graduation a couple weeks. I feel like most people don't understand how much you can love your little sister. Anyway congrats to her and big sisters rock!! lol ;)

Drea said...

Congrats, Kenza! Make sure you knock 'em dead at the university.

Andy. said...

Great Post.

Congrats Kenza!
Sky is the Limit.

Janine said...

Congratulations to Ms. Kenza! Savor every new experience...enjoy this time!