Fave Reader: Kizzy

"What's good Nebby?! I was up late once again surfin the internet and I came across these Off-White Crocodile Leather Dior shoes. I thought to myself, "You know who would WEAR these? Nebby." Sometimes Dior has some kick ass shoes. You have a great fashion sense. Anyway, I hope you like em too. Peace Easy!

-Kizzy aka TheDeF"

Damn Damn and Damn...I LOVE THEM! buuuuuuuuuut I'm a sucker for a high heel 4' and up (I'm 5'3)and that heel looks a tad bit bellow 3', the pattern, the color, the style, the detail is gaw-jess tho, keep em comin'!


Milly said...

These are hot!

TheDeF said...

being a fellow 5'3 lady I completely agree about the heel. the higher heels just accenuate the calves so well lol. glad you liked em though.

Anonymiss said...

that would cost a pretty penny!

lol, but they are so so fly... unfortunately I have wide feet and never get to wear those kinds of pretty pretty shoe's you're always showing off... humph *pouts*