Whad R U doing?

Cuz i'm at work listening to tribe doing my best Elanie Impression... not fAMILI? get familiar here ...damn i luv. fri.daze waddup to my boy Hutchie who's celebrating his birthday today.. were gonna go out tonight and do the typical Toronto birthday celebration.. party n bullshit in subzero temperatures (to be honest i dont' even wanna go to this corny party he chose .. I'd rather get way fadded and play monopoly... but i guess i should make the sacrifice since were boys ) -- I'd take pics an share with ya'll but i came up on hard times and a camera isn't in the budget (now that i think about it a camera has never been in the budget; cuz i'v never owned one.haha) anyway camera or no camera were gonna make it happen... cuz it's friday.. we got jobs... and we ain't got shit to do (but celebrate his birthday) be safe an enjoy your weekend world.. cuz monday will kick you in the face with a steeltoe boot... Andy.. i can't afford bottles in the club...i'm broke with assets


CeleBritney said...

Well, Right now Im at work also
Ready to go home and I kinda just got here.
Tearin up some Lays bar b q chips and drinkn a Strawberry fanta.
Mind you im also getting ready to go to lunch where ill be eating food ( again)

A! said...

you're way awesome cuz you like seinfeld. i thought NOBODY but ME liked seinfeld.

Anonymous said...

Broke with assets....join the club.....:0