cuz some times all i wanna do is wear crushed linen pants and do this dance..

Clearly I'm partying with the wrong crowd…cuz no one is having this much fun at any of the parties I attend… I need to get in w/ these ppl.. u'll never see me in the club krumpin (EVER).. but im 100% with this shit... Andy.. (i'm going home to practice my dance moves)


dj_lissamonét said...

your ass will sweat in those crushed linen pants. this year i have decided that im NEVER too cool to dance.
*andys growing up*

Heyhomee said...

I don't think you'll ever find a party like this in TDot. Being from Vancity and from what I've seen, nobody even breaks in the clubs anymore out here! Has the club/party scene has become victims of non-evolution? Or have party go'ers become culprits of stylin and profilin?

Nebby said...

ANDY!! i know how to do it, we can dance like this next time we go out we don't necessarily have to find a party on a yacht and wear all white to be part of such a thing, we can just kindly request Lissa to play it for us and we can step in the name of love.

Andy. said...

lissa. - fuk yea "im never too cool to dance"..

Heyhomee - you know what i prob. wont get the chance to party like that in T.O. and to your question.. it gotta be a mix of both ( kinda messed up when you think about it.. party go'ers that are keeping it to real to party..)

Nebby - pull up that yacht and we'll get lissa to pull up the tune.. an we can most def. do this dance

Janine said...

Stepping (or Soul Line Dancing)is big in my area. Just about every Y, or PAL has a Stepping class. There's even a tv show that comes on every wednesday devoted to it. (it's cable access, but shoot...I don't have a cable access show, do you?)

Standing around the club trying to look cute is wack. That's why going to the club isn't fun anymore...ain't nobody dancin'! The epidemic has even spread to the old school clubs. Earl is too busy showing off his lime green three piece suit with matching hat and shoes and a coordinating cane to get on the dance floor, and Mabel too busy making sure errbody see her 6 inch gold laquered nails (and matching gold tooth) and her new wig with the gold racing stripe.

Make me mad...