Fave Reader: Anonymiss

Hi Seg-team, Since you guys are always letting people know about free promo's, I thought y'all would like to hear about this... CLICK HERE Basically for Harvey's 50th anniversary, they are giving away free hamburgers between certain hours on May 24th. Enjoy! lol Anonymiss ps, also XM satellite radio is having a 7 day free trial, CLICK HERE I literally just saw that on TV lol also, hope Nebby is feeling better, glad you found my mini-list helpful. Again, Anonymiss MMMM MMMMM THANK YOU ANONYMISS!!!!!!


Anonymiss said...

tee hee hee!

hustleGRL said...

Mannn, I missed that free burger day =/ & it was the day before I got my wisdom teeth taken out. I would of snappped.