Let me hear it

I had my music on shuffle and out of no where "grind with me" by pretty ricky starts playing. i don't know about your computers but anytime someone downloads a song on mine it goes straight to my itunes. some friends i have ! thanks to that horrible incident i decided to go thru all the songs and delete some boring, annoying, and too ghetto ones. im also trying to update with some new ones so comment and let me know what you be's jammin to ;) ps: i listen to everything !


Nebby said...

20 Fingers - You Got To Lick It

brother be. • www.TheLegendsLeague.com • said...

Colin Munroe. all day.

jaey said...

well i just started listening to will.i.am's new album. its good so far. = ] hope that helped.

elizabeth said...

the veronicas- untouched
this is wassappp

kenzathegreat said...

thanks guys :)

Felix said...

Chromeo- It's pretty good house funk music, something to groove too..

Anonymous said...

this band
the whitest boy alive - island

Anonymous said...

Danny Fernandes - Intro

Anonymous said...

That song is so sexy!!!! It reminds me of when I first met my boo!!!:)

Anonymous said...

black milk - U

Nicki said...

Digital Girl-Jaime Foxx

T-Pain's newest album

Lykke Li's album

Duffy's album is BANANAS!

Boa Sorte/Good Luck-Vanessa De Mata Feat. Ben Harper (Vanessa is a singer from Portugal-my man's a porkchop lol...he put me on this) and Ben Harper is amazing.

Colin Munroe is the shit.

City and Colour is the shit too.

a u t u m n said...

wale "the grown up" and "ice cream girl"
spinerette "ghetto love"
foals "olympic airways"
asher roth "throw water on em"

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

Lissa x TheLegendsLeague: The Difference mixtape - its on my blog. Click my name for the file....

Sincere Life said...

Anything by Wale

kenzathegreat said...

you guys are the best =D
ima download all of them

& im downloading the mixtape


Jai. said...

I have hellas! Just made a playlist for my friend. lol

Newest stuff=
*Pharrel ft. Lil Wayne-"Yes" *Avery Storm-"Stop Time"
*Empire of the Sun-"Walking on a dream"
*Rihanna ft. Chris Brown-"Bad Girl" "Emergency Room"
*Gucci Mane-"All White Bricks"
*Jaime Foxx-"Digital Girl"
*Colin Monroe's mixtape

Old stuff=
*Zero 7-"Destiny"(effin classic)

*Wax Poetic-"Angels"

*Anything Bob Marley but esp. "I dont to wait in vain" and "Is this love"

*Anything Sade

*The Apple Juice Kid "Clocks"(dope remix)

*Calle 13 "Un Beso De Desayuno"

*Little Dragon "Twice"

*Miguel-"Sure Thing"

*Kings of Leon "McFearless"(fire ass song)

*Ben Hill Squad "Goin Digital"

*Will.i.am's 'Songs About Girls' album(summer time music)

*CitizenCope "Penitentiary" "Sideways"(w/Santana) and "Suns Gonna Rise"

*Kylie Minogue-"Speakerphone"

*311-"Amber" and "Love Song"

*Arcangel "Quimica Sustancia" and "Pa' Que La Pases Bien"

*Bloc Party "The Prayer"

*Adele's album

*Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels" and "Everybody wants to rule the world"

*The entire Teedra Moses album(TRUST ME,the entire thing)

*Brazilian Girls-"Dont Stop"

*Sean Garret ft. Pharrel "Patron"

*Chronic Future "Memories in F Minor"

*Fonzworth Bentley-"C.O.L.O.U.R.S"

*The Fashion-"Solo Impala"

*Gabriella Climi-"Sweet About Me"(she's a 15 yr. old Australian girl who sounds like an overweight black woman,lol)

*Download anything by Gnarls Barkley but esp. "Going On" "Neighbors" and "She Knows"

*The Beatles "Elanor Rigbey"


*Gwen Stefani ft. Pharrel "Yummy"

* No Doubt-"Waiting Room" "Rock Steady" "Start the Fire" "Detective"

*Sting "Dessert Rose"

*The Shins "Sleeping Lessons"

*Jeff Buckley-"Forget Her" (album version, his voice is sick and he died too young)

*Kenna "Out of Control" "Hell Bent"

*Mos Def "The Panties"

*Damien Marley-"There for You"

*Mute Math-"Chaos"

Jai. said...

oh and The Joker-"Blow Ya Back out" my cut from last summer