cuz sometimes I dont' even wanna tell the story... so I just wait till someones else does...

and then post the link...
Watup Ab Liva - at least philly won the world serise/ I told you McNabb couldn't close the deal..
Watup Cudi - Though you were gonna meet up at Circa guess you got caught up doing that "lonely stoner" thing again.. i aint mad
What up Malice & Pusha - Early Spring on that next album ri?? im looking forward to that
What up Trill Will - Heard about the cavity search ya'll got at the boarder.. the not so peaceful bridge huh? 7 hr wait at the boarder.... lesson learned: Park n Fly for next time.
What up SKAM - http://www.skam.net/ get familiar
What up Hek - "Still spending money from 08"
What up Los - http://www.ideallclothing.com/ get familiar
What up Aug - Capn crunch is still reg price.. but double up on lucky charms while it's on Sale
Andy... Lets hear it for him


Anonymous said...

I tripled up on Lucky Charms last night at Walmart, lol

Andy. said...

that's watsup.. that shit is so necessary