Fave Reader: Jada

"Hey guys, this is known by many namez. im a frequent reader and i just wanna say i love your blog. i feel like i know you guys. It is to the point where i knew who wrote it before i even get to the end lol.

And I especially wanna say thank you to Nebb for her encouraging words when I sound down in my blog.

thanx guyz and keep 'em coming

Love, me =]

-TORONTO bound"

Thank you miss and you are looking oh so fly in you LL gear ;) Check out Jada's blog HERE


kenza said...

the shirt is lookin oh so wavy !

known by many namez said...

oh yaaay, tanks kenza!

hustleGRL said...

Awwww its Jaye!
Looking good in the shirtGRL