Type N Walk

Why is all the cool shit for iphones only?! GET IT TOGETHER BLACKBERRY!

Nebby can Type n Walk, i can Type n Drive and i can Type n all kinda shit


Cass said...

Wow Apple is on point. All the cool shit is on iphones, that's so unfortunate. I wish BB stepped up their game too.
P.S. I can type and all kinda shit too, lol. ;)

Anonymous said...

I typed this on my iPhone =P why not make the switch?

Anonymous said...

what makes the blkberry better then the iphone ? just because it has bbm ? the text messaging is jst like it.

i love my iphone.

Anonymous said...

i checked out the app [iphone user] and its not as great as its hyped up to be. whatever you write, you just have to copy & paste it into your txt message or email. it just seems like more trouble than its worth.

great idea though nevertheless.

Moon Air ( Get it? lol) said...

Thats cause Blackberry only uses Java. Get it up RIM before I kick my crackberry habit. I was using my GPS to walk to my friends house the other day. I looked up from the screen and i was in the middle of the street with cars honking at me. >=( #deathbyGPS