im sure by now a lot of people have seen the new Nike basketball campaign featuring the two best in the game...check out the latest commercial from the "Most Valuable Puppets" campaign by Nike basketball... huge fan of this one (click here to check out the rest of this campaign) it's not the fist time Nike basketball used puppets in a campaign.. remember this? Or this??? Andy, chris rock is the voice of lil penny... wouldn't it have been dope if the lebrons voice over was done by dave chappelle?


mighty mar said...

lol man i was all about penny and payton when i was little.yo idk but to me they did a bad job on the kobe puppet

known by many namez said...

lol, puppets

Natalie said...

I love the puppet adverts! POST-SEASON! LET'S GO KOBE WOO! lol Thanks for the extra ads