just a big kid.

killed sometime on my lunch break with a few co-workers at the Mastermind warehouse sale (Mastermind is just a kids Toy store in Canada)- my co-workers all have kids so they took full advantage of the low prices and did all their christmas, birthday, hanukkah and good report card shopping.. i dont' have any kids to shop for so I ended up taking photo's from my phone... ..lately it feels like everywhere I turn everything's on sale.. the truth is no one is spared from the wrath of a poor economy. When the buying slows many retailers become overstocked with product(s), supply then eclipses demand. Naturally prices will drop in attempt to encourage sell through and balance the scales. It's truly a buyers Paradise if you can afford to spend... anyway on to a lighter subject these photo's..
found ernie?
andy, not bad photo quality from a camera phone...

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