Snoop x I wanna rock

This is mah shiiiiiiiiiiiit


OmarinhoDeCasablanca said...

LOVIN the fact Snoop's rockin perms again.. Yeaaay 4 perms!

be. • thelegendsleague • said...

Shout out to Ryan doin his thing on that bboy shit... I see you homey.

Anonymous said...

hey nebula!

youre a smart girl... do you know what the meaning is behind snoops little speech at the beginning of the video?

what about whats in his right hand?

Nebby said...

hi! i have NO IDEA O_o

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Wonderland becoming one stands for one world government? His right hand stands for the all seeing eye? Enlighten us.

I don't understand the link that people make between rappers and politics. It's like comparing a lion to a kitten.

Anonymous said...

@ @Anonymous

so youre on the right track!

but dont be ignorant.... this isnt about mixing "rappers and politics"

its about the music 'industry' as a whole, being manipulated by 'politics' to brainwash masses, control minds, and steer the youth and the population into a desired state.

nebberz!... take a look at lady gaga, one of your favs!


and beyonce!


and if you become discerning of these 'symbolisms' then you actually start getting tired of the repetitive way almost all albums and music videos etc have the same themes in them whether subtle or not:

black n white duality, checker patterns, goats with horns, pyramids, eyes, robots etc

inform yourself!

btw neb! do you have an american one dollar bill?

Nebby said...

oh my fave anonymous! i doooo did u need me to make it rain on u?

Nebby said...

ps: those articles are actually very interesting..

Akua said...


Nebby said...
oh my fave anonymous! i doooo did u need me to make it rain on u?

I rarely comment but that made me laugh

Anonymous said...

no.. dont make it rain...

examine the back of it. with the pyramid and the eye.

do you think the founding fathers just randomly doodled some strange things onto their currency?


every single last detail on that bill is meant to be there and tell us something. from the arrows the bird is holding, to the pyramid, to the star of david in the form of 13 stars, every single thing.

you might wanna do some research so you could see for yourself how this "novus ordo seclorum" (new world order, in latin) has to do with everything: corporations, media outlets, entertainment industries, politics, every single imaginable thing that makes up our 'society'


inform yourself homie. theres nothing to 'believe' here. i aint no religious jesus freak homie. but this is the truth homie. this is whats really goin on

Numero uno, annuit coeptis
That's the language of our Latin ancestors
On the back of a dollar, the plan and the message

- Nas "where yall at"


Nebby said...

Nice...Thank you...

Anonymous said...


I understand you, but Youtubing about rappers and pop stars and the symbolism in their videos will not get you far on the subject of shadow governments and their tactics.

First, if you really are worried about the effect of certain artists on our mind, the influence of music and the entertainment culture as a whole has always been a subject in the 3 Holy Books belonging to the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity). Ask any respectable rabbi, pastor or an imam about the influence and they will tell you from a religious point of view why it's negative according to our beliefs, we don't need conspiracy theories for that.

Second, the Jay-Z's and Lady Gaga's in this world do not bother me. Ever heard of marketing strategies? The more you talk about a Jay-Z or a Kanye being satanic, the more they will use it for promotion and the more it will get naive people like you all riled up. If a pyramid on Madonna's jacket in her video or if Rihanna covering her right eye on her album cover (representing the all seeing left eye) have the power to influence you, then indeed, you are the weakest link.

The innocent symbolism in videos, movies, music, American dollar bills, TV commercials, magazines and billboards is the perfect way to distract you about the real danger that can be found somewhere else. Talking about real influence and real controlling off the mind, let's talk about media platforms who broadcast daily news to billions of people but twist and spin the truth by leaving important details out, who cover up certain events that cost thousands of lives in Africa and China (zero coverage meaning see no evil, hear no evil), who have the ultimate power to form our opinions about other ethnicities and religions and have the power to set people up against each other, who make the choice behind closed doors about who gets a positive daylight and who gets a negative one and who deliver the ultimate cover up during illegal wars. Let's talk about chemtrails being poured daily over our heads. Let's talk about medication that gets approval before testing, because of Masonic billionaires in the pharmaceutical industries covering up for each other. Let's talk about aids and as to why there is an effective medicine available for HIV positive people in the West, but is only provided for a small amount of HIV positive kids in Africa while the rest of the HIV positive ones are being fed placebo's in order to keep the number of people down. Let's talk about kingdoms and governments who make the choice of the next ruler together while being a part of a Mason lodge. Neb, the Moroccan king Mohammed V was part of a Parisian lodge back in the day. I'm sure his son Hassan wasn't since that man acted like the devil himself locking up babies in underground jails in the Sahara. And let's talk about Swiss banking, the US, UK, Israel and the secretive funding for a new provision of nuclear weapons making sure they are ready for WW3. Let's talk about real danger.

Again, lions and kittens. If Kanye wants to rap about selling his soul to the devil, he can go a head, because it doesn’t effect me. If the government comes out with a new disease, such as the H1N1 flu which miraculously disappeared btw, telling us to go get shots with side-effects that not have been tested and shrugging their shoulders when side effects are being reported, than I should be worried. Best way to create panic is to tell people there is an epidemic going on concerning our health, not by telling music labels to place pyramids in their artists video acting like little girls putting love notes in a classmates jacket without his notice and giggling about it behind a tree.


Anonymous said...


That's the problem with Western governments, they flower things up in order to make it all beautiful and peaceful for their people (also known as a democracy) as to where African, Middle Eastern, Asian and Eastern European governments knock their people the fuck down if they open up their mouth to express any doubt about officials. That's why you see conspiracy theories only occur in the West where the people are naive and when they finally wake up they still don't use their brains and fall for everything you tell them making them still a prisoner. Iran killed six people yesterday for going out on the streets an demonstrating against the last election, a pyramid or two on their bills could not bother them, they don’t need a conspiracy theory in order to know their government is the work of the devil.

Organized crime with the devil sitting at the head of the table is what it is, there is no such thing as a government.

And most of all, I don’t see a world government happen, let's talk about the signs of the Last Day, each Book tells and warns us about the same signs and 75% has already appeared, so I can't be bothered with the 'Illuminati' playing hide and seek. Antichrist/Dajjal/Armilus is already on his way and I have a lot of tasks listed in my agenda, mainly sex and discovering more food, yes, I’m that simple. Ciao ciao. *blows kisses*

Nebby said...


Anonymous said...

Lol, thnx. Neb. Im typing away here and my co-worker is giving me the side-eye, because the boss walked by smiling happy to see me do some shit for once. I'm an intern anyway so he can't tell me ish. : )

Did you get the second part, because I had to split it up, it gave me a pop-up about limited characters.

Anonymous said...

nebby your friend seems well-informed, although i take offence to the fact she thinks im obsessed with minute symbolism while being 'distracted' from seeing the bigger picture.

when i was only trying to scratch the surface of bringing some kind of knowledge to nebberz with my 'snoopy video' comments.

because if you start talking to people with no prior knowledge of any of these 'inside works' about 'chemtrails' and 'all seeing eye' etc you might be looked at as a goofball.

whereas if you open the topic with a subject that a person is familiar with and favours(gaga, beyonce), theres more chances for that person (nebby, others) to become curious and look into the matter and dig deeper into its branching subjects (mind control, satanism, masons, nwo, and how theyre all helping to fulfil 'end of days' prophecies in the quran/bible etc)later on

nebby. please. do your research homie. inform yourself.

fyi your boy drake... if hes not getting fucked in the ass by satan and the illuminati yet, hes gonna be real soon....

theres a big price to pay for fame and stardom in satans world

Nebby said...

oh boy...