Queen Gaga

Lady Gaga got to meet Queen Elizabeth AND performed for her at the Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall last night, does Queen E have a good taste in music or what!?


Anonymiss said...

wow, that's wicked awesome!

but uh... does anyone else think this is confirmation that lady gaga is a robot sent to illuminate us all through catchy slogans and outrageous behavior?

I'm just saying lol

K said...

Why is it that people dont act like what "society approves" their satan and allthis illuminati talk..
I was jst watchin her on 10 fascinating people of 2009
and she says shes n seeking attention shrs showing people that being different theres nothig wrong
you dont have to be like everyone else.

I agree with her fully. Stop thinking that we sld all be the samw the more uniwue and different you are from the rest will make you better then them.

Rihanna is not a devil, people need to relax when jay said " jesus cant save you " then call hom satan in te song empire state..

People blow things over board relaxx!! Be a leader not a follower

ok i think i snapped on this.. Sorry for the log note:( But it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

wHen lady gaga was asked " are u going to chabge ur dress code wheb you the queen?"

She said " no i wont. The queen must like me for who i am thats why she asked for me.

Anonymiss said...

K - I think you really did get upset cause for real, your sentence structure is incoherent lol

You cannot deny certain ties to the 'ultimate powers' that more or less run the world. You're gonna tell me you don't believe that there are elite circles of people that make decisions for the standards of certain practices? For example entertainment, you don't think that there is someone that says 'ok, if we market this person like this or that, then the young money spending demographic will buy into it'. I'm not saying we shouldn't enjoy the things we do, I love Lady GaGa, but I'm not under the impression that all that symbolism in her videos is accidental. Everything is open for interpretation, and that’s how I see it.

And by my having a different opinion than you shows that we are in fact different people and are not like each other... which is what you're advocating right? You’re saying that we should stop thinking we’re supposed to be the same, but if I start thinking like you, then I’d be the same as you, which totally contradicts your statement… or what I gathered from what you wrote.

Nebby, Kenza, Andy, your opinions please.

Nebby said...

I ... have no comment when it comes to those kinda things because it will be an ongoing battle.