cuz im close to the edge..

photography- lately i've really enjoyed taking photos; -the simplicity about it makes it easy to fall in love with.. you look, you like, you shoot -- if you don't like what your looking at ... you just look somewhere else - the concept is nothing close to complex nor does it require much of a thought process yet still leaves a ton of room for creativity. anyway on to the real reason i started writing this post -- i'm considering making the jump to a Nikon D5000 is anyone out there already using this camera? i'm looking for some feedback.. I wont make a switch this year but its a possibility for early 2010; especially if i'm still interested photography - check out a small collection of photos taken at the edge of Toronto -- click on the photo to see the full shot
(the south east side of Toronto)
andy, im just trying to hang some of my own pictures on my wall -- instead of paying for someone else's work..


Cass said...

Nice shots Andy. And you're right about putting your own pics on the wall. My bf does that too. It just makes sense!

B. Bunny said...

I just had to say I love the shots you took...makes me wish I hurried up and got my camera already! And I agree, why pay for someone else's pics when u can put ur own up : )