" Im a PC "

I know the majority of people love the ongoing "Mac vs PC" campaign by Apple - the whole "im a MAC and he's a PC blah blah blah " Turns out that campaign has had a huge impact on consumers perception of Microsoft PC's, the once "chosen one" Microsoft is slowly loosing it's market share to the competition... which in most cases offers a more expensive product. (who knew marketing and advertising actually work) to make a long story short over the past 8 months Microsoft has been rolling out it's own "Im a PC" campaign to kill the stereotypes. and recoup some of its lost market share...(check it out) andy, i'm going to be posting a bit more marketing & advertising posts... cuz i love marketing. stick around you might learn a few things..


Sam C said...

I saw that commercial on TV. It's funny that Pharrell and co. are in it but they use Macs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a PC...but I really wanna be a MAC.

Anonymous said...

Im a MAC! & it'd b the bomb!